How Long Does It Take For Visa Processing?

By Tiara

When you use credit cards, there’s usually an extra fee that some bank or another adds to your bill at the end of each statement period. This is called interest, because the lender is charging you for the privilege of having debt. Most of the time this cost is in the form of higher monthly payments, but sometimes it can be much more significant.

There are several reasons why these costs might increase beyond the one-month anniversary of when you last paid off your card. The first thing people will do when they run into problems is try to pay as little money as possible per month instead of paying their balance in full every quarter.

This is very common among individuals who have expensive regular living expenses like rent or a house payment. Unfortunately, it often times creates a cascading effect where other creditors ask for less money due to you being able to afford to make lower monthly payments now.

Another reason may be that someone else with access to your account information made a mistake and incorrectly categorized your account as seasonal or temporary. A lot of companies look past six months of average spending before categorizing it as “temporary” so you get a free pass until then.

While none of these situations are ideal, most can be worked around if you take action early enough.

Applicants must submit their application online

how long does it take for visa processing

After submitting your visa application, you will be directed to choose a payment method. This can either be by credit card or through an international money transfer service such as PayPal.

It is very important that you pay close attention to which country your new credit card belongs too!

You should make sure it is valid in the country where you intend to stay so that you are not denied entry due to poor financial stability. Some countries require you to have proof of sufficient income while living there, so check those requirements before acquiring the card.

Applicants must pay the application fee

After you have submitted all required documents, filled out all necessary forms, and paid your application’s processing fees, your visa can officially be processed.

It may sound crazy but it actually takes quite a bit of time to process international visas! This is due to several reasons, such as having to verify each document twice (once by us at Visa and again by the embassy or consulate in your country), making sure everything matches our records, and that there are no discrepancies in any of the information we send to them.

We also need to make sure we don’t give away too much personal info online so we take around one week to review and process every form you submit with us.

Applicants must submit their passport

how long does it take for visa processing

As mentioned earlier, when you apply for a visa in Canada, your documents will be matched against our databases to determine if you have any existing visas or declarations of permanent residence.

We check this not just at initial application, but also as part of re-application and extension requests. So, it is important that these documents do not expire before being gathered by one of our officers!

General notes: If there are no issues, we will process your request within 7 business days.

If we find an invalid document or something does not match, we may need more time to verify things. In those cases, it can take up to 2 months until we receive the documents again and then we start the processing cycle all over again.

And remember, even after we issue the visa, people may still need some time to come back into Canada so they can gather their belongings and say goodbye to friends and family.

Applicants must submit their travel documents

how long does it take for visa processing

As mentioned earlier, when you apply for a visa, you have to include some proof that you will return home after your trip. This includes things like your passport, tickets, or proofs of residence back in your country, and sometimes even a letter from your employer saying how long you’ll be away.

Most countries require at least two weeks to process this type of document so it is important to start gathering these as early as possible!

Some places may also ask about previous visits to their country so make sure to do your research and know what kind of documentation is required before going through the process.

Applicants must submit their return plane ticket

how long does it take for visa processing

Returns are usually done within seven days of departure, although this depends on how long it takes to process your visa. If you need additional time beyond that to prepare for your trip or to travel, you can do so by submitting an extension request via the VISA STATUS section of your online account. This way, we will know if you have to start the application process over because of this.

A couple things to be aware of when requesting an extension: only one is needed per visit, but multiple visits may require more than one day each. For example, if you want to extend your stay in Canada until September, you would need to send three separate requests (one for every month).

Applicants must submit their hotel reservation

how long does it take for visa processing

While some credit cards do not require an overnight stay, most major credit card companies do! This is typically because they want to verify that you will be staying at a reputable business or that you have verified test savings from past stays there.

Most common ways to process visa rewards programs are through,, Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, and ViaVacations. Each of these websites has different fees for processing depending on how many days before your trip you submit the information and what type of room you get.

They also vary in which countries they accept as hotels so make sure to check those out too! Luckily, we have done all the research for you. Read on for our list with cost-effective alternatives to find the cheapest way to process reward visas.

Applicants must submit their car rental reservation

how long does it take for visa processing

When you are ready to check out of your current location, you will need to de-activate your visa status. This is called “returning home” or “clearing international travel.”

You can do this by either canceling your existing flight tickets, dropping off at a hotel, etc., or through pre-paid card services like VISA Signature. By using one of these cards, your bank automatically refundss the money back that you paid for the trip.

By staying in an area with frequent transport, it becomes easier to find a way back home. However, if you run into issues returning, there are many ways to get help. You can call local embassies, dial 902 for assistance, or use the International Service Centerline (ISC) system to search for information.

At Voya, we have created an easy way to process return flights while you wait!

Simply create an account and then select the Return Flight tab. Here, you can enter your passport number and last name to look up which airports are accessible via flight or train.

Applicants must submit their credit card information

how long does it take for visa processing

After submitting your documents, you’ll be directed to choose which country code your visa is under. This will determine how long it takes to process your visa and what stage of the application process you go onto next.

Most countries have two different types of visas they offer: F1 and Business. The length of time it takes to process an F1 visa depends largely on whether or not you are able to prove sufficient ties to another country. If you can show proof of residence in Canada, Mexico, or both, then this step is unnecessary as you already meet the requirements!

Business visas, however, require more thorough documentation than just proof of residency. These applications focus more on confirming that you will spend money in the destination city while on business, so they ask about employment contracts, bank statements, and other documents that indicate spending habits.