How Long Does It Take After Interview To Get Visa

By Tiara

Finding out if you have enough money to come back home is definitely not your average check! But, it’s something that most people with an international plan have to go through before coming back in country.

It’s also pretty easy to do- unless you don’t remember what companies you spoke with for an interview or you just can’t find any records of you having one. This article will help you figure out what kind of visa situation you are in and whether you need to start planning your next step.

Your job will likely be approved before a visa is granted

how long does it take after interview to get visa

Even though you have not yet been offered employment, it’s important to know that your application process is not necessarily over once you receive an offer letter.

In fact, most employers require only a week or two after being interviewed to get their visas. This is because immigration officials look at several things when reviewing applications for work permits and citizenship.

These include: if you can prove you have enough money to support yourself while in Canada, if there are any health concerns, if you can convince them that you will live up to obligations such as reporting emergencies, etc.

So although you may hear about all sorts of delays with getting your visa, what really matters is how long it takes to make a decision.

There are many different types of visas that are available

how long does it take after interview to get visa

Visas are integral parts of moving around the world. They allow you to enter into another country for a limited amount of time. Some people use them to visit, while others live and work in the destination they're attached to!

Visas can be temporary or permanent depending on what type of visa you have and why you need it. Temporary visas do not require you to stay longer than their duration, so it does not matter how long it takes to get your visa, once again, it does not affect your departure.

Permanent visas can last years for working, studying, investing, or living in the target country. Therefore, making sure you know how long it will take to process your visa is important as you may want to start preparing soon.

There are several departments within an embassy or consulate who handle various aspects of visa processing. This includes but is not limited to:

Visa Section Chief- this person handles all types of business visas (B1/B2/O1)

this person handles all types of business visas (B1/B2/O1) Consular Affairs Officer - they deal with non-business tourist visas like F1, TN, etc.

they deal with non-business tourist visas like F1, TN, etc.

You will need to provide documentation

how long does it take after interview to get visa

Even though you are not officially hired, your visa status does matter! As such, you must ensure that you have all of your documents in order to prove that you have employment or business opportunities in America.

Documents like proof of income (such as pay stubs or receipts), proof of residence (like house bills or statements) and proof of savings (bank statement or certificate of deposit [CD]) can be used to verify your employment or business opportunity.

It is very common to include salary in these documents as proof of income. Make sure to note down what day of the week each payment was made and for how many hours it paid so that you do not confuse it with another job.

By having this information, it helps our staff know if there were any discrepancies in the payments which could indicate fraudulent activity. We recommend using the same format and number of places where possible to make it more authentic. – Caitlin

Take time after the interview to review and process all applications! This includes verifying documents and answering questions about the position. Most employers require at least two weeks before they move forward processing the paperwork.

Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after your visa expires

how long does it take after interview to get visa

If you receive word that you have been accepted into an internship or employment, you need to make sure you have enough time to prepare for it!

One of the first things that most employers require is proof of adequate health coverage. This can prove to be tricky if you are not given too much time to find it. Many people do not know how to access affordable healthcare so staying in close touch with friends and family members who do may help you find what care you will get.

Another thing that many companies require is proof of income. You must make sure you have enough money to pay for housing and food while you are working away from home.

Some jobs ask about previous work experiences so having these documents ready will help you feel more prepared. Make sure to check out our article on why it’s important to research your new workplace before starting a job there.

You must have enough money to last you during your trip

Many countries require at least two weeks of savings before they will issue you a visa, so make sure that you are not spending heavily while you are away!

Some places may even ask for six months’ worth of expenses as proof that you can pay for your stay there. This is because they want to be confident that you will enjoy their country after your visit!

They also need to know that you will give them regular reports about the place which makes sense since most tourists do not return home immediately afterwards.

In fact, some nationalities prefer requiring a longer waiting period due to this reason. They want to keep a close eye on how well foreigners spend their time in their country so that if anything happens, people get suspicious quickly.

Some countries require you to have a return flight home

how long does it take after interview to get visa

Many employers ask about your upcoming travel plans during the interview process, as it is a major part of their company’s success or failure. They want to make sure that you will be able to come back if need be, and they don’t want to pay for your flights after finding out you can’t.

In some cases, companies won’t even send you off until you confirm that you have a valid visa and that you know where you will stay while in the country!

It sounds crazy, but this happens more than you might think. In fact, it has happened to many of us here at The Expat Team.

We are always informed well ahead of time what documents we’ll need for our job and how long we must wait before being allowed into the country, so there’s no surprise when we find ourselves with nothing left to do but waste hours upon hours waiting for our trip to begin.

But why does it take so long? Why not just tell people “come in, we’ll figure everything else out later”?

Well, firstly most nationalities require proof of health insurance coverage (for yourself) and/or medical evacuation cover (for someone traveling with you). These things cost money, which means you will probably be asked to prove you have them BEFORE coming to the airport.

Some countries require you to have a return flight home

how long does it take after interview to get visa

Many employers ask about visa status during an interview, not just for employment but also as part of the recruitment process. If they learn that your stay in Canada is longer than intended, it can affect whether or not they offer job opportunities to you.

Some countries require you to have a return flight back home before granting you work visas, so if you find out you’re being recruited here, make sure you have your next step all lined up!

If this happens at the end of your Canadian employment, then great. You’ve got nothing to worry about. But what if it doesn't? What if there's no clear answer to 'Does she need a plane ticket back home?' and you don’t know what to do?

We're going to tell you how to handle this situation, because we've seen it done several times. And we've learned some things from our experiences with these companies and employees, too.

There are many different visa options available to you

how long does it take after interview to get visa

Many employers require their employees to have at least one valid, active visa before being hired. This is not always the case for international positions though, as some companies do not care about getting visas done for their staff.

Some employers will request that you apply for your own visa after you are employed by them, but this can be very difficult if you are not given clear guidelines on when to do it.

It is important to know what kind of visa you will need well in advance so that you are not stuck waiting around for permission to enter the country. Unfortunately, most job seekers don’t start looking into these things until months later, which can hurt your career and financial situation.

Don’t let something like this hold you back from seeking employment! If you feel that you must wait for approval on a visa, there are ways to help you through the process. Some people speak about their experiences or find other professionals who have been able to get work permits earlier than expected, so researching ahead of time is worth doing.