How Long Does It Take To Get Visa After Interview

By Tiara

Finding out how long it takes for a visa to be approved can feel like an eternity! This article will go into detail about some things you may not know, but need to understand before applying for a visa in China.

There are several parts of this article so make sure to scroll down past the introduction.

Part 1: What is the difference between short term, ordinary business visas and work visas?

This article will talk about what kind of visa you should get and when. But first, let’s review some basic terms that relate to working in China.

What is a work permit? A work permit allows you to do your job in China while also staying in the country. Most employers require one from time to time.

A work visa is usually longer than a work permit and only valid for a certain amount of time. An F-1 visa is typically for one year, with exceptions being lower level positions or students. An O-1 visa is even shorter, just 30 days.

Business visas are different from work visas in that they allow you to perform paid employment in China. These are categorized as either B-2 or B-3, depending on if the employer is Chinese or non-Chinese owned. A B-2 visa does not require employment verification documents unless you change jobs.

Short Term Visas

The most common type of business visa is the E-5 visa.

Medical checkup

how long does it take to get visa after interview

A medical examination is one of the most important steps in visa process for international employment. You will be asked about any known health conditions you have, if you are pregnant or plan to become so soon, and what kind of medicine you take.

This will include questions about symptoms you may have as well as routine tests such as your blood pressure. They might also do an ultrasound test to make sure there’s no pregnancy going on under the surface.

They will likely ask how much time you need for recovery from surgery, and whether there’s anything that makes you feel less able to work during that period. Many employers require a second doctor’s opinion of your fitness to work before they grant permission to start treatment or recover fully.

In some cases, they may want to run more extensive tests – like X-rays or MRI scans – but only if it seems necessary. These additional checks and treatments usually don’t cost very much, however, so it isn’t expensive overall.

Police check

how long does it take to get visa after interview

A police check is one of the most common things requesters want you know about before offering you a job. This is done mostly as a precaution, because it is assumed that anyone applying for employment has criminal records or at least judgments.

Most employers will not recruit someone with a record unless they are certain that person can be supervised properly. Supervision means being able to verify that the employee does not use the position to break the law or hurt other people.

The employer also needs to make sure that person is trustworthy and won’t cause any problems in the workplace. All this depends on how well versed the candidate is in their duties and what kind of personality they have!

If an officer finds something suspicious during the course of the interview then the application process comes to a halt until the matter is resolved. This happens very rarely though. If it does happen then it is up to the applicant if they wish to continue with the process.

The job

how long does it take to get visa after interview

Being an accountant is a pretty rigorous profession. Because of this, there are lots of companies that have internal processes for hiring candidates.

Most large corporations will go through several rounds of interviews before offering their employment. These additional steps include performing criminal checks, credit checkes, drug screening, and more.

Usually, these procedures take around two weeks to be completed. During this time, employers will update your status every few days.

At the end of all this, the deciding factor becomes whether or not you make the cut.

Your employer

how long does it take to get visa after interview

will know your visa status when you log into MyPlanner’s Job Portal next week

Most employers require their new hires to have at least one sort of work authorization while they are working for them. This can be a VISA, PERM (work permit), or employment contract.

At the very least, most employers require proof of health insurance coverage. Many also ask if there is anyone that you live with that they should meet, as well as what days you will be attending job interviews.

Your location

how long does it take to get visa after interview

The next factor that will determine how long it takes to get your visa is where you are located while waiting for your visa. Obviously, if you live in Australia or Canada, there’s not much of a chance you’ll be able to check out anytime soon!

However, if you’re living in the United States, you have more chances of getting approved quickly as most US embassies require only one week to process visas. Some even make comments like “We usually issue visas within 24 hours but sometimes up to two weeks” – so don’t worry too much about timing!

If possible, try checking at a nearby embassy or consulate to see what time frame they need to process visas - this can save you some stress as well.

The date of the interview

how long does it take to get visa after interview

Even though there’s no formal rule about how long you have to wait for a visa, most employers will give you a few days after your interview to get one.

Some countries may even require you to be sponsored by their embassy before they can start processing your visa, but that isn’t common. So typically, the next step is sending in all the documents you gathered during the application process and waiting around another week or two until you hear back from them.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure everything is done properly the first time! If something seems odd or out of place, you should probably re-do it. But don’t stress too much, mistakes happen, and sometimes it takes just a little extra time to track people down and confirm things.

Any allergies you have

how long does it take to get visa after interview

Many employers check whether you have any kind of allergy before giving you a job. If they find out you do, they will likely ask if there is anything that would prevent you from working for them or traveling for your employment.

Allergies can be caused by pet dander, food, pollen, or chemical exposure. For some people, sesame oil is an offending agent. Others are allergic to latex or shellfish.

If you know you’re in this group, make sure to let your potential employer know well ahead of time so they can prepare for it. And don’t forget to check out any medication you may take for other conditions!

By knowing what allergens matter to yourself and others, you’ll help avoid workplace conflicts and start-up problems.

Have you applied before?

how long does it take to get visa after interview

If you have ever received a visa after an interview, then you know how much of a hassle free process it can be. But if you are applying for your first visa, this may not be the case!

Getting your visa after the interview can take very long – sometimes weeks or even months. This is because there are so many other applicants that need to be reviewed as well.

Applicants will be given either a batch number or individual identification number (IIU) which they use to apply for their visa. Once these numbers are issued, employers, family members, and others needed to look up these numbers to verify them. This takes time since people must search multiple sources to confirm whether the information is correct.

In some cases, individuals may need to be re-interviewed due to confusion over who receives what documents.