How Long Does It Take To Get A P2 Visa?

By Tiara

Finding out how long it takes to get your visa can be tricky, as there are so many different agencies that offer this service. Some make very vague statements about the length of time needed for processing, while others seem more direct by telling you exactly how long it will take.

In this article, we will talk about some things that can affect the timing of getting your visa, and what factors may determine the duration. We will also look at some possible reasons why it might take longer than expected.

Find the nearest consulate to you

how long does it take to get a p2 visa

The next step in getting your visa is finding the right consulate, or embassy. You will want to find one that is close to home so that it is easy to travel for business or personal trips.

Some countries require employees to have a work permit before they can enter the country, which means buying a plane ticket and preparing for an additional stay. This could add up quickly if you are planning on staying long term!

There is no standard process when it comes to obtaining a working visa in different countries, but most require you to apply at a diplomatic mission on behalf of yourself and your employer.

The length of time needed to receive your visa depends on how fast each embassy moves and whether you need an appointment or not. Some can be quite quick while others take much longer.

Prepare your application

how long does it take to get a p2 visa

The next step in the process is to prepare your visa applications! This includes having all of your documents, proof of residence, and medical records ready before you begin filling out the forms.

It’s very important to understand that if any part of your application is missing or does not match what we have on file, then we cannot process your visa. So make sure you have everything well ahead of time!

We can also help you through this stage by giving you clear instructions and guidance about which documents need to be included in your package. We will tell you how many copies needed, and what format they should be in.

We can even do some initial document scanning for you, so that you don’t have to send them back and forth until it’s all finished.

Wait for your visa to be approved

how long does it take to get a p2 visa

Many people begin looking for work outside of their home country while they are still in that country. This is called Expatriation, or moving away from your current location to pursue more career opportunities.

If you’re thinking about this, make sure it’s for a good reason and you’ve done everything possible to stay in your current job first!

You don’t need a work visa to do this, but it can help you in the long run. A student visa is usually only one year so if you plan to live and work abroad permanently then making application before the end of the year is ideal.

However, if you're just traveling for a few months we have some tips for you.

Pay for your visa

how long does it take to get a p2 visa

Many employers require their new hires to have a valid, working passport and a visa to start work in the United States. Employers also may ask if you have adequate health coverage as well as proof of sufficient income before offering you employment.

There are several ways to prove that you’ve paid off your debt. You can list your monthly payments, show receipts, or tell stories about how you paid down credit cards. Or you can report all three credit card companies to verify that this is true.

By verifying these things, immigration officials will give you extra points towards your green card.

Take your passport and visa to the consulate

how long does it take to get a p2 visa

If you have an appointment, you can usually arrive early and wait for your turn in one of the conference rooms. Some will ask you some questions while you wait, but most times they’ll just want to review your documents and make sure everything is complete before getting you into their office to see if you qualify as a student or visiting for work.

It’s very important to be prepared for this step! You don’t want to come unprepared because there could be something that slips through the cracks and you won’t know about it until then.

Be aware of whether you need to bring additional documentation and what types of proof they may request, such as receipts, letters, or even pictures.

Once again, being ready is the best way to go since you’re already ahead of the game.

The consulate will stamp your passport and give you your visa

how long does it take to get a p2 visa

Now, this may seem like a lot of steps but remember, these are only some of the steps that it takes to process your visa!

The next step is to go pick up your visa at the embassy or consulate where you received yours. This can be anywhere from one week to several months depending on whether they’re in high season (summer) or not.

Prepare to travel

how long does it take to get a p2 visa

If you are already planning your trip, great! You’ve got half of the process done. Now, how long it takes for your visa to arrive depends on several things, such as whether there have been delays or not, what country you apply in, and your personal situation.

It is very important to be prepared for your trip at this stage so that you do not waste any time waiting for visas or logistics trips. Make sure all of your documents are easily accessible and organized.

Also, make sure to check the status of your visa online frequently, both before leaving for the airport and while you are away so you are never caught off guard.

Contact your family to let them know you’ve been admitted to the country

Once you have received word that you have been accepted into a university, it is time to find out how long it will take to get your student visa!

It is important to remember that every school has its own process for getting this visa so there are no hard and fast rules about how long it takes to receive yours. Some may be quicker than others but all must be completed within a set period of time.

For most students though, they can expect to spend around two months waiting for their visa after graduation. This is due to the fact that universities these days require not only high standards in academics but also an adequate amount of proof that you will live at the dorm or off-campus while studying.

This means more paperwork and longer waits for those who don’t live close by or with friends who can look after them while they study.