How Long Does It Take To Get B2 Visa After Interview

By Tiara

Many immigrants have a difficult time finding out how long it takes for an employer to be able to start processing their visa applications. This is totally normal, as most employers don’t advertise this information.

However, once you do your part in applying for the job, there are some basic things that you must know about the visa process!

It's very important to remember that while there is no explicit deadline to receiving your visa, past experiences show that it typically takes around eight weeks (42 days) from when you first apply until you receive your passport and entry card.

There is no time limit on when the visa can be issued

how long does it take to get b2 visa after interview

Even though it seems like you have to wait around forever for your visa to be approved, there’s actually no deadline to get yours. You will need to make sure that all of your documents are in order and ready before going to the airport for your appointment, but beyond that there’s nothing more you need to do!

If anything looks suspicious or does not seem authentic, then your application may be denied as well. Make sure to check out our article about things employers should know about working in the US if you’re looking to work here.

Pay close attention to the visa application instructions

how long does it take to get b2 visa after interview

Even though you have been granted an interview, you do not get paid for that until you receive confirmation that your visa has been processed. This can take some time after the interview as it is conducted by several different people at various departments within the US government.

It was our experience that it takes around two weeks from the day of the interview until you are officially hired. During this time there are many things that need to be done such as having your passport verified, being interviewed again if needed, and receiving payment (for those that are sponsored).

As mentioned before, timing will play a big factor in how long it takes to process your visa. If you start working too soon, then your chances of getting paid decrease because you already started earning money.

Contact the embassy or consulate to find out how long it will take for your visa to be issued

how long does it take to get b2 visa after interview

Many times, after you have received a conditional offer letter and job for employment in America, there is a two week window where the company must verify your employment status back home before they can officially welcome you into their fold.

This process includes having employers confirm that you do not currently work in the United States, as well as making sure that no one is running a background check on you at this time.

If your employer is able to verify both of these things then their HR team will begin the process of getting all of your documents together and packing up for the trip!

They will also want to make sure that everything is legal in the US so we recommend talking with some sort of lawyer first to see what is needed for the visa and whether or not you are allowed to live and work here while on vacation.

You must also bring your visa when you arrive

how long does it take to get b2 visa after interview

Many employers require their new hires to have both an employment letter and proof of sufficient money to stay in the country for at least six months.

This is so that they can be certain there are no unexpected house moves or job cancellations. Employees are usually given two weeks’ notice, which means most people have only one week to get these things before they leave!

It is very difficult to obtain this permission after the interview if you don’t have it already. Unfortunately, many immigrants wait until just days before their departure to gather this information, making it almost impossible to do properly.

There is help available. Most countries offer assistance through resident immigration offices or international organizations like The International Organization For Migration (IOM) that can advise on how to manage your visa. These groups can also help with accommodation while you look for work and live here.

Make a list of things you should pack

how long does it take to get b2 visa after interview

While there is no set time frame for your visa application, it is recommend that you apply as soon as possible after the interview. This way, you will have enough time to complete all applications and gather proof before you need to leave the country!

It’s best to be prepared well in advance of when your trip will take place so that you don’t waste any time once you do decide to start applying. Don’t forget to also check out our article about how to prepare for your B1/B2 visa journey.

To help you keep track of everything, use one of these simple checklist apps. There are many free ones available but Google Keep, Anki or Microsoft One Note are some popular choices.

Make a list of things you should do before your visa appointment

how long does it take to get b2 visa after interview

Before coming to your actual visa interview, you will need to make sure that you are all prepared for it. This includes having all your documents in order, being able to answer questions about your trip, and being aware of the time limit for your visit.

After the interview, they may ask if you have any plans after your stay here has ended (like going home). If you don’t understand what they are asking, you could potentially run into trouble.

It is very important to be honest with them but don’t say anything that you aren’t allowed to speak about under international law.

Prepare your application and your passport

how long does it take to get b2 visa after interview

If you have received word that you have been invited for an interview, you need to prepare yourself ahead of time!

While some countries require only a one-month visa before employment, most require at least six months in order to establish job stability. Plus, employers typically want to make sure they see you working during this period of time as well.

Making arrangements early will help ensure that you do not waste any money on transportation or lodging while you are waiting for approval. Some people also recommend having two days’ worth of clothes packed in case it takes longer than expected to get approved.

General tips: be organized, dress professionally and pack light. Make sure to check if there is free transport nearby or online to find out how long it usually takes to receive your visa.

Check for any missing documents or information

how long does it take to get b2 visa after interview

If you do not have your I-94 form in-hand, it is time to look elsewhere for clues as to what may be happening with your visa status. You can check if your passport has expired, but that is only possible if you know your expiration date.

You can also search through our database of visa applications to see if there are any discrepancies in the information we have received. For example, if your interview was conducted via video chat then it would be helpful to confirm that this took place before making assumptions about whether or not they spoke to you while at the embassy.