How Long Does The Department Of State For Visa Processing

By Tiara

Recent reports claim that there is no longer a department at the United States federal government level responsible for processing visa applications. This claim has sparked mass hysteria across social media sites, as well as concern from international organizations working with American companies in their business ventures.

Some say this newly claimed vacancy will have disastrous impacts on both individuals seeking to visit America and businesses looking to expand into America’s market. Others worry about whether or not the Trump administration intends to continue facilitating trade between countries.

However, all these theories are wrong! While it is true that the previous office closed its doors earlier this year, this does not mean that visas are now left up to individual consulates around the world.

In fact, there is still an active department within our borders that handles immigration forms such and application processes. They are just under a new name- The Bureau of Consular Affairs (BCA).

What are the requirements for a visa?

A foreign national must have a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond their stay in the United States. They also need to have proof they can support themselves while here, either through employment or savings.

It is very important to know what documents you will be asked to show when entering the country, as well as how these documents should be presented during your visit. The Bureau of Consular Affairs (BCA) — the department within the U.S. Government that oversees visas – offers some helpful tips on its website. Make sure you read all of them!

The BCA reminds visitors that it is their responsibility to know and meet any requirement’s of a visa. This includes understanding what kind of activity is allowed outside of the listed purpose of the visa. Activities like working without a work permit, visiting an area on the prohibited list, or taking up residence in the US may result in arrest and deportation.

Since each consulate has its own regulations, make sure to do thorough research before traveling so that you are not caught unprepared.

Who decides if I can get a visa?

how long does the department of state for visa processing

The decision to grant you a visa or not is made by an official in the Consular Section at your destination. They check to see whether there are any warrants or alerts for you, as well as looking into previous interactions with law enforcement.

In some cases, they may ask about criminal histories or health issues. These questions are never asked unless you have already been interviewed while applying for a visa, so be sure to update your application before heading off!

The length of time it takes to process a visa for entry depends mostly on when you submit your documents. We recommend being early enough to ensure that your documents have completed all the necessary steps, and that everything has been collected and organized.

Be aware that even though you may have submitted your applications months ago, there could be someone else’s turn next. People frequently apply for visas during “rush hour” times, like weekends or holiday weeks, which could cause delays.

How long does it take to get a visa?

how long does the department of state for visa processing

The process for obtaining a US non-immigrant visa can seem very tedious, even frustrating at times.

It often takes many months or years until you actually receive your visa, depending on how quickly your country will issue one. This is totally normal!

There are several reasons that this happens, so don’t worry about that. What you CAN do though, is make sure that you are not stressed out or in fear over when your next vacation is.

Because beyond the initial processing time, there are also delays due to an embassy being overbooked with applications or because they need more documents than expected.

This article will talk you through some important dates regarding visas and what you should be doing to prepare.

Can I get a visa on my phone?

how long does the department of state for visa processing

Being able to access your passport, visa, and tour documents online is very helpful as you will no longer need to physically have them with you. You can also use it to do some quick research before you head out!

It is not recommended that you use your smartphone to apply for a tourist visa directly because this could result in illegal immigration or fraud.

Instead, you should create an account at a reliable visa processing site such as,, or and use that to complete the application process.

These sites offer pre-screened applications so there are less opportunities to be scanned and intercepted.

What are the different visa types?

how long does the department of state for visa processing

To stay in the United States longer than 90 days, you will need to have at least one of these visas. There is no requirement to hold any of these visas, but it is best if you do as it makes things easier during immigration processes!

The most common type of visa is the B1/B2 visa. These are what your’s would be if you were traveling for business or tourism. You must carry proof of your job and apartment rental while you are here, along with copies of those documents back home.

Other less popular visa types include the F-1 Student VISA and the OVISTI (Work Visas) that are only needed when employers want to hire you full time. Because they require more documentation, they can be harder to obtain.

We recommend visiting the country about two weeks before applying for all these visas so you have time to gather everything you need.

How can I get a visa?

how long does the department of state for visa processing

Visas are an important document that gives you permission to enter into another country. Depending on your travel destination, there may be multiple types of visas needed. Some countries require only a visit visa, which allows you to stay for a limited time frame with no extra privileges or regulations. Others may ask for a tourist visa or business visa, which give you more access to the site while you’re there.

The length and type of visa you need depends mostly on what kind of activity in the country is allowed under your passport. For example, if your passport says you are traveling as a private person, then a short term (usually less than six months) tourist visa will do the trick. Business travelers will probably want at least a one year visa so they have enough time to conduct their affairs while they’re there.

There are several ways to obtain a visa. You can go in person to a consulate, use an online service, send in a mail application, or apply by phone. Most embassies and consulates offer both paper applications and electronic versions, but it varies from agency to agency. Make sure to check before going through the process!

Some agencies may also charge additional fees, such as for photos or credit card verification, which should be known ahead of time. It is best to compare different services and see what each offers to determine which is the most cost effective way to process your visa.

Where can I apply for a visa?

how long does the department of state for visa processing

Visas are only issued to individuals who are traveling for business or tourism, not for personal visits. Therefore, before you begin gathering materials and/or applications, you will first need to determine if your destination is a Schengen country or outside of the Schengen zone.

If your destination is within the Schengen area, then you do not have to submit an application through the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Paris, France; instead, you may choose to complete all paperwork directly at the French embassy in your hometown.

However, if your destination is NOT within the Schengen Zone, like say Australia, then you WILL NEED TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION THROUGH THE CONSULAR SECTION OF THE U.S. EMBASSY IN PARIS!

This way, you prevent wasting money by buying unnecessary visas and travel documents that would be rejected due to missing information or invalid documentation. Make sure to check out our article about what countries are part of the Schengen Agreement to confirm this!

How much does a visa cost?

how long does the department of state for visa processing

The fee for most non-immigrant visas is between $80 to $160 per person, which includes both the application form as well as processing fees.

This can include things like: verifying your identity, credit card verification, criminal background checks, etc. These are not free nor do they usually come cheap.

In fact, many people feel that the costs associated with applying for a US visa have gone up dramatically in the past few years. This applies even more so now given how expensive it has become to run a business in America!

Business owners who want to stay in the United States often find themselves being discouraged from doing so because of these expensive visa applications. It becomes very difficult to afford the process when you’re already spending money to survive!

There are ways to apply for a US visa less expensively but this isn’t always easy or possible.