How Long Does Visa Processing Take Us

By Tiara

When it comes down to it, being credit card savvy is about knowing how long your visa process takes!

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Length of time it takes to process a visa

how long does visa processing take us

When you are preparing for your trip, there is always something new that you have to do or things that can’t be finished until later. With traveling, this goes beyond just packing and buying tickets; it also includes having all your documents ready, booking hotels, and confirming flights.

In fact, one of the hardest parts about planning a vacation is managing your affairs back home while you are away. This is especially difficult if you are separated from your family, or if you will need help at home when you return.

Length of time it takes to get a visa

how long does visa processing take us

In general, getting a visa for travel or business can take anywhere from one day to several weeks, even months. It depends on how many countries you are traveling to, what kind of visas you need, and your personal situation.

There are two main types of visa that most people will require while travelling abroad: A tourist visa and an immigrant visa.

A tourist visa is typically only needed if you plan to stay in the country for less than six months. These usually expire after being stamped at the foreign embassy or consulate where they’re issued. (Some may be able to be extended beyond this, however.)

An immigrant visa is required if you have plans to live, work, or study in another country for longer than six months. This includes any sort of employment, living with a host family, or attending school. Both of these types of visas are lengthier processes because additional documents, questions, and reviews are involved.

Length of time it takes to get a visa based on the country

how long does visa processing take us

The length of time it can take for your passport to be approved in another country depends largely upon how quickly you can prove that you have enough money to stay there.

Most countries require proof of at least six months’ worth of living expenses, so make sure you keep copies of receipts, letters from employers or landlords, etc. showing this!

Some other documents that are helpful include proof of health insurance (can be obtained via workplace or personal coverage) and confirmation that you will find adequate medical care if you need it.

Tips for getting a visa as quickly as possible

how long does visa processing take us

It’s very important to know what steps in the process of obtaining a work visa take, how long they can take, and what you can do to reduce that time.

In fact, some things may even be able to shorten your processing times!

By being aware of these tips, you will know what is taking longer than expected and what you can try next to see faster results.

Here are all the things you should know about when it comes to working visas in Canada.

1) What takes the longest?

The first thing most people get wrong when it comes to working here is assuming that having your passport verified takes the longest.

It doesn’t – job hunting does!

Most immigration offices have staff members who help other employers find workers by posting jobs. This is done through staffing agencies or individual recruiters.

These professionals earn a fee per position filled, so they only add positions for which there are actually applicants.

That means there are sometimes months where no one responds to a position, making it impossible to fill it. If this happens with a lot of positions, then those agencies make lots of money while you wait around for someone else to respond to yours!

And if you’re looking to stay in Canada longer than just a few years, waiting for a response can cost you extra money in fees, and interest due to the length of time needed to apply.

Contact the embassy

how long does visa processing take us

Many times, when you call to confirm visa status, there is not much help beyond confirming that your visit is okay and telling you what time frame it will take for processing.

Some countries have different levels of visa approval. Some require only confirmation while others require them to be approved before they arrive in country!

This can mean waiting around or overnight trips depending on how quickly their system moves.

It’s best to check as soon as possible after arriving at the airport since most nations close daily for nightfall and reopen in the morning. This way, you don’t need to wait until tomorrow to find out if you are allowed to stay!

General tips: When calling, keep calm and ask smart questions. Make sure your tone does not seem impatient or stressed. You want to sound natural and do not hold back information unless you really have to!

Be aware of whether there is an international traveler assistance line or not, as some places have one whereas other’s do not.

Make sure your documents are correct

how long does visa processing take us

It is very important to make sure that all of your documents are complete before you leave for your destination. You do not want to have to return because you did not pack enough or wrong documents!

Some things that can affect processing times include if there are notes about where you will be staying, how long you will stay in the country, and if you need a visa extension.

We recommend linking yourself into VISA’s Global Network so that we can give you an estimated time frame for processing. This way you don’t have to worry about everything while you wait for us to tell you what happens next.

And once again, please remember that this process could take anywhere from several days to weeks depending on the person reviewing your documentation and mattering factors such as our fiscal year.

Time your application correctly

how long does visa processing take us

When you apply for a visa, there’s usually a set number of days to do it. You have what is called an “application deadline.” This means that you need to submit your documents and fill out all the forms within this time frame or your application will be rejected.

In some cases, you can ask someone at the embassy to hold certain items for you until later. For example, they may tell you to wait before sending in pictures or receipts. But beyond this, there are no general rules about how long processing takes. It depends on many things — like how quickly the embassy staff members work!

We recommend doing as much of your pre-visa preparation early in the day because these applications must be processed at night when the offices are closed. So, make sure to start early so you don’t waste any time once the office doors open.

Get an appointment if you can

how long does visa processing take us

It is very frustrating when visa processing takes longer than expected, especially since it seems like there are never clear answers as to how long it will take. Luckily, our team has some tips for you!

Visas get complicated quickly so it’s important to be prepared. That means knowing what documents you need and having them ready at the time of your appointment.

Don’t wait until the last minute to do this – it could cost you more money in fees! And even though there’s no guarantee that something won’t go wrong, being well-prepared helps mitigate any potential problems.

It also helps to know what to expect. By going into the appointment with lots of questions and understanding the process, you’ll feel much better after waiting around for hours.