How Long Does Application For Visa Take

By Tiara

When you apply for a visa, or what is often referred to as a “visa”, you will need to have all of your documents ready before going in for your appointment.

This can include medical records, proof of residence and employment, and sometimes even copies of passports. You do not want to be caught unprepared when they ask about it!

The length of time that it takes to process a visa depends on several things- how long it takes at the embassy or consulate where you visit for your interview, whether there are additional steps involved like taking an exam, etc., and how quickly their office gets through its paperwork.

There are also some general rules about how many days most countries give people to arrive with a visa and stay abroad after that. So, knowing this information ahead of time can help make sure that nothing goes wrong during your trip.

The process is long and complicated

how long does application for visa take

Applications for citizenship can take anywhere from months to years depending on many different factors. Even being able to understand how the process works will not necessarily speed it up, but knowing what to expect can help you stay in control.

There are several types of applications for US Citizenship including naturalization, employment visa, treaty immigrant status, F-1 student visa, and working visas such as O-1 or H-1B. Each one has its own set time frames so be aware of those!

Some countries have an easier application process than others which can sometimes make it faster. For example, most European nations require individuals to live within their borders for only six months before applying for residency, so there’s less paperwork to do.

By staying organized and keeping notes, you’ll save both time and energy. Make sure to check out our article here about how to organize all your immigration documents.

Only submit your application as soon as you are ready

how long does application for visa take

If you have all of your documents sorted out, made sure they are in order and organized before submitting your visa applications!

The earlier you apply for visas the better, this way there is less chance of things being forgotten or misplaced.

It will also give yourself more time to proofread and edit your answers/documentations. A few days can make a big difference when applying for a visa so do not wait until the last minute!

At VISA WA we suggest doing your first passport check within one month of leaving Australia (and confirming your departure date!). This gives enough time to get everything together and mailed off correctly.

Contact the embassy or consulate to find out the latest visa application times

how long does application for visa take

If you are applying through an agency, they may have this information already as part of their contract with the government.

But even if you apply directly through the embassy or consulate, it is still worth checking whether there are any special visa applications deadlines during the time you need one.

Some countries only make applicants deal with certain documents within a set period of time after arrival, so it’s best to know what these are ahead of time.

Apply online at the government website

how long does application for visa take

It is very easy to apply for a visa through the Federal Government’s official immigration websites. These sites have lots of tools and features to help you process your application quickly and easily.

They also offer fast, live chat assistance from trained professionals while you are applying.

By using their services, you will spend less time talking about how to use the software and more time focused on completing your application!


How long it takes to process an immigrant visa depends on many different factors.

This includes whether there are any urgent or emergency issues with your case (such as if you need medical treatment), how well connected you are with your country’s embassy, what type of visa you are looking for, and how experienced the officer reviewing your documents is.

There are several ways to make your applications go faster including doing it yourself instead of paying to hire professional consultants, being aware of the latest regulations, and knowing which types of document can be done electronically and which require traditional hand writing and signatures.

Send your application by post

how long does application for visa take

Recent developments in technology have made it possible to send documents virtually, without having to print them out and then mail or courier them. Online document filing and verification services now exist where you can upload all of your applications, receipts, and other supporting documentation and they will review it for you.

This is particularly helpful if you are applying from abroad as it saves time traveling back home to access old paperwork and/or buying new copies. It also helps if you need to update your documents – something that happens very frequently when living outside of your country.

By using an online service, not only does it save you money in paper and postage fees, but it also gives you digital proof of everything. This makes it much easier to track down any missing pieces of information later!

Be sure to research appropriate sites before investing in this expensive option though so you don’t waste your time and money.

Bring your passport and visa application to the embassy

how long does application for visa take

When you apply for a tourist visa in another country, how long it takes to process them depends mostly on two things; the time of year and whether or not they are already approved.

In general, most countries process visas during their summer break, between January and March every year. During this time, there may be more staff at the embassy, which can speed up processing times.

However, even if there is no one around, apps like E-Visa make applying much faster.

Pay the application fee

Along with your passport, visa applications require a non-refundable VISA APPLICATION FEE of $85 to be paid via credit card or through our online system. This cost is not included in any shipping fees so make sure to factor that into the price!

Once this is done, you can apply using our quick and easy form/application here at We have all official documents required as well as step by stage instructions to help you along the way.

We also offer free visa packing services where we pack, check and mail your documents for you. This helps prevent any extra costs due to mailing violations or having to send everything yourself! You can find these services under the ‘Getting Help’ section above.

Remember, once it has been submitted, it cannot be changed or cancelled unless there was an error made such as mislaid information or fraudulent activity.

Wait for a visa to be issued

how long does application for visa take

After you have completed all of your documents, applications, and proof checks, it can take some time before you are able to check in at an embassy or consulate to pick up your visa.

Some countries will require you to wait several days after receiving your application before being allowed to travel, so keep an eye out for this!

It is very important that you do not leave the country until you have received word that your visa has been processed and accepted.