How Long Does The Interview For A Us Visa Take

By Tiara

Finding out if you have enough money to live in the United States is a tricky process that can feel like a maze. It’s not just about having enough cash, it’s how much of it you have, where it comes from, and what kind of credit you have.

Many people don’t know that most employers require two things before they will grant an employment visa for America. One is a job offer, but the other one is even more important – proof that you already have a place to stay once you arrive.

This second requirement is referred to as the “condition of employment.” This means that your employer must be confident that there are adequate funds available to pay for your housing while you are working here. If there isn’t, this could mean trouble!

There are many ways for employers to check whether or not someone has this condition of employment, so make sure you do something different each time to see what questions get asked.

Financial documents

The next set of documents you’ll need are your financial documents. These include:

A copy of your passport

Proof of sufficient funds to support yourself in Canada for at least six months (three months if living with a roommate or family member)

Evidence of employment, such as a job letter or pay stub

Copies of proof of health coverage (such as from work)

If you have recent income in the form of wages or bonuses, prove it by having copies of receipts or statements. You do not have to send the originals, but only photocopies!

You will also need to bring these documents to the visa appointment. Do so well ahead of time so that you don’t have to scramble to get them right after the interview.

Tip: Make sure to keep all those documents together in an easily accessible place. We recommend printing off some basic information about the Canadian immigration system free of cost through their website. This way you won’t have to spend money buying expensive dvds or taking time to look up answers online.

Legal basis

The legal base to process a us visa is the Federal Immigration Act. Article 5(2)(b) says “[an] applicant who does not appear qualified under this section may be invited to provide additional documentary evidence which clearly demonstrates his/her suitability for admission into Canada.

Medical documents

how long does the interview for a us visa take

The next thing they will ask you to bring is proof of your good health. This can be an impressive medical document or two, we recommend bringing at least two. They will want to see that you are healthy enough to live in the United States so a letter from your doctor stating this is a reasonable request.

They will also want to make sure that you are not suffering from any serious diseases such as cancer or heart disease. If you have these things, then you are already eligible but if you do not you may need to start planning your departure!

It’s important to remember that even though you only have one day, there is no guarantee that you will get accepted into the US on visa if you don’t feel well. You would very likely forfeit your hard earned money spent traveling here, and possibly even risk going to jail because of poor health. Make sure you are fully recovered before you travel to America!

Getting those needed approvals takes anywhere between one week and several months depending on how quickly your doctor responds to their inquiries.

Criminal record check

how long does the interview for a us visa take

When employers are looking to hire you, there’s always a criminal background check done first. This is typically done through either your local police department or via an agency like Experian (for international checks).

Most agencies can go back several years for this search, so it’s important to be as thorough as possible when answering questions about past arrests.

Be sure to never lie on a visa application! If asked if you have ever been arrested or convicted of a crime, admit it and explain why. Don’t forget to mention any current cases against you as well.

If your job involves interacting with members of the public, such as teaching, then you will most likely be required to complete more extensive security clearances. These include things like fingerprinting, references, and interviews.

These additional steps can mean longer than normal interview times, sometimes hours at a time.

Personal history

how long does the interview for a us visa take

When you apply for a visa in Canada, your personal information is cross-checked with criminal records, national security databases and other sources to determine if there are any concerns. Applicants are also asked to disclose all past travel outside of North America as well as any health issues that could potentially impact your ability to live here.

The process for investigating international employment can take several days or weeks depending on how many questions must be answered and whether there are significant red flags. In fact, it’s quite common for employers to be notified two months after submitting their application that they will need to start the process over.

That’s why it’s so important to have enough time to fix anything that may trip up your employee – even something as simple as misstating your salary under pressure.

Employment history

how long does the interview for a us visa take

A significant part of most visa applications is determining if you have sufficient employment to back up your career goals in America. Employers are given time to review your past jobs, so it’s important to keep records well ahead of when you will be applying for visas.

It’s best to make sure that no one needs to access your job documents or notes, as this could risk exposure of sensitive information or even fraud. Make sure to erase any messages or conversations you have about leaving the company, as these can potentially link you to illegal activity.

When possible, use online resources to do your own research on employers. This way you don’t need to rely on anyone else’s accounts of what happened while you were there. You also get the chance to read other people’s experiences, which can help give you an idea of how much us-visa scrutiny is like.

General tips: try to use the same level language and vocabulary when describing positions and responsibilities.

Education history

how long does the interview for a us visa take

Along with your employment records, how you handle yourself in an interview can make or break your chances of getting a visa. If there are any warning signs that you show, such as nervousness, lack of self-confidence, or irritability, they will likely be noticed by employers who will want to know if these things are traits you work through.

It is very common for applicants to feel some nerves before their visa appointment, which makes sense since it is usually a few hours long at the most.

Mostly however, this does not matter much unless you do not speak English well. Because even though you may not understand everything another person says, you should still try to communicate effectively using basic vocabulary and formal tone.

Family relationships

how long does the interview for a us visa take

Being able to show you live in an extended family makes it much easier to say goodbye, as well as being a great way to spend time together while here. Your employer can make you feel like part of the family, which is nice because that’s what employers are supposed to do!

If your partner or children will be left behind alone during your stay in Australia, then you should discuss whether they qualify as ‘genuine dependants’. This means they must be living in Australia for at least half of the year to be eligible for visa status.

Genuine dependant visas are listed under the General (6) category, so if your partner doesn’t fall into one of these categories they may not be able to join you later. Check out our article about general working visas for more information.

Have you ever been arrested?

how long does the interview for a us visa take

If you are applying for a visa as an individual, there is a one year limit to how long you can be detained while your application is processed. This time frame includes both during the interview process and once your visa has been issued.

If this happens you will need to reapply which could take months! Your finances will have to be stable for that period of time so it’s important to think about ways to manage your money before you apply.

You may also want to check if there is any kind of help available for you in terms of financial aid or job opportunities after you return home. It’s not easy being away from family and friends but things do get better eventually.

We tell people with international experience to prepare for their visa interview like they would for a job talk because it is equally difficult to keep up pretenses when asked tough questions.