How Long Is The Employment Visa Processing In Dubai

By Tiara

Finding your dream job can be tough, even more so when you don’t have much money saved up or you are still trying to pay off student loans. Luckily, employment visas in UAE are not only easy to obtain but they also do not require too much money as initial living expenses.

In this article, I will go into detail about how long it takes to process an employment visa in Dubai and what things may affect the length of time it takes.

Six months

how long is the employment visa processing in dubai

Many people are concerned about how long it takes to process an employment visa for the UAE. This article will clear up all the myths and give you an accurate timeframe for when employers can hire workers.

Seven days is not true – it’s actually much longer! It takes around six monthsearlier than many think to get your work permit. The length of time depends on two things: where in the world you live and what kind of business you run.

If you own or operate a restaurant, then the duration of your working visa is dependent on whether there’s a need for staff outside of meal times. If this isn’t the case, then your visa can be extended for another six months.

Owning a house means that you have to apply for residence status which doesn’t require a work visa. So even though you’ll still need to find work once you’ve got residence, your job search is slightly easier because you don’t have to look immediately.

One year

After one full year of working in UAE, non-resident Indian (NRI) workers can apply for an extension to their visa. This is known as “visa run out” or “work permit expiration” and it must be done at least six months before the current employment contract expires.

There are two main reasons why you would need to do this. The first is if your employer does not have any job offers ready when your work visa expires. In which case, they will need to find another employer that is able to offer you a position immediately.

The second reason is if your employer has found a new position that fits your qualification better than the last one. They will likely try to extend your stay so that you can start with the new position, but they may also look to hire you under their own national identification card instead.

If your passport expires during this process, then you cannot renew it until you leave UAE.

Two years

how long is the employment visa processing in dubai

Many people are worried about how long it takes to process an employment visa in Dubai, but there is some good news! You only have to do this for two years at the most. The United States and Canada require two-year visas for work, so you know what that means — they make sure your job exists for at least two years before they give you permission to live in their country!

Many other countries also have a two year rule, like Australia and Britain. Some even waive the initial two year period if you can prove your income or business will grow in the future. But none mandate more than two years unless you’re looking to stay longer.

So why does India have the maximum time frame? It is one of the few nations that don’t really trust their employers or employees. They want to be certain that no cheating or fraud happens while on a working visa. A two year limit gives everyone enough time to feel comfortable with each other.

Three years

how long is the employment visa processing in dubai

Most people’s perception of visa processing times is that it takes months, if not years, to get your documents together and filed before you can travel. This isn’t always the case though!

In fact, some countries actually have limited timeframes for visa processing because they are too fast. Some even have quick applications and reviews which make it difficult to measure how long it took.

The length of time needed for visa application processes in other parts of the world may seem very lengthy but there are things you can do to reduce this end-time.

More than three years

how long is the employment visa processing in dubai

Many people are worried about how long it will take to process their visa in Dubai, but there is some good news! The United States Embassy in Abu Dhabi has announced that as of July 1, 2019, all non-immigrant (work) visas have been suspended for new applicants while they reevaluate staffing levels.

This includes both F1 and H4 work visas. Applicants can continue to live and work in UAE while processing time takes place, so staying within state limits is not an issue. This also excludes immigrant applications which remain unchanged.

The embassy says this action was taken due to budget constraints and limited staff resources. They hope to bring back individual visa services by March 2020 at the very latest. Until then, those with pending visa requests should stay informed and be prepared for possible delays.

They recommend being proactive by checking your application status online every few days, confirming applicable deadlines and keeping up-to-date on any notices you may receive.

I don’t know yet

how long is the employment visa processing in dubai

As of this writing, there is no set time frame for employment visa processing in Dubai. This can be quite frustrating as it seems like you are waiting around for something to happen, but you have little control over when things move along.

A few weeks ago, we asked our readers about how long it takes employers to process work visas in Dubai. We received some great answers that explained why it may take longer than what most people think.

If you are looking to make money in the UAE, then your best bet will be to find out how much time various documents take to process here and then do the same thing elsewhere. It would also help if you knew which government agencies need to see your document before they can officially stamp it so you must research where those are located.

We wanted to add more detail to what we already had written so we conducted another survey. Here, we gathered even more information such as how many employees an organization has, whether or not their employee was sponsored by the employer themself, and more. All these factors play into how quickly or slowly the company’s visa is processed.

Our goal in writing this article is to save you from wasting your time trying to figure out what goes onto a business visa and taking unnecessary steps to get one. But at the same time, we want to inform you of all the possible pitfalls that could affect the timing of yours.

The visa can be applied for online

how long is the employment visa processing in dubai

Finding out how long it takes to process your employment visa in Dubai is not easy, as most people do not know much about the system. Some employers may even pay someone else to handle this step so that they do not have to!

Luckily for you, we have done some research and gathered all of the information here for you to review. So, keep reading to find out what things determine how quickly or slowly your job application will go through processing.

The visa can be applied for in person

how long is the employment visa processing in dubai

Finding it hard to handle your time due to lack of employment or business opportunities, many professionals decide to look into their country’s immigration laws to see if they can work abroad. A popular destination is UAE where there are plenty of jobs available and you don’t need a lot of money to live.

The good news is that most countries offer at least a working holiday visa which allows you to spend up to one year outside of normal job requirements. Some even give you resident status!

This article will talk about how long it takes to process an employment visa in Dubai and what kind of documents you must have before arriving. It also talks about the necessary steps once you arrive and want to start looking for work.