How Long Does It Take For Immigrant Visa Interview

By Tiara

Recent media reports suggest that it can take anywhere from one to three months to receive an interview with a consulate ambassador in your city. This is not only untrue, but it also creates anxiety for aspiring immigrants who are already going through enough stress.

Interviews for immigrant visas are conducted by professionals with experience working with foreign governments and their systems. Due to this, there is no set time frame to determine when you will be contacted for your visa appointment.

In fact, most applicants do not even find out if they have been accepted into the next stage of the process until well after submitting all necessary documents and attending a preliminary consultation at the embassy or consulate.

Applicants may hear some vague references to how long it takes to coordinate appointments, but these dates are never confirmed. There is simply too much variability due to department size, current workloads, and overall staffing levels to make such predictions.

Medical exam

how long does it take for immigrant visa interview

A medical examination is one of the first things that most countries require in order to determine if you have health insurance or not. This is typically done via an oral exam, a physical exam, and sometimes both.

In some cases, such as when they ask about symptoms of illness or disease, there’s no need for a full-on doctor visit unless something seems off. But for other questions, it may require a more formal evaluation. These can include asking about current illnesses, medication use, evidence of serious mental health conditions, etc.

This is especially important since many employers will require workers’ health cards which allow access to their healthcare. If someone has expired health cards, this could be used against them in case they are suspected of being uninsured.

Police check

how long does it take for immigrant visa interview

A police officer checks your license, registration, and proof of insurance before allowing you to continue driving. For most non-immigrant visa applications, this takes less than 5 minutes depending on how many questions they include.

For employment visas like the TN program, employers are required to verify that their employees have valid health coverage through an employer plan or individual policies. They also must confirm that these plans cover at least two years of coverage and enough money to pay medical bills for that time frame.

These documents and policy covers can be verified online or by calling the employee’s current job to see if they are already included in payroll records.

If everything is fine, the employee will be allowed to leave the office with their passport and entry form, but still need to make it home because they will be riding as a passenger aboard another vehicle.

Background check

how long does it take for immigrant visa interview

A lot of people focus only on the visa interview when it comes to immigrant visas, but there is one key part that most are missing-the background check!

Immigration officers will do a national criminal records search, run financial checks (to make sure you’re not a fugitive), and verify employment through government databases or with third party references. They may also order a credit report from a bureau to determine your ability to pay rent and/or buy food after you enter the country.

This process can take days, weeks, or even months depending on how many documents you have and what information cannot be found in the database. The length depends mostly on whether the agency needs more documentation or confirmation that a document exists.

It’s important to remember that if they find something unexpected, their decision could be reversed, so try to be as prepared as possible. For example, if you don’t have proof of an employer relationship, you might want to gather some before the interview.

Financial assets

how long does it take for immigrant visa interview

One of the most common questions asked during an immigrant visa interview is how you’ll finance your new life in America. This can be tricky, as there are many different ways to answer this question depending on what kind of visa you have and when you need it.

If you have a F-1 Student Visitor Status or O-1 Worker Visas, then it isn’t necessary to have money set aside for your stay here. You will need to bring enough money with you when you travel from abroad, but once you are settled into work and school, you can apply for additional visas that don’t require too much financial proof.

For example, if you already have employment in Canada, you could easily get a working visa in America under the W-visa category.

Personal history

When you apply to come into the United States as an immigrant, your personal background is investigated thoroughly. Applicants are asked about their health, criminal histories, and any legal proceedings that may affect their status in the country.

Applicants have to provide this information not only when they initially apply for immigration privileges but also throughout the process. For example, if someone is granted temporary permission to stay in the US while their permanent residency is being processed, then it must be verified that they will leave after their visa expires.

There are even cases where people’s activities while living in America could put them at risk of deportation. A frequent cause of this is employment-based visas. These require employers to verify employees’ stays outside of work hours through payroll records or by asking directly. If there is suspicion, then additional investigations can take place.

In some instances, a lack of documentation can backfire on applicants. In such cases, there may be a gap between when someone left the country and when their passport was last updated. This makes proving travel illegal extra difficult unless proof exists like airline tickets or receipts.

Language test

how long does it take for immigrant visa interview

The language test is usually conducted in either your home country or the country of residence, depending on if you have an adequate amount of proficiency in that language.

If you do not, then it will be given to someone who does! This can sometimes lead to some embarrassing moments as people around you are trying hard to help you out.

We recommend practicing for this test ahead of time so that you’re not distracted while speaking with others about common topics and getting the hang of timing of each question.

Some questions may seem tricky at first but once answered, they make sense and you will understand them.

Admissions test

how long does it take for immigrant visa interview

The admissions interview is not as formal as some other parts of the process, but it can be tricky to prepare for. You will need to do your best to put any potential stressors aside because this does play an important part in determining if you make it into the next round.

The interviews are typically conducted over the phone with a member of the immigration team. This means that there is no way to see the person who will be interviewing you, only their voice. Theirs may sound friendly or professional, but they could still be trying to evaluate you so don’t let them lull you into a false sense of security.

Some things that they might ask about include:- Your educational background- Jobs that you have held- Evidence of employment (proof that you have a job)- Any dependents that accompany you during the visa application process- Past encounters with law enforcement or governmental agencies

These questions should be direct and straightforward, try to avoid being vague or overly long unless you know the answer to something.

Get your visa

how long does it take for immigrant visa interview

After arriving at the embassy or consulate, you will be greeted with an officer that oversees your interview. This is typically a second level administrative employee that works under a senior immigration official.

He or she will ask some general questions about why you are seeking employment in their country and what kind of position you hope to get. Then they will start asking more specific questions related to your job application.

These may include questions like how much experience you have in the field, proof of this experience, and whether you expect to receive on-the-job training. They may also ask if you can do anything beyond the job description and if there are any projects you are working on right now.

The interviewer may even ask to see copies or documents proving who owns the business and where it is located. Once everything checks out, the officer will let you know when the next step is.