How Long Does Immigrant Visa Processing Take?

By Tiara

Recent reports about visa processing times are confusing to most people due to the different numbers being quoted. Some say it can take weeks, others even months!

The main reason that this happens is because some countries are not as transparent with their visa application process. Applicants do not have access to all of the documents or information needed to apply for a visa so they have to work from estimates and assumptions.

Another factor is whether an applicant has to go through a consulate or if they can apply directly at the embassy. This makes a difference in how quickly you receive your passport- only the very wealthy could afford direct applications years ago when visas were first introduced. Nowadays, however, there are many ways to apply online which may be faster.

Some consulates also start preparing passports early so those individuals will likely get their passports much quicker than someone who must put off applying until later. The speed at which you receive your passport depends mostly on when you apply and what country you are going to.

There is no standard time frame for how long it takes to process a tourist visa anywhere in the world. Just like any other type of immigration document, timing varies by location and individual officer.

What does the process entail?

how long does immigrant visa processing take

The next step in the visa processing process is to verify your identity. This means gathering documents that prove who you are, such as passport photos, proof of residency or employment, and sometimes a copy of your driver’s license.

Immigration officers will also ask you some questions about why you need to come to America and what you plan to do once here. These can include inquiries about education and job opportunities, but they are not meant to be formal interviews.

Instead, they are designed to determine if you seem like you belong in the United States and if you would be a good fit for life here. Many people have limited English so these questions cannot always be answered clearly, but being able to speak some English may help make sure you understand each other.

After all this, the officer must decide whether or not to issue you a tourist visa. If he or she decides to grant you entry, then you will receive your alien card (sometimes called an I-94 form) and permission to enter the country for up to ninety days.

During that time, you will have to return to apply for asylum at a later date. It’s very common for immigrants to stay in the US while their cases move through immigration court, so don’t worry too much about leaving the country right away!

Once you have left the US, you can reapply for admission without having to go through the process again.

How long does the process take?

how long does immigrant visa processing take

The average processing time for an I-9 form is six to eight hours, depending on the location of the workplace where it is completed.

I-9 forms can be completed at any government agency that processes visa applications (the State Department in this case). These agencies include USCIS, VISA, FOREIGN AFFAIRS NATIONAL SECURITY SPECIALIST (FANS) OFFICE, AND OTHER COUNTRIES’ CONSULATES.

Some employers may not show all sections of the I-9 form when they upload it online, which could cause delays as staff have to go back and check if it has been included.

In some cases, even after everything is uploaded correctly, there may be a delay while the form is processed by someone else before it gets approved or rejected. This depends on how busy the agency is during that timeslot.

It is important to remember that although the I-9 form takes around eight hours to complete, individuals working on your behalf will need to wait for their own separate visas and work permits to be issued before they can start working for you.

What can I do to get my visa?

how long does immigrant visa processing take

The next step is to find out what you can do to obtain your immigrant visa! You will need to gather all of your documents, prove employment, proof of residence, etc. Depending on how many members in your family you have, this process may be easier or more difficult.

There are several ways to apply for an immigrant visa. Some countries offer resident visas through their embassies while others require that you come directly into their country as a tourist and then apply from there. Your best bet is to visit with a professional immigration attorney who can help you determine which route is right for you and your situation.

They can also tell you if it’s even possible to apply at your local US embassy or consulate before coming to another country. Finding such professionals isn’t hard, but it does take some time!

It’s important to remember that no matter which type of visa you receive, being able to live and work legally in the United States is still very much dependent upon whether or not people accept your story of why you want to reside here.

What are the different types of visas?

how long does immigrant visa processing take

All foreign visitors to the United States must have an approved visa before they can enter or depart the country. Visas come in two main categories: immigrant and non-immigrant.

Non-immigrant visas include those for tourism, business, education, and more. These typically take less than a week to be processed once submitted. Some examples of non-immigration visas are B1/B2 tourist visas, F1 student visas, and G3 work visas.

Immigration visas are divided into three main groups: labor, visitor, and refugee. Applicants must prove that they intend to stay in the US longer than six months, that their visit is for a “for profit” activity (business or employment), or that they qualify as a refugee.

This article will focus only on immigrant visa processing times because this is what often gets complicated for people. The average time it takes to process these documents is about one month! That means if you need to remain in the US longer than planned, then your best bet is looking at ways to migrate here.

Who can I contact for help?

how long does immigrant visa processing take

If you are experiencing a long delay in your visa process, there are several things you can do to help. The first is to make sure your documents are up to date and accurate!

If possible, take pictures of yourself with and without clothes so that we can determine if there have been any changes. We may be able to help you find new copies or even ask someone who knows you well if they can vouch for you.

You should also try to establish when the last time you updated your information was. A lot of times, people get busy and forget to keep track of important dates like where they live and work.

It’s very difficult to coordinate a visit while you are waiting for approval, but hopefully you will still receive word soon! You deserve this much more than anyone else.

There are many organizations out there that can help you along the way, from providing food to offering counseling. Ask around your community and see what resources are available to you.

What are the steps for visa renewal?

The next step in the process is to apply for a visa renewal. This application can be done at any US embassy or consulate anywhere in the world, so it does not matter where you live.

The process usually takes one to two months depending on how quickly your documents have already been approved and what country you will be traveling to.

After submitting your renewal document, you must wait for the official notification. Once this is received, you can then bring the documents to the nearest American Embassy or Consulate to get your new visa.

What is the deadline?

how long does immigrant visa processing take

The final step in obtaining a visa for employment is usually being allotted an amount of time to complete it. This is called the processing date or timing closure.

Most countries have different deadlines for various classes of jobs. Employers are given a set number of days to ensure their job applications go through properly and that all legal documents are completed and present.

This is important as both employers and immigration officers need proof of this before you can be hired. They will check your references, make sure there are no criminal records, and verify that you do not already have citizenship or residency.

If any of these things are found then you will most likely be denied entry into the country! So make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest developments at least two weeks prior to the processing closing date.

Why is a passport important?

how long does immigrant visa processing take

A valid passport is an essential piece of personal documentation that you will need to know how to use properly. Most importantly, it allows you to prove your identity and to travel internationally.

A passport must have at least five years’ worth of pages, which include both front and back components. The page numbers are not repeated or recycled; every page has unique information including name, address, date of birth, photo, and place of employment.

The expiration date of the passport should be more than six months after the trip. This way if it gets lost or stolen, you do not have access to vital documents.