How Long Does Nigerian Visa Processing Take

By Tiara

When it comes to visas, there are several types of documents that must be presented before you can travel to another country. These include passports, visa applications, proof of citizenship, medical records, and more. Some countries require only your passport to verify your identity, while others demand even more documentation.

There is no standard process for how long it takes various nations’ embassies to process these documents, which is why it is important to know some basic rules about traveling in other countries. By knowing what steps they will take and when, we can begin to estimate how long it will take their embassy to review our paperwork!

General tips: As with anything related to international business or tourism, being familiar with the basics is very helpful. Learning about international visa processing times will give you an idea of how much time you should allocate for this task.

Knowing this information now may prevent you from spending too much time waiting for answers, as you have a deadline for your return trip.

How long does it take to process a Nigerian visa

how long does nigerian visa processing take

Having your passport verified, confirming your return flight, and making sure you have adequate funds for your stay are all very important steps in finalizing your trip.

In fact, some countries require more time than others to verify documents! The length of processing times depends on not only the country, but also when you apply. Some countries can take days or weeks, while others can be much quicker.

The timing really varies from one consulate to another and even within an individual consulate depending on how busy they are at any given time. Sometimes life gets in the way like with work and kids, so we cannot always apply as quickly as possible.

You need to submit your documents

how long does nigerian visa processing take

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this so let’s make it clear now- how long visa processing in Nigeria takes. It depends on several things such as the country you are applying in, what type of visa you have, and how quickly the embassy workers get through their work.

There are many factors that can affect the length of time needed for visa processing in Nigeria. The most important one being staff availability at the consulate or embassy where your documents are being reviewed.

If there are too few people working at the location, then it will take longer for them to process everything due to limited manpower. This is very common in developing countries with less money circulating around.

Another reason may be that some departments within an agency do not have enough resources to complete all of their jobs efficiently.

Your visa will be sent to the Federal Immigration Office

how long does nigerian visa processing take

Once your documents have been verified, they are passed onto our legal team for processing of your visa. Our lawyers handle all immigration paperwork so that you do not need to deal with this process yourself!

Our staff members who work at Voya Naija are experienced in working with international visas and know what needs to be done before you can travel. They also manage your application until it is completed and you have received your visa.

We have limited time to complete this process as we also have other things we must focus on like mortgages and credit cards. So, if you would like to travel soon then it is best to start applying well ahead of when you want to go.

You will get a visa stamp in your passport

how long does nigerian visa processing take

After visiting our website,, you will be asked to choose either an Electronic (E-Visitor) VISA or Paper Visitor Document for processing your visa. It is very important that you pick the right type of document so that you do not have to come back later!

The paper visitor documents require you to bring proof that you are going to visit the country you want to travel to. This can include a letter from school, job, or family stating why you need to go there, as well as the dates of your trip.

These papers take longer than electronic visas because they must be written out and approved before we can process them. We recommend doing this online or via email to save time.

You must return to the embassy to get your visa

how long does nigerian visa processing take

Once you have received word that your application has been accepted, you will be contacted by the consulate or mission in Nigeria for an appointment. At this appointment, you will need to come back and visit the office with all of your documents, and then wait for another two-three weeks until you are officially granted entry into the country!

This is because once you receive your visa, you can’t leave the country without it – you would literally be lost when you try to board a flight home! The staff at the Embassy will make sure everything is completely formalized before giving you permission to enter the United States, so we recommend you plan accordingly.

Many people begin gathering passports, visas, and other documentation several days ahead of time as they know their departments take some time to process. This way you are not waiting around for others to finish what they started, and you have time to prepare yourself for your next step.

Make sure to keep your visa!

how long does nigerian visa processing take

Even though there’s no set time frame for how long it takes to process a Nigerian visa, don’t lose yours!

Be sure to have a copy of your passport, visa application form, and proof of payment (such as a receipt or confirmation email) in case you can’t find it later.

You should also save a copy of this document somewhere other than online so that if something happens, you still have it.

We recommend printing out a PDF version of each page twice just in case one doesn’t work properly.

Never put your visa information into any device directly such as Google Drive or Dropbox because these companies can be hacked. Instead use an external hard drive or print out several copies.

Visas are valid for 10 days

how long does nigerian visa processing take

Most countries will grant you a visa with just your name and address as proof of who you are. Some require more, like an additional piece of mail containing your phone number or even requiring you to bring in money to prove that you can afford to come back home!

However, most countries do not require anything beyond this at all! They simply want to see that you have a plan after your return trip and that you will pay for the time spent there. This is what makes traveling so easy!

Most times, it is already pre-paid by the embassy or consulate where you apply. Others may ask if you have health insurance, how much, and for what condition, but other than that, everything is done for you!

We recommend staying within close proximity to airports or using online resources to find the best airlines for flights into Nigeria.

Some countries require you to have your visa ready before you travel

how long does nigerian visa processing take

Even though most Western nations do not require visas for stays under 90 days, some can still ask you to have one at least two weeks prior to departure. These include major destinations such as Australia, Japan, The United Kingdom, and France!

Finding out how long it takes an embassy or consulate in Nigeria to process tourist visas is very difficult because they are not always honest with their timelines.

Some of them may even tell applicants that there’s no way to know when their visa will be approved until after the applicant leaves the country! This is totally false and bad advice.