How Long Does Employment Visa Take In Dubai

By Tiara

Finding employment opportunities can be tough, especially if you are looking for professional positions or higher paying jobs. Employers look at a lot of things when deciding whether to offer you a position, including your visa status.

If you are an employee working without a work permit in Dubai, it is important that you understand what documents you need to present when seeking new employment. You should also know how long it will take employers to review these documents before offering you employment.

It is very common for employers to do pre-employment checks, which include verifying residency, criminal records, and credit reports. Some employers may even run background check tests such as drug screening or psychometric testing.

All of this happens prior to giving you final approval and taking formal employment with them! These steps typically take one to two days depending on the employer, but could extend up to several weeks. When they are completed, the person accepting the job will send you a confirmation email stating so. This gives you an idea of when to expect a response from them.

Two years

how long does employment visa take in dubai

Recent reports claim that it takes two full years to get your work visa in Dubai. This is definitely not true! If you are looking to move here for employment, there is no need to be stressed out about it.

It seems like some websites or employers may hype up the process a little bit by including vague statements such as ‘it can take months’ or ‘you have to see how quickly things go through customs’.

These sites also sometimes don't clearly state what kind of job they refer to when talking about employment visas. It's important to make sure you understand which type of visa you will require before investing time into this process.

There are 2 types of non-resident visa for employment in Dubai - the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa and the Business Visitor (BV) visa. The WHM visa is only available if you are an Australian citizen or resident, while the BV visa can be extended beyond a one year period.

One year

how long does employment visa take in dubai

After one full year of working in UAE, you can apply for a visa renewal. You have to show that you have enough money to support yourself while traveling outside of work, as well as proof of employment.

Making sure your stay in the country is temporary and time limited makes it much easier to get this second visa. Luckily, employers are not very concerned about how long you will be away from their company so most do not check into this.

It is important to remember that even though there is no legal requirement to have an exit visa, doing so helps ensure your future stays clear.

Three months

how long does employment visa take in dubai

Many people are afraid to apply for a visa because they believe it will take longer than three months to process. This is not true! The UAE has a system of quick visas that do not require you to live or work here. They are known as visit visas, which usually last one week.

These short term entry permits can be extended once your stay has ended – this happens very quickly due to how easy it is to extend a visa. You only have to send an email stating your plan and why you want to remain in the country and you’ll receive confirmation within 24 hours.

This article will talk about what types of business trips qualify as working holiday visits and if either party meets the requirements for a non-working visa, then it is recommended that you look into getting a work visa instead.

Two months

how long does employment visa take in dubai

Many people make the mistake of thinking that once you apply for employment visa, it will take two weeks to be processed. This is not true!
It takes only 2-3 business days to process your application, but there are several other things that can delay it.

The embassy or consulate where you send off your documents may be under high workload at times, which could cause delays.

They may also need to do additional research or speak with colleagues in their country about your case, so they have to verify some information about you.

One month

how long does employment visa take in dubai

Finding employment in the UAE is not easy, but it’s possible to do so within one month. There are many ways to get your foot into the door, whether you're looking for seasonal work or long term positions.

The easiest way to find work here is by joining an online job board. The majority of these sites offer visa services for employers that want workers under their jurisdiction. These services include social security numbers, health cards, and passports which can help with paperwork.

Online job boards like Monster, LinkedIn, and Indeed all have separate sections just for employees seeking jobs and position openings. As such, there's no need to apply through both websites simultaneously.

By using more than one site, you increase your chances of being contacted about a job opportunity.

Will I get a visa?

how long does employment visa take in dubai

The next thing you will be asked is if you have enough money to live on while you are in Dubai. This is one of the biggest things that can scare off employers who want to hire you. They do not like paying for expensive housing or health insurance for someone they plan to invest their time into.

They also do not wish to pay high monthly salaries because it adds up quickly and they may not have the funds allocated for this. Luckily, there are ways to prepare for this!

You can either bring your own spending budget or use our cost-effective tips here to ensure you have adequate funding during your stay. If you don’t think you have enough money then you can look at getting part time jobs to supplement your income.

Another way to make sure you have enough money for living expenses is to search online for how long visas take in Dubai. You should know around how many days it takes most people to receive their visa so that you aren’t left hanging.

It depends

how long does employment visa take in dubai

Finding work abroad is always tricky. There are so many things that can affect how quickly you find employment, or even if you are able to find employment at all!
As mentioned before, visas are one of the main sticking points for employers looking to hire foreigners in the UAE.

Getting an H-1B visa can be quite time consuming due to the large number of companies requesting one. This article will go into more detail about what types of jobs require what kind of visa, but first let’s talk about something that can help you out.

The job search platform Zinc allows you to create your own profile where you can add up to 10 positions with contact information. You then get recommendations from people who have done business with these companies and can give their insight as to whether or not they are willing to refer you (or speak well of them). By creating your profile free of cost, you eliminate some of the expensive advertisements around searching for a position.