How Long Does Employment Visa Take

By Tiara

Finding out how long it takes to get your visa can feel like an eternity! This article will go into detail about some of the things that determine this, as well as what you can do while waiting for yours.

Many employers require their employees to have employment visas before they can start work in Australia. These are known as working visas or residence permits. To stay in Australia you must either hold these or be granted them by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) or the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to how long it takes to receive your visa, but there are certain factors that can make a difference. This article will look at those factors, what people with more experience tell us, and what you can do while you wait.

We’ll also talk about how difficult it can be trying to find out how long it takes to process working visas, and what options exist for those who are struggling.

Who can get an employment visa?

how long does employment visa take

An employer can hire you for a limited time period as a non-permanent resident (green card) if your position is considered seasonal or temporary.
As human resources professionals, we see this situation all too often. Employers who are in need of help during a busy season will look to bring on staff full time after the summer rush.

However, they don’t have access to long term visas so they must find someone from outside their company that can work here temporarily. This may be difficult because most foreigners require at least two years of residency before they can apply for citizenship which makes them not eligible for a short term working visa either.

What can employers do? They could try sponsoring their own employee through family members but there must be clear proof of relationship like children or spouses. If there aren’t any then it won’t work. Also remember that immigration laws vary by country and even state within a country so check with local authorities as well.

How long does the application process take?

The duration of the employment visa process depends mostly on two things: how quickly your employer submits their paperwork, and what kind of documentation you include in that paperwork.

If your employer has to submit additional documents or questionnaires, this will add more time to your job search. Make sure to be ready for these delays so you are not waiting around for something to happen!

Your employer may also need an appointment at their local embassy or consulate before they can send your final paperwork. This is very common as employers must verify your income and proof of savings.

Making arrangements ahead of time will help you avoid being stuck waiting outside while they make their way over from work. It’s better to be prepared and know what to expect than getting there and finding out we don’t have space today.

What are the requirements?

how long does employment visa take

To work in Canada as an employee, you will need to have permission to live here. This is referred to as having employment visa status or work permit.

You must also be able to speak English well. As mentioned before, Canadians use both official languages (English and French) when speaking so this isn’t too much of a problem.

If you don’t have these things then you can’t work in Canada. You should think about getting these things done as soon as possible because it can take some time!

It's very important to understand the process for acquiring visas and work permits before applying, talking to professionals, etc. There are many resources available that can help you along the way, such as websites with tips and how-to guides.

Who can help me with my application?

how long does employment visa take

Finding a professional to assist you in your visa applications is an excellent way to have some back-up, especially if you are not familiar with this process. There are many companies that offer visa assistance, but only some of them are reputable.

Some may charge large fees for little or no service. It is best to search online for reviews and compare prices before hiring someone’s services. The better businesses will have feedback from past clients.

In Australia there are two main visa agencies that anyone looking to apply for a working holiday visa should consider using. These are Visas Now and Smart VISA. Both offer one year free membership for applicants which includes access to their exclusive member resources as well as 24 hour customer support.

Membership costs money up front, however it is worth it. Visit and http://smartvisa.

Are there any consequences of applying?

how long does employment visa take

If you apply for employment visa in Canada outside of the mandatory registration period, then it can be difficult to prove fraudulent intent. This is because employers are legally allowed to check your LinkedIn profile, Google+, Facebook profiles, and other online accounts to see if you have misrepresented yourself or your intentions.

In fact, some countries even require employees to provide access to their social media accounts as part of their job application!

So, what happens if an employer discovers something fishy about you after starting work? You could find yourself being immediately fired, having your working permit revoked, or facing criminal charges. All of these things are very serious so please make sure your personal life does not influence your career!

Registering within the regulation time frame is important to avoid damaging your immigration status or worse in Canada.

What can I do to prepare my application?

how long does employment visa take

The next step in your visa process will be to apply for employment. This is typically done through your employer, but you can also apply directly via the Australian Department of Immigration’s website.

Your employers may ask you to submit an Affidavit Form (known as AF1) confirming that they has investigated all avenues to verify your identity before hiring you. You must include this form with your visa application so it does not get lost or delayed.

This document should be proof of your job offer, proof of your salary, and proof of their investigation into criminal records etc. If you are asked to provide additional documents during the visa process, try to have these ready!

Remember that if there were issues while you were working in Australia, your current visa status could be revoked, which would end up causing problems when looking for work here or abroad.

Where should I apply?

how long does employment visa take

Finding employment outside of your home country is not easy, which is why it is important to be aware of all of your options before getting into the recruiting process. Companies in other countries may offer visa sponsorship or work visas for qualified professionals.

Some companies will even assist you with finding housing and establishing social connections in the area while you are working for them!

Finding employment abroad has become increasingly common as technology advances at an incredible speed. Many large corporations have offices around the world where they recruit new employees.

When should I apply?

how long does employment visa take

If you are an international student, then applying for employment visa’s is something that can be easily done online through your country’s immigration website. Employers typically ask questions about income, savings, and if there is anyone who will care for your child while you work. These things usually are verified during the interview process, so being prepared to answer these questions early will help you avoid any delays or issues in obtaining permission to work.

If you already have working rights in another country, you do not need to apply for an employment visa as long as you are registered with Immigration in your home country and you have proof of this. You also do not need one if your job comes with adequate benefits such as health insurance or paid vacations.

In both cases, make sure to check out what documents you need and how much time it takes to get them before starting the application. Some countries require more documentation than others, even within a short period of time!

Be aware of when applications for visas close in different countries to ensure you file your paperwork at the right time. For example, India has its own week-long national holiday each year, which makes their deadline fall on the day after. Make sure to account for this when planning.