How Long Does It Take For Kenya Visa To Be Approved

By Tiara

All visa applications require you to prove that you have enough money to support yourself while in Canada, as well as return home. This is typically done through proof of employment or self-supporting documents (proof of savings).

Many countries also ask for evidence of your medical insurance coverage, which can be seen as an additional form of proof of health care. Unfortunately, most people do not know what kind of medical insurance they carry so this can become very difficult to source!

There are many different types of visas available to enter Canada, but unfortunately, there is no standard length period for how long it takes to process them.

Next, they will review and decide if you qualify for a visa

how long does it take for kenya visa to be approved

Whilst most countries process visas quickly, this is not always the case. Some nations can take days or even weeks to get your paperwork in order before sending you their welcome letter or visa!

There are several reasons why it may take longer than expected to receive your documents – sometimes due to high demand during an event, season, or time of year (for example, summer when many people travel), or because there has been a run on some country’s services.

In these cases, waiting for approval becomes much more difficult as you need to find somewhere to stay until your visa comes through!

Sadly though, no matter what, you cannot influence how long it takes for them to respond to your application. All we can do is be ready for our turn in the queue and keep ourselves busy while waiting.

If you qualify, they will issue you a visa

how long does it take for kenya visa to be approved

Many people assume that if you have all of your documents ready and you pack everything in order, then your visa process can take just one day.

This is not always the case, however!

It takes longer than one day to get most visas. It often takes several days or even weeks to receive word back from the embassy or consulate. This is due to timing issues as well as there being so many applicants for the same position.

In addition, some countries require additional paperwork or interviews before issuing visas. These are mostly related to employment or study permits which must be verified and approved beforehand.

We recommend staying up to date on the latest visa news by reading our full article here but also watching this video first to know what kind of delays may occur with your visa.

Keep your visa in a place that is not exposed to heat or moisture

how long does it take for kenya visa to be approved

Even though you do not need a visa to enter Canada for less than 24 hours, it is still a good idea to have one.

Visas can be very expensive if you are buying them online or through a private vendor. Some countries require an extended visa process because they want to make sure you will stay before giving you entry!

Many times, tourists find themselves with no way to pay for their Canadian visa due to credit card issues or limited funds.

Fortunately, we have found a solution! You can get pre-paid visas here from VISA. We recommend using Visafeed as this article will give more information.

It works like cash for travellers! For only $5, you get one of these pre-paid passports which contain enough money to visit Canada for two weeks.

Keep your visa in your purse or wallet

Finding out if you have a valid visa is not a quick process, especially when it comes to international travel.

It can take weeks, even months depending on how quickly your country of residence issues visas as well as the time it takes the embassy to receive the documents you send them.

So where should you keep your passport?

Most smart travellers will look into having their passports accessible at all times. This way they do not need to go through extra steps to access it, making the work worthwhile.

However, this cannot be said for those who are travelling during high tourist seasons or events. If you know that an event will draw a large crowd, then make sure you have enough time to pick up after leaving!

Another good place to store your passport is in a safe location that is known and trusted. A friend’s house, your parent's home, etc. can be great hiding spots until you get back from vacation.

Do not put your visa in your suitcase

how long does it take for kenya visa to be approved

Many people place their visas in their luggage before travelling so they do not have to wait until later to access them. However, this can cause you major problems if you are ever searched for or asked about your visa!

If an officer finds your visa while going through your bag, it could very well ruin your trip. You may be forced to start over from scratch when you arrive at your destination!

Furthermore, some countries require you to have proof of exit/entry into the country which means having to find your lost visa again!

We all know how difficult that can be so we recommend leaving your passport at home and putting your visa in another location. This way if your bag is stolen or ruined, you will still have a copy of it somewhere safe.

Check your visa for any stamps or stickers

how long does it take for kenya visa to be approved

Many people begin looking into visas after they are denied entry into another country. This is not only because you find out that you do not have enough money to return, but also due to visa issues.

Visas help individuals enter and leave a country so there is a good chance that you will run into one while travelling. Some countries require an additional document or proof before issuing you permission to enter. These can include a passport, a work permit, or even a visa sticker.

It is important to check these documents before leaving home as well as when entering a new country. Sometimes, someone may accidentally put in the wrong documentation or forget to update their records. If this happens when you are trying to flee or travel for business, it can become much more difficult.

There are many ways to learn if your visa has been approved or not. You do not need to pay too much attention to the office directly, nor do you have to wait for major news announcements to be informed.

Record your visa to keep as proof

how long does it take for kenya visa to be approved

When you apply for a tourist visa in Africa, there are usually two people reviewing your paperwork. This is not only because visas can take several days to process, but also due to time constraints.

Visitors must be out of the country no longer than 30 days so they will want to know how long their visit will last. If you do not have an exit stamp or a flight back arranged, then it is difficult to prove that you spent less than half a year in the continent.

You should always make sure you have adequate proofs that say you left and when you return. Also, remember to update your visa information at least weekly while you wait for the approval.

It’s best to have printed offline documents saved on a computer or phone in case an internet connection isn’t convenient.

Enjoy your visit to Kenya!

how long does it take for kenya visa to be approved

Now that you have received your visa, it is time to make plans to travel to Africa! Unfortunately, due to the volume of visas being processed, there may be some delays in moving forward with this trip.

Getting your Kenyan visa can take anywhere from one day to several weeks depending on the country-level staff at the Kenyatta International Airport (KIA) or within the Kenyan Consulate Office in your area.

At IFAI, our mission is to facilitate international tourism and business opportunities through the efficient processing of visa applications. We are aware of the waiting times involved in getting a Kenyan Tourist VISA, but we also want to let you know about all the other services we offer. You will find us just as helpful after you arrive in Nairobi!

We hope you enjoy exploring Kenya while your visa is processed! If you need help settling into your new life here, feel free to reach out to us via email or phone. The IFAI team members are always willing to answer any questions you might have and help you begin to integrate into local culture.