How Long Does It Take For A Visa Interview

By Tiara

The next step in applying to work in America is having an interview with a recruiter or hiring manager at your desired field or position. This is typically done through either a phone call, video chat, or in person depending on where you are being interviewed.

The way a lot of companies do this is by asking mostly general questions about yourself and then switching over to discuss positions and what they’re looking for. Sometimes, they will even ask if there are any weaknesses or things that you don�en‍t like about the company. These types of questions can be tricky because it is very easy to look back and say ‘yes, I didn’t get along well with so-and-so,’ but sometimes these clashes really show who someone is as a person.

There isn’t much anyone can do to prepare for a visa interview other than just going into it with a calm mind and knowing their own personal strengths and weaknesses. No one else will feel your stress, so keep up your composure and focus on what matters most – you!

General tips: When preparing for your visa interview, make sure to dress comfortably and neatly. Give yourself some time before the interview to relax and gather all appropriate documents. Make sure to check out online reviews and talk to people who have gone through similar experiences as you.

Make sure your hair is properly done

how long does it take for a visa interview

When you dress to interview for a job, how your hairstyle looks can make a big difference in how people perceive you. If you don’t take too long to get ready, there's not much you need to do beyond wash and style your hair.

If you have to pick up somewhere or go somewhere early, then it’s better to pull up in a vehicle than an auto. Because you will be sitting down most of the time, we recommend doing your makeup first and then getting into more detail like applying blush, lip color and so on.

Once you're both ready, walk as fast as you can away from the house! Don't dawdle outside or at the car dealership where you work.

Brush your teeth

how long does it take for a visa interview

Now that you are ready for your interview, make sure to brush your hair and take care of yourself physically. Make sure to have enough sleep the night before so you are not tired during the meeting, and be sure to eat something prior to the appointment to feel better about yourself.

Your visa will most likely be issued within 24-48 hours after the interview, so do anything you can to put yourself in the best position possible!

Now is also a good time to review your things ahead of the interview. Are you certain everything has been packed? Have you checked all of your emails and social media accounts to see if there have been any notifications or announcements related to the interview?

If you have been feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, try to separate major tasks from daily chores to reduce overall stress. For example, instead of cleaning your room, start with picking an outfit and then doing his/her makeup. Do not forget to relax and breathe deeply! Breathing exercises can help.

Wipe your face

When you enter the room for your interview, make sure to wipe all trace of makeup, hairspray, and products such as deodorant off of your face!

Bath time is always a good idea so if you use those kind of products, do that after the interview so they can go away naturally. Some people also prefer to not use any eye makeup since it is difficult to take off without proper tools.

Avoid using the restroom before the interview because this could dry out your skin which would be unflattering for when you are wearing less clothing later.

Don’t put too much powder onto your skin either as this will show through next time you dress up. Use a light moisturizer instead. We like Dr. Praetorian’s Ultra-Light Daily Moisturiser because it does not feel heavy on the skin.

Throw some deodorant on

how long does it take for a visa interview

During your visa interview, the officer will likely ask you about all sorts of things- family members back home, plans after you arrive in Canada, and so on.

They may also ask how much money you have to spend while traveling here. This is called budgeting. Budgeting means putting together an account that can cover your travel costs (airfare, hotel nights, meals) and entertainment (tickets, movie and theatre tickets, etc.).

Budgeting is important because it helps limit expensive mistakes you might make while exploring the country or taking part in international events such as a soccer championship or music festival.

“We want to ensure that people are not spending more than they should be on tourism,” says Nancy Buonanno with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Make sure your shoes are cleaned

how long does it take for a visa interview

When you arrive at your visa interview, make sure to put away all items such as phones, bags, etc. You do not want these to be accessible while you are being interviewed, in case they are searched or someone finds them suspicious.

Also, remember to check out of hotel rooms before leaving home so that you don’t have to during the trip! This will save time, energy, and nerves.

Once you have checked into your room, then it is time to get ready for the appointment. Now, what kind of dress code does this embassy have? If it’s business casual, then you should bring along some. But if it’s more formal, then you probably don’t need to worry too much about that.

Most importantly though, BE NERVOUS! All applicants are nervous before their interviews, but there are ways to gain control of yours. And knowing how can really help you feel better about yourself and the situation.

Check your wallet

how long does it take for a visa interview

After arriving at the interview, the next thing you need to do is check that everything you brought with you is in order!
You will be asked to bring all of your documents, proof of employment, photo identification (such as driver’s licenses or passports), and health insurance.

It is very important to remember these things before the interview because it can take some time to find them later. You don’t want to have to start from scratch!

After the interview, the employee will ask if there are any items missing, such as cards or photos. If there are, they may not be able to process your visa. Make sure to keep copies of each item!

Another helpful tip is to organize all of your materials using an easy to recall system. For example, use sequential numbers or letters under columns.

Make sure your phone is fully charged

how long does it take for a visa interview

When you receive your invite to an interview, make sure you are ready! Before you even arrive at the venue, you need to be certain that your phone is completely full of all forms of media. This includes pictures and videos you have saved, as well as apps such as Tinder, YouTube, and Netflix.

If you don’t have enough room, it can be frustrating trying to find something youneed to do.

Drink plenty of water

how long does it take for a visa interview

After arriving at your destination, you will be escorted to an interview room or space where you will meet with a member of the visa team. They will ask you some questions and then invite you into the next stage which is typically either a phone call or a in-person meeting.

During this second part of the process, they will go over your applications more thoroughly and determine if you have enough evidence to prove that you belong in the country. This can include proof of employment, savings, house or apartment ownership, etc.