How Long Does It Take For Visa Processing?

By Tiara

Recent developments with visa processing times are very concerning. Some reports say it can take up to eight months to get your VISA approval, even after you already have all of your documents in place and you’ve made significant investment in travel plans.

This is completely ridiculous! Eight month VISA approvals make no sense because if there was an issue or question about your application, you would be notified within weeks at the most.

So why are these delays happening? And what can we do about it?

It seems like every few days a new report comes out about a different international business traveler being denied entry into the United States due to delayed visa processing.

Business travelers are taxed per item number (for example, one piece of paper may require only one document) so this creates additional stress when they need to quickly prepare before traveling. Many also run through limited savings or go without important things while waiting for their VISA to be approved.

In fact, some people don't eat properly or stay in safe environments while awaiting word from US officials. Others simply give up and return home as they cannot afford to wait any longer than necessary.

The situation gets worse each time a major global news outlet covers another incident, as more attention is drawn to the problem. This causes more pressure to hurry up visa processing which could potentially backfire and hurt your career as a professional worker.

Second, they’ll review your documents

how long does it take for visa processing

Even after all that, you may be asked to provide additional proof or documentation as part of the process. This can include more than just proof of employment in Canada and health insurance, it can also include ID such as driver's licenses, passports, and work visas.

It is very important to wait out this step before assuming something went wrong with your visa application. Because even if there was no problem at the Canadian consulate, VISA MANDATORY CHECK might ask for more information later!


Third, they’ll decide if you qualify for a visa

The third thing that happens after you apply is your application is reviewed to determine if you meet the requirements of a visa. This process can take anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on how many applications there are at any given time.

There are different types of visas, so what kind you get depends on whether you are an employee or independent contractor, whether you will be paid enough money to make a living while in Canada, and whether you have adequate health coverage while here.

This last one is particularly important because it shows that you do not have access to adequate medical services outside of our public system. Many employers provide insurance, but it may not cover everything. If you don’t have coverage, you could face huge medical bills when something goes wrong.

Fourth, they’ll process your visa

how long does it take for visa processing

Now comes the hard part – actually getting your VISA into their system! This is where it can take some time depending on how many visas there are or how busy the office is at any given moment.

Most of these companies have an internal queue that all applications go through before being processed, so you should be aware of what this usually is.

Some days, however, the embassy may get flooded with requests and there could be longer than usual wait times for processing.

This is totally normal and expected, as most people find it difficult to apply for a visa directly from the embassy (it’s too much hassle!).

So, instead of waiting in line at the embassy, you can go through one of the above-mentioned services to do it for you! The best way to choose which one is best depends on your budget and situation.

Fifth, you’ll get a visa number

how long does it take for visa processing

Now that we have your passport information, credit card info, and home address, it's time to process your visa!

Typically, there is a two week wait period after submitting all of these documents before you receive your visa at the airport. This is because VISA takes their time to review and approve your paperwork before giving you access to international travel.

They will send you an email confirming that your application was received and they are now working on processing your visa. You'll then have another couple weeks to pick up your visa and go through security checks at your destination country.

Visas can be tricky since not every country accepts American Express cards or uses the same numbering system for visas.

Sixth, you’ll get your visa

how long does it take for visa processing

Now that all of the above steps have worked, you can now look forward to receiving your new non-immigrant visa!

Typically, it takes around two weeks after submitting all the documents mentioned in this article for your visa to be processed. This includes getting the visa at the consulate as well as having it sent through VISA/MASTERCARD International Services (VIS).

Once again, make sure to check with our staff about any possible delays or setbacks while waiting for your visa! We are always here to help you along the process.

Seventh, you’ll head to the embassy

how long does it take for visa processing

Now comes the tricky part — deciding which country to apply for visa sponsorship with. There are two main reasons why this is difficult!

The first is that there are different levels of visa endorsement. A tourist visa does not require an immigration sponsor in the US, but a business or work visa does.

The second reason is that some countries will ask you to provide proof of your plans after you exit their territory (this is called ‘exit clearance’). This can be very hard to come by as most Western nations have no obligation to verify these things when someone leaves their borders.

So what happens if you run out of time before you get all the approvals? You could end up stuck in a foreign country with little chance of moving forward.

Luckily, it's easy to stay in shape while traveling so we've prepared some tips for you. These fitness routines would probably help you feel more relaxed about leaving town.

Eighth, you’ll pay for your visa

how long does it take for visa processing

After arriving at the consulate, most countries will ask you to make a purchase or do an activity as part of their entry process. This is called requiring “entry evidence.” These activities are usually done through merchants that work with credit cards so it makes sense to use this proof as well.

In some cases, like in France, Germany, or Canada, the requirement is to spend a certain amount on food, clothing, or vacation trips within the country only, not including travel documents.

This can be tricky because many places require expensive clothes or jewelry as proof. What people don't realize is that these items must still be authentic and shipped from abroad to count! So, sometimes, instead of buying a large pair of jeans, you may buy two small ones.

Ninth, you’ll get your visa

how long does it take for visa processing

Now that all of our documents are in order and we have been verified as who we say we are, it's time to find out how long it will take for your visa to be processed!

The length of time it takes for an immigration agent to process your visa depends mostly on two things: their workload at the moment and the amount of staff they have available to help them complete other tasks.

In the case of the former, there may not be anyone else working on visas at the moment, or perhaps one person has just finished processing a bunch and is now waiting for the next agent to come along. In both cases, you can expect longer wait times than normal.

As for the second factor, even if someone else has already completed some steps in the visa processing process, they might still need to contact another department like Customer Service or Operations before moving onto the next step.

There is no way to know when these delays would end, so instead of being upset about the delay, use it to do something productive while you're waiting. You could read a book, surf the net or simply sleep-the-sleepy-day-away.