How Long Does Uk Visa Processing Take

By Tiara

When it comes to business, time is money. Finding ways to save time is an important part of running a successful company. For most large companies that process visas for foreign workers or students, this means spending some time at headquarters reviewing documents before sending them off to be reviewed in country.

In fact, making such calls can take up to twenty percent of the total processing time for your employer! The more times you have to repeat this process, the longer it takes to get things done.

And although there’s no way to speed up the visa approval process once it has started, you can reduce how long it takes to begin by being as prepared as possible when your document review is scheduled.

This article will talk about some easy ways to cut down on the waiting time at next step.

The embassy or consulate will review and either approve or deny your visa

how long does uk visa processing take

Sometimes, however, things don’t go as smoothly as expected. There could be a problem with your documents, you might not remember all of the required information, or the timing just doesn’t work out for some reason.

In these cases, your application can get stuck in the queue at the embassy or consulate. It may even need to be re-started from scratch!

This is very frustrating, but it does happen so there are ways to stay informed about what’s going on with your application. You’ll know when it has been accepted or rejected, and if there was an error message that explains why.

It’s also important to check back online regularly to make sure your application hasn’t disappeared completely.

If approved, the embassy will mail your visa

how long does uk visa processing take

When an applicant is notified that their application has been accepted, they can typically expect to receive the visa within one week of being informed. However, it may take slightly longer for the consulate to send the visa due to possible backlogs.

There are several different factors that determine how long it takes to process a visa. This includes whether there are other applicants waiting for approval, the length of time it took to process the documents you submitted, and the size of your case.

The best way to make sure your visa gets processed quickly is to be as prepared as possible when you first apply.

Keep your visa in a secure place

how long does uk visa processing take

It is important to keep your visa document safe, as well as easily accessible. Do not store it with someone else or put off getting it because you do not have time!

If you lose your passport, there are ways to re-enter the country without one. But if you do not have your visa, reentry may be impossible.

Visas typically stay in the United States for at least twenty days after issuance. If yours seems to have disappeared before that period has passed, start looking immediately!

You can check by visiting where you will be able to view all documents related to your trip. The Department of State also offers free phone services to help you look up missing documents.

Bring your passport and visa to the embassy

how long does uk visa processing take

Even though there is an eight-day window, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to enter the country within this time frame. There are many things can happen between now and then, such as delays due to bad weather or natural disasters, workplace closures because of the pandemic, or your documents being lost in transit.

If you do manage to arrive at the embassy before the deadline, what happens next depends on how quickly your consulate was able to process your visa. Some countries only have enough staff for so many visas each day, which could mean waiting for hours or even days after arriving.

It’s also important to remember that some embassies give priority to applications from national organisations like yours. If possible, make sure your notes mention why you are visiting the country and whether you are representing an organisation. This might help you get through the application faster.

Pay the visa processing fee

how long does uk visa processing take

After your documents are verified, it’s time to pay the visa processing fee! This is typically between $50 and $100 for every five year extension you want to get. The process usually takes one business day though it may be longer during high season or if there is more than one person involved in processing your request.

It’s important to remember that even after your document check is complete, your passport still needs to be valid at the end of this period. If yours expires within the next six months, you will need to renew it first!

Once again, make sure to use trusted sources for information about UK visas as some websites can overcharge or give false info. We recommend doing your research before coming into the country to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Wait for your visa to be processed

how long does uk visa processing take

There is no set time frame for when your visa will be approved. It can take several days, weeks or even months after you apply before you know if you’re able to travel or not!

In some cases, national authorities may need additional documents or information from you. This is because their database of records might not contain enough info about you or your trip.

They may also want to do an in-person interview with you, which requires us to meet at a location that has been arranged by them.

Receive your visa

how long does uk visa processing take

After submitting all of your documents, you’ll be notified when your application is received in our office. At that time, we will process your documents and send you an email confirming this.

We then set up an appointment to come meet you in person at one of our UK Visas Offices or via video conference. This meeting is to do a couple things – make sure you are ready for this!

First, it confirms that we have received and reviewed all of your applications. Second, it looks at whether or not you need to gather additional documentation or information. If you need to, we can tell you where to get it and what format it should be in.

At this stage, your UK visa could be approved, delayed, or rejected. We cannot influence the first, but we can help you through the second two.

Write down your visa number

how long does uk visa processing take

After submitting your application, you’ll be redirected to VFS Global’s website where you can check the status of your UK visa. This site will show you what stage your case is in, how much time it needs to complete, and if there are any complications that may affect processing times.

At this step, you’ll need to remember your visa number. It’s an eight-character identifier that was assigned when you applied for your visa. You can find it under the ‘My Applications’ section of your account at

Once again, it’s important to note that taking too long to update these details after receiving them could hurt your chances of getting into the country later. Make sure to save a copy of the exact text you enter before hitting ‘submit’!

We also recommend saving your browser cache and clearing cookies as possible timing glitches.