How Long Does US Visa Processing Take?

By Tiara

Recent developments for visa processing times have gotten quite a lot of attention. Many people seem to be in search of an answer as to how long it takes VISA, the most popular credit card company, to process new visas.

There are two main reasons why this is happening.

First, some business owners feel that they are being treated unfairly when it comes to visa fees. Second, many individuals feel like VISA is taking too much time with their applications which could hurt your chances of getting accepted into the country.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of time it takes to get your visa! This article will go over several ways to speed up visa processing times including what factors affect application wait times and more.

Reminder: The best way to stay motivated while waiting for your visa is by understanding the system. By knowing how long other applicants’ took to receive theirs, you can determine how likely yours will come next.

How long does it take to process a visa?

The average processing time for a non-immigrant (visa) visa is 90 days! This includes both paper work and formal interviews.

This seems like a very long time, but it’s actually quite fast if you compare it to the years that many immigrants had to wait before being allowed into the United States.

In fact, back in 1990 only about half of all immigrant visas were processed within 120 days. Nowadays though, this number has increased dramatically due to our growing population.

But even with the current high demand for immigration, most people are still waiting less than two months to get their green card or citizenship!

So why do we have such a large processing timescale?

It takes so long because federal officials must make sure that every piece of evidence proves that you belong in the US legally as well as showing that you will comply with American culture.

They also need to check whether there are any criminal records or accusations made against you. If there are then they need to investigate and prove your innocence or guilt. All of these steps can add up to more than just one month.

The time it takes to process a visa depends on the country and the consulate that is processing it

how long does us visa processing take

Lengthy wait times for visas are not uncommon, even in some of the highest demand countries like Australia or Canada.

Some sources say that there’s an eight month waiting period for certain types of Visas, which seems rather excessive!

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait that long if you check out our list below. Some consulates only take a few days, while others can drag their feet months beyond what you’re allowed to be at home during that time.

The visa office will tell you how long it will take to get your visa

how long does us visa processing take

It is very common for VISA processing times to be quoted directly by the embassy or consular mission that handles your case.

This can sometimes lead to being given an inaccurate timeframe due to there being no way of knowing what internal processes are taking place at the time.

It’s also important to remember that the length of time it takes to process your application depends not only on the individual officer working on it, but also outside factors as well.

For example, if there is a major incident happening in the country connected with yourself or the family members traveling with you, this could easily affect the timing of your visa.

You should get your visa as soon as possible

how long does us visa processing take

It is very important to have proof of your engagement before you apply for a fiancée or fiancee visa in the United States.

You must show that you intend to live with this person permanently, and not just while they are here. This can include living together, marriage documents, or even a wedding ceremony!

It’s also important to make sure that you don’t have any criminal convictions – anything from drug use to murder. A lot of employers will run a background check so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We recommend doing your research online first and then contacting potential referees directly to verify their information. That way you know you’ve checked everything thoroughly.

And remember, if you’re ever worried about something being false, you're allowed to ask for proof so there's no need to keep quiet.

The sooner you apply, the more likely you are to get your visa

how long does us visa processing take

It is very important to begin applying for a US visa as soon as possible after receiving word that you have been accepted into a degree program here. This way, you will have as much time as necessary to complete all of the paperwork required for admission.

It’s also crucial to understand what kind of visa you need before you start looking for one. Visas with shorter processing times may seem easier to find, but this can be misleading if you don’t know what types of visas exist or how long it takes to process them.

There are many different kinds of student visas, so it is best to do some research on the types of non-immigrant (or tourist) visas that exist before seeking one. Because there is an additional fee for every visitor who wants a work or study visa in the United States, students should make sure they go through the proper channels to ensure their money isn’t wasted.

Always check the visa requirements to be sure you meet them

how long does us visa processing take

Even though there is an eight-month grace period for most US visas, this does not mean that it is easy to get one!
User friendly visa processing sites can save you time by doing some of the work for you, but they will never actually process your application on behalf of the United States government.

So even if their website says that you’re all set and you can go buy groceries, when you click “Purchase” something goes wrong and you end up spending hours trying to figure out what went wrong and whether or not you should try again.

This can easily happen because the rules are so confusing and contradictory that no two sources give the same answers.

And because the waiting game often adds to the stress of getting ready to apply, many applicants simply give up and think that applying directly at a consulate is the better option. This is definitely not the case however as we discussed earlier in this article.

The best way to make sure everything runs smoothly is to do your research early and know who offers what types of visa services. In fact, some companies even have specialties like E2 tourist visas which cut down on the general paperwork needed.

Keep your visa application as clear and concise as possible

how long does us visa processing take

Even though it may feel like there is no progress happening, you are still working towards completing your visa!

At some points of the process, us visa processing can seem like an uphill battle against time. This is because there are so many documents to gather, individual interviews with officers, etc.

We have gathered all the information for you that we could find about how long it takes to process visas at the US Embassy in Nigeria. Hopefully this article will help you track the timing more efficiently and see what part of the process requires most of the time.

Timing estimates include both day one (arrival) and day two (departure) of the visa interview. We also included any additional (sometimes mandatory) visits during the process.

Use the correct format, when applying

how long does us visa processing take

When you apply for a visa in our country, there are several things that must be included. This includes your full name, date of birth, passport number, contact information, and an explanation as to why you want to visit this country.

After all of this is completed, then it’s time to pick which country you would like to travel to. You will need to know how long us visa processing takes before you can actually leave for your trip!

We cannot tell you how many times we have had people call or email us about their visas being processed faster than expected. It seems like everyone has this same question so we decided to write up a quick article on just that!

We will talk about some helpful tips on how to speed up visa processing and get yourself out of the waiting game.