How Long Does Visa Processing Take

By Tiara

When you use credit cards, there is usually an additional fee for each card that you carry. This is because these companies that accept credit cards pay vendors to work with them by offering discounts or special promotions. As such, your bank may ask you to purchase something else from their site in addition to buying the item you wanted!

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Some feel like too much hassle to keep up with so most people don’t take part in them. What about those who do participate though? They might not know how long processing takes or what steps must be taken before getting their rewards.

Length of time varies

how long does visa processing take

It’s important to remember that it can take up to eight days for your card to be processed, which is far longer than most people assume!

Eight days may sound like a long time, but this includes both the day you put in your application and the day the company receives it.

The length of time for processing depends on several factors such as:

Whether or not there are suspicious activity warnings

How popular the credit card is

What type of authorization (checking account balance, depositing money into an account, etc.

Depends on the type of visa

how long does visa processing take

The first thing you should do is make sure your documents are in order!
You can find most recent guidelines for document requirements here.

Once that has been done, processing times vary depending on the type of visa. Visas for business or tourism typically take less than two weeks to process. However- immigration visas such as H1B’s can take much longer. This is due to an average quota of applications being submitted every year.

So even though there isn’t a hard and fast rule about how long it takes to process a visa, it is important to be prepared and know what to expect!

If you need help navigating through the process feel free to reach out to us at any time! We're always happy to answer questions and connect you with someone in our community who can help you get things rolling.

Fees may or may not be charged

how long does visa processing take

It is very important to note that there are several different stages in processing your new visa. Some of these include application review, customer service interview, document verification, and shipping and receiving of your documents.

It is very hard to give an exact time frame for all of these due to how many departments work independently at various levels. However, we can provide you with some insight as to when fees may be assessed!

There is one fee that will always be paid during the visa process- Application Review. This is typically within one week after submitting your visa applications. After this initial stage, it depends on what country you want to visit and our immigration experts’ level of availability whether any other fees are incurred.

Only some visas require a fee

how long does visa processing take

Many people assume that all visa applications require you to pay a processing fee, but this is not always the case. Some countries only charge a small application fee for certain types of visas, or even no upfront fees at all!

Some embassies and consulates offer quick online visa applications where you can upload your documents directly from their website. These usually go by another name like eVisa or VISA Online Check so it may be hard to tell which one they are actually using.

These fast track services make it easy to apply for a visa quickly, but there is a cost to use them.

Will know when it’ll be ready

how long does visa processing take

The next time you use your VISA card, you will know how long it took for it to process because we update our processing times online every day!

We also notify you via text message and email so that you don’t have to check back every few days. And of course, you can always log in to to check the status of your account as well.

It is important to remember that although we are constantly updating our website and mobile apps, there may still be some instances where communication with us is limited due to “security reasons.

Tips for visa processing

how long does visa processing take

The first thing you should do if your card is denied or not working during a trip is to make sure that you are actually allowed to travel.

If you find out that you cannot board your flight, it’s very important to know what happens next. Many times, airlines will ask whether there have been any fraudulent charges made with this card.

Because of this, before leaving home, you must confirm that these things are true by speaking with both credit card companies and bank representatives.

This can be done through either phone calls or online chat services. – source: Best Time To Visit Paris In 2018

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Keep copies of your documents

It is very important to have appropriate documentation when traveling for business or for vacation. This includes having proof of employment, rental agreements, credit cards, etc.

Business travelers should also keep track of where they store money so that you do not run out due to lack of access to funds.

In addition to these, you will need to bring enough clothes for the trip as well as daily toiletries. The reason for this is because most major airports will offer cleaning facilities and/or bathrooms close by during non-peak times.

During off hours, however, there may be no accessible restrooms or showering areas, which could prove inconvenient at best and unsafe at worst if an emergency arises.

Use a trusted service

how long does visa processing take

It’s one of those things that you just have to trust- this statement has saved me several times!

There are many companies that offer visa processing services, some better than others. I've heard horror stories about expensive fees for no reason, so be sure to do your research and find out who is trustworthy.

I use as my go-to source for information and tips on how to process visas quickly and cheaply.

By being familiar with the processes involved in visa applications, they can save us time by knowing which documents need to be mailed or emailed to them, and when. They also help streamline the application process by acting as an intermediary between applicants and embassies and consulates.

Since they handle all the logistics, we don't have to - which helps cut down on costs.