How Long Does Eb-1 Green Card Take

By Tiara

The process of applying for citizenship at age 18 is known as naturalization. It can take some time, so you should be prepared for that!

Becoming an American citizen is one of the most important things you can do to invest in our country and global community. Not only does it give you the right to vote once you are able to prove residency (usually within three months), but also the privilege of being educated here, having access to resources, and protecting America's interests abroad.

There are several routes to becoming a US citizen. Some people apply directly through government agencies while others hire professional representation to help with the process. Either way, staying organized and aware will ensure your success.

In this article, we will talk about what takes longer than expected to become a citizen, why these delays occur, and how to manage your life during this period. We'll cover both experienced citizens and no-experience citizens who may need more time due to circumstances beyond their control.

How to get an EB1 visa number fast

how long does eb1 green card take

The next step in getting your green card is figuring out what Visa category you fit into. This is determined by your employment history, level of professional expertise, and potential for career advancement.

The most common way to obtain an Employment-Based (EB) immigrant visa is through the Employer Authorization Program (EAP). Under this program, your employer petitions on your behalf!

By having your employer apply as a petitioner, it removes a lot of the stress from the process because they are already familiar with you and your work performance.

Another way to gain access to the immigration system is via the Immigrant Worker Parole (IWP) program. Similar to the EAP, employers can petition IWPs on your behalf but instead of workers being hired directly, they hire their bosses who then offer jobs to you.

If you are eligible for either of these programs, then your ultimate goal should be to convince USCIS that you meet the requirements for a business or agricultural worker. These two categories require a higher investment than other visas like the family member option which only requires proof of familial relations.

Business travelers will need to show that they own stock in the company or have substantial investments beyond just paying for lunch every day, while farmers must prove that they will invest in farming equipment or land to start a farm business.

Apply for a visa number as soon as possible

how long does eb1 green card take

After you have received your F-visa, you will need to apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Visa Number. This is done through the Department of Homeland Security’s Electronic System for Immigration Systems (ESIS).

This process can take several days to weeks depending on how many applicants are in line at any one time. So once you receive word that you have been accepted into USCIS, it is important to begin gathering all necessary documents and completing applications as quickly as possible!

After submitting your application you will be redirected to a results page where you can check the status of your application. Check here often as it may take some time before someone reviews your information and processes your Application.

While there, also make sure to read about what next steps should be if you found out that you were denied entry into the United States.

You must meet all of the requirements to qualify for this visa

The second type of green card is known as EB2. These are referred to as family-based visas because they allow you to bring your spouse and children along with you when you come to America.

You need to be able to prove that your marriage or parent-child relationship will create a strong, stable union that can thrive in the United States.

You also have to show that you’ll be living together in a house or apartment, not renting separate rooms from each other.

And you both must live in an area where there are adequate services and facilities for young people. This includes schools for the kids and health care providers for yourself.

Since these rules apply only to immigrants who marry American citizens, EBs2 don’t require proof of marital status beyond what we mentioned before.

But remember, even if you do satisfy the residency requirement, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed entry into the US!

The process for EB2 applications takes much longer than those for the more immediate employment-based visas like DSV and GC. That’s why it’s important to start gathering documents early.

There are several factors that go into the EB1 visa number process

how long does eb1 green card take

Lengthy, complicated applications can take anywhere from one to three hours depending upon the examiner’s mood and schedule.

The waiting period is made even longer by the fact that IAs must complete their tasks in order of business protocol. This means that they must make sure their office is locked up before they begin reviewing your application!

After receiving the document, the next step is for the IA to review it and determine if it contains enough evidence to back up its claims. If it does not have enough proof or if there are significant problems with the documents, then you will be notified and given a chance to correct them.

This happens very frequently since most IAs know only about half of their colleagues’ names so they cannot verify employment without having access to those people’s personnel files which may not exist anymore.

EB1 visas are hard to get

how long does eb1 green card take

There is no set time frame for when an employer can apply for their employee visa status. This means it could take weeks, months or even years before they receive word that they have been approved.

In fact, some employers never hear back from USCIS at all!

This is very unfortunate because it creates stress for both parties. For you as a candidate, you must remain available to be hired while you wait for approval which can put pressure on you to find work immediately.

For the employer, they must keep looking out for eligible candidates while they await confirmation of employment.

It’s important to note that if your job expires before you receive final authorization then there is not much you can do. But if you are able to stay in employment until then, you should make the most of this opportunity. Use the time wisely and prepare for moving here.

There are things you can do to ensure your life stays on track during the waiting process.

You need to start your visa process as early as possible

how long does eb1 green card take

Even though there is no deadline for EB2 green card, you should know that it takes more than two years to attain this important document. This can be very frustrating because most people begin applying at the beginning of their career or just after graduating college.

It’s difficult to maintain focus when you’re waiting around for something new every week, so it’s best to get into the habit of seeking employment soon after receiving your bachelor’s degree. Employers look at past work experiences when deciding whether to hire you, so make sure to add some content onto your LinkedIn profile and put up relevant advertisements about yourself.

In addition to job searches, you will have to update your passport information and research potential employers in order to ensure that your credentials are accurate.

Check the USCIS website

how long does eb1 green card take

The process of getting your green card can seem like an arduous task at times, but there are some things you can do to make it go faster. Unfortunately, most people begin trying to speed up the processing of your application after it has already been received in our system.

There are several things that influence how long it takes for us to review your files and determine whether or not to accept your application. Some of these factors include the type of employment being sought, nationalities of employers involved, and whether your file contains enough evidence proving your qualifications.

This article will talk about three things that can help you achieve your goal more quickly- get ready, stay organized, and use technology.

Contact the USCIS to find out more information

how long does eb1 green card take

If you are wondering how long it takes for your EB2 green card, there is something you should know. As mentioned before, waiting for your GC depends on many different factors!

There’s no way of knowing exactly when someone else in your country position gets their visa, but we can give you an estimated time frame. It's not perfect, as things can always go faster or slower, but this will help you get a sense of what to expect.

We have gathered some numbers that describe just how long it typically takes for people with B-2 visas to receive theirs. By comparing these numbers to yours, you will have a good idea of how much longer it could take for you.