How Long Does Visa Interview Take

By Tiara

Recent reports claim that it can take anywhere from one to three hours to get through your first interview with recruiters at a large international bank. This is not true! Re-interviewing or re-entering the recruitment process takes only minutes, if not an hour or two at most.

There are several reasons why this may happen for you as a candidate. Some employers use these time limits as a way to screen out applicants quickly. It is totally normal to be asked about things like previous experiences, questions about responsibilities, how you handle conflict, etc.

Another reason could be something unrelated to you. They might ask about someone else in the department, or even their own staff.

And lastly, some candidates just do not fit the bill when it comes to employment opportunities at the company. You will know if this happens because of silence during the conversation or if they seem distracted or uncomfortable.

Then, they will ask you to submit your resume

how long does visa interview take

Following introductions and greetings, the next thing they will do is have you write down your name as it appears in the passport. This is an important part of the process because it helps them verify that information in their database.

Next, they will take notes on what skills you include on your resume and what experiences you have mentioned. These are both good sources of questions so be ready for those!

After this, the recruiter will get into some more general questions about yourself. Things like where you live, whether or not you have children, and how much money you make are all very common interview questions.

These types of questions are totally normal and fair. They want to know more about you as a person and if you feel comfortable with these then you should go into the interview with a feeling confident. You would also look more professional than if you were nervous.

At this stage of the interview, most employers will let you pull out any documents that help prove who you are. A photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or state I.D. can always come in handy.

Then, they will ask you to submit your references

how long does visa interview take

Now that you are all set for your interview, the next thing you need to do is prepare yourself for the very next step in the process — referencing!

You’ll be asked to provide some form of proof that confirms what we discussed earlier about you being able to prove ownership of the belongings. This can easily include copies of receipts, documents confirming your identity, and payment statements. If you don’t have these things, you’ll probably have to make up something instead!

But before they give you the go-ahead, you’ll firstly need to confirm that you know who each other is. This is called establishing personal relationships or ‘references’ which means showing them through documents or via conversation with the person themselves.

By now, you should be pretty familiar with the people involved in this process (the hiring manager, any members of their team), as well as having done some research into the company. So, using those knowledge points, you’ll want to establish strong references from both parties.

They will also ask you to bring a photo of yourself to the appointment

how long does visa interview take

Now, this is not always stated clearly in the online resources that talk about visa interview times, but it’s pretty common practice for consulates to expect you to arrive at least half an hour before your appointment.

This is so they have enough time to process your paperwork and get everything set up properly. It also gives them some time to greet you and say hello!

They want to make sure they are giving you the right amount of time to discuss your visit with their colleagues back home and to settle into your new life here. This way, people don’t call the consulate the next day asking why there was no-one around to meet you.

At the very least, be prepared to spend one hour waiting for your appointment.

They will then give you a date and time for your visa interview

how long does visa interview take

It is very important to arrive early for your appointment as this gives you time to get familiar with the area, find transportation, and prepare yourself for the visit.

It is also helpful to be well-dressed for the interview since it may occur at a busy location or outside season where clothing is comfortable and casual. Make sure to have all of your documents in order and proof of income for the proposed stay.

Some things that can affect how long the interview takes include whether there are other interviews happening simultaneously, and if they ask about anything specific, like health issues, children, or family members back home. If there’s any question or topic that is too personal, they may decide not to hold the interview until later when you can refer to more neutral topics.

Everyone is different so their timing is unique, but most visas take 30 minutes to an hour depending on what questions they ask and how quickly you respond.

Make sure to check the embassy’s website and calendar to determine your exact interview date

how long does visa interview take

Many people are concerned about how long it takes to get through the initial phone call with hiring management and the recruiter, as well as the formal in-person interview. Some even worry about what happens after the interview, when they don’t hear back from employers quickly!

While there is no standard timing for interviews, we can make some general recommendations based off of our experience. In most cases, job candidates should expect to spend one to two days total between their final interview and receiving word that they have been offered employment. Sometimes this time frame is shorter, sometimes longer — but our best advice is to be prepared for at least three full business days.

That means, if you receive an email saying that you made the cut over the phone or via Skype, send out your acceptance letter immediately so that you won’t have to wait around for the next step. And if you aren’t contacted within 24 hours, then follow up by telephone (or send another email) the next day to see where things stand.

Dress comfortably and bring a small notepad and pen for taking notes

how long does visa interview take

Recent trends suggest that, even with very well prepared candidates, the average total time to be interviewed is around eight hours! That’s over five full days of your life spent being questioned about yourself and your career goals, and what kind of company you want to work for as an employee.

Sadly, most people don’t stand a good chance at getting hired if they can’t hold down a job for more than two weeks because of poor employment skills like productivity or communication.

So how do you prepare for this? By being organized and having a plan B!

You should definitely research some basic things about the company, but beyond that, nothing too in-depth. We wouldn’t tell someone who was applying for a job as a web developer to spend months studying computer science before their interview so why would we recommend doing it here?

We also advise against bringing lots of materials, aside from your resume. You will probably have a limited amount of time to review everything and there are sometimes legal documents employees need to look through which could take up time. Just make sure you have a copy of your own personal document back ups.

And once again, dress casually fashionable.

Tell your friends that you’re going to be interviewing for a visa

Now, it is very important to tell everyone that you are being offered an employment position with this company. You should also let them know when the interview will take place as well as what time zone they are in.

It is best to prepare for the interview by reading their advertisement or gathering information about the business through Google searches. Once you have done that, then you can begin preparing for the interview.

You do not need to bring anything to the interview unless the interviewer asks if you have something prepared.

Come prepared to talk about your career and your experiences

how long does visa interview take

Most employers will ask you questions related to your experience and job applications are no exception. As such, what kind of answers you give for these questions can make a difference in whether or not you get offered employment.

In fact, recent studies show that around 70 percent of employers check social media during interviews! So, how you present yourself online could have an effect on getting hired.

It’s important to be aware of this so that you don’t put off some potential employers due to something you didn’t know they would look at.

On top of that, most employers now expect candidates to bring documents with them when they come for interview. This is usually a passport, proof of address, and sometimes a résumé as well.

But beyond those basics, there isn’t much more anyone can tell you about being professional online. That’s because personal accounts aren’t typically monitored by hiring managers.