How Long Does The Visa Interview Take

By Tiara

Many people are concerned about how long it will take to get through visa interview processing, including for VISA applications! Some have even said that you should not apply for a visa because of this. This article is going to clear up some misinformation and talk about how long average visa interviews typically take.

We will also go into detail about what factors can affect how long your visit requires, as well as what you can do before coming in person.

Second, they will try to get you to talk more about your experience and your skills

how long does the visa interview take

Many applicants spend most of their time talking about how professional and hardworking they are. The interviewer may also ask you to describe a times that you worked under difficult circumstances or experienced something beyond your control.

While it is okay to discuss these things, the interviewers want to see if you can turn the conversation into a discussion about why this behavior is important for them to invest in you as an employee.

Third, they may ask you to provide copies of your passport and visa

how long does the visa interview take

Now, this is not always done in person! Some interviewers will send their notes via email or even chat instead of having you meet them face-to-face. But it is important that you have access to these documents so if asked for them, you are able to do so.

It is also important to know how long the interview will take. Most times, employers give an estimated time frame for when the interview will be completed.

Fourth, they may ask to see your airline ticket and your invitation letter

how long does the visa interview take

Now, how long does it take to get through immigration? This is probably one of the most difficult questions for some people to research because there are so many different factors. Different countries use different timing systems to determine this!

Some places have an appointment time at the airport that everyone knows about. For example, if you arrive in London before dinner then there’s usually a two hour window during which you will be interviewed. In other cases, there may not even be a set schedule. You could just show up and hope for the best or book an interview slot online and find out it was three months away!

All of these things depend on what kind of visa you need as well as on whether you are coming for business or personal reasons. Obviously, the longer the stay the higher risk factor you pose but also the more likely you will be granted entry into Australia.

Fifth, they may ask to see your resume

how long does the visa interview take

A lot of companies now recruit via online applications. As such, it is very common to be interviewed by phone or even in-person at their offices.

Most employers will have someone run you through this process: first, a few general questions about yourself, then some more specific questions about the position and company, and finally, an interview with another employee in the department. This can make for up to an hour long conversation depending on how much time these individuals need to speak fully.

Usually, people are given a brief amount of time to look over documents and talk things out before being asked if they want to continue working for the organization. If they say yes, then great! They’ve got a new member of the team. But if they decide it isn’t right for them, that’s okay too! You’ll both save energy and time by ending the conversation early.

And remember, although most visa interviews happen over the phone, there is no rule against meeting face-to-face either.

Sixth, they may ask to see some of your work

how long does the visa interview take

Many employers also ask candidates if there are any jobs or positions where you have worked for several months before being hired. This is typically referred to as a “reference check”.

Employers look at these references to determine whether someone with that name and job position has done their job well and made sure others were happy working for them. It also helps assess character – does this person get along with other people and how?

If you're ever asked to do a reference check, be honest but don't go into too much detail unless it's really needed. Avoid talking about projects you completed years ago or reasons why you left a position.

Seventh, they may ask to speak to your family

how long does the visa interview take

More than half of all visa interviews are conducted by two people – an officer and a second person. The second person is typically a supervisor or manager from the sponsoring organization, such as a company. This person is there to give you moral support during the interview and to answer any questions that might arise.

It’s very common for employers to have someone else present at the visa interview. It can help mitigate some concerns the officers may have about whether you will be able to return to your country after the interview. It also helps ensure that you don’t get too emotional, which could hurt your case.

Some experts say having this presence can actually make the interview more difficult because it requires you to address not only the other person, but also the part of you that knows what happens next depends on how you respond to these things.

So, it’s best to just try to ignore them unless you need their help.

Eighth, they may ask to meet your family

how long does the visa interview take

This is one of the most invasive questions for potential employers. They will likely try to learn about your relationships by asking you whether there are any relatives that can live in the United States if needed.

It’s very important to remember that this question doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you’ll be able to find employment in America, only whether your family would be willing to come live here if necessary.

So, even though it might make you feel uncomfortable, you needn’t worry too much about how long the interview lasts. Because, frankly, it could go for hours!

The timing of the interview depends mostly on what country you’re applying from. If you’re applying from Canada, for example, then their next step would be processing your application and verifying your identity, which can take up to two weeks.

If you’re applying through a visa agency, however, that process has already been done before you meet them. So, instead of being interviewed directly, they will handle all the paperwork and negotiations on your behalf.

Ninth, they may ask to meet your friends

how long does the visa interview take

Many employers will also request meeting with your current employer or colleagues to prove that you can handle work responsibilities. This is typically done during the employment interview process so that they feel confident in your ability to fulfill such a position.

In fact, many times it’s not even about finding out if you’re able to do the job, but more about seeing how well you interact with others!

Interviews are mostly conducted via phone or video where there is no physical presence between parties. Therefore, when an interviewer asks about close family members or friends, this becomes very important.

They want to know if you’ll be able to work effectively outside of the workplace and whether anyone else can vouch for you. A lot of times, hiring managers bring their own friends or colleagues as witnesses to help validate them as a trustworthy person.