How Long Canada Visitor Visa Processing Time

By Tiara

The number one question we get asked is how long it takes to process your visitor visa in Canada. This article will go into more detail about that!

We have also heard many stories of people who have been unable to come to Canada due to an expired or invalid visitor visa, so let us make sure this doesn’t happen to you by knowing what documents need to be present and when.

So, stay tuned for all the important information you need to know!

Disclaimer: There are some very strict rules when coming to Canada as a non-resident. As such, our team has special software that alerts us whenever there is something unusual with your visa or residency status, which allows us to act quickly to prevent any issues.

However, we would still like to stress the importance of planning ahead before traveling to Canada. It is not uncommon to encounter delays at immigration, even if there isn’t anything out of order with your documentation.

How many days does it take?

how long canada visitor visa processing time

The length of time for visa processing can vary greatly, depending on several factors. Obviously, the country that you are applying in and how well connected their government agencies are will make a big difference! Some countries may be better than others at keeping up-to-date information about you, your family members, and your plans.

Some other key variables include whether there have been past complaints or warnings about fraud related to immigration or tourism in this country, as well as the workload of the consulate staff. This includes things like finding documents, responding to correspondence, and making phone calls to verify details about you and your trip.

Overall, however, the longer the process takes, the more likely it is that something could go wrong and negatively affect your visit. This would mean less time with loved ones and friends back home, and extra costs due to additional air travel or hotel accommodations. For some people, this is too much and they choose to not apply for a visitor visa anymore.

It is important to do your research before submitting an application so that you know what to expect and can prepare for any delays.

Can I get my visa in less than a week?

how long canada visitor visa processing time

Even though it may seem like there is no progress being made, you can rest easy knowing that your visit has been put into high gear and things are moving quickly.

Immigration offices around the country will be closing soon to make way for new headquarters. This means that even if you have to wait another week or two for your appointment, you will still receive good service as their staff has been preparing for this move since before summer!

If you need to leave Canada within the next couple of months, now would not necessarily be the best time to come. However, once winter arrives many tourist destinations will close down completely, making visits then much more difficult.

Winter is already here so waiting until later would only help ensure that you do not run out of vacation days.

What if I need to renew my visa?

how long canada visitor visa processing time

If you are unable to travel for an extended period of time, or even temporarily due to work or school commitments, then it is best to start planning early!

Visas can be renewed within six months in most cases, so there is no reason to wait until later to begin preparation. You will have to schedule your appointment well ahead of time though as appointments now take several weeks to process.

By being one month prior to expiration, you give yourself enough time to get all necessary documents together and to make sure everything goes smoothly. Plus you will have given yourself extra time to see friends and family while you wait for your new visa!

If you would like more information about how to stay longer abroad, do not hesitate to look into our article here! We also have an app that can help you keep track of what documents you need and when! This way you do not have to go back and forth looking up info, you can just use the app! It can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple Store.

Can I get my visa in less than a month?

how long canada visitor visa processing time

This is not possible unless there are extraordinary circumstances. The only way to process your visitor visa faster is if you have it sponsored by an organization or individual that has extra resources to help you quickly obtain your visa.

Getting a tourist visa can take anywhere from one week to several months, even for people with pre-prepared visas. There are many things that can affect how long it takes to process your visa including time of year, embassy staff size, and amount of documents required.

Timelines will always be estimates as every country’s immigration department does not work at the same speed!

It is important to remember that while it may seem like most other foreigners around you have their visa processed much more quickly, this is because they go through a different system. Your friend who just got her visa might have paid some large fees to do so.

There Is No General Rule For How Fast A Tourist VISA Will Be Processed

We recommend doing everything we talked about in the article above to make sure yours goes as smoothly as possible. That includes getting your supporting documents ready in advance, coming into the Embassy with an introducer, etc.

Can I get my visa in less than two months?

how long canada visitor visa processing time

Even though it may seem like there is no progress being made, you can rest assured that your application process will move at its own pace. It’s important to remember that every country has different standards when processing visas, so what takes place elsewhere cannot be compared to what happens here.

There are many factors outside of our control that can influence how long it takes to process your visitor visa, including the number of staff working for the consulate or embassy, the amount of documents we require, and the nationality of the applicant.

We also have to take into account the time it takes to receive these documents back from applicants abroad, as well as their respective embassies. We can only submit your applications once all of the necessary documents have been received!

Since most people apply for a one year tourist visa, we can assume that most individuals will spend around six months waiting for it.

How long does it take to get a visa?

how long canada visitor visa processing time

The process of getting a Canadian visitor visa can seem pretty complicated, but what most people don’t realize is that once you have all your paperwork in order, how long it takes for someone at Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) to review and process your documents doesn’t depend on the length of time between when you apply and when you visit Canada.

Instead, CIC has an internal deadline they work with to ensure that they can complete processing your application within a certain amount of time. After this period, there may be no way to push back your trip or obtain additional visas or entry permits.

What if I need to apply for a visa while I am traveling?

how long canada visitor visa processing time

If you are planning to stay in Canada longer than six months, then you should be aware of how long it will take to process your visitor visa. This time can easily add up as there is no way to speed up the process unless you do it yourself!

Canada’s Department of Immigration has set aside certain days of the week that visa processing services can access an automatic tool which helps complete all parts of the application form electronically.

This means that once the tool detects that a part of the form has been completed, it automatically submits this information so that you don’t have to. It also checks that everything is correct before sending off the forms by mail or fax.

If you know that you will not return to Canada after your visit, then you do not need to bother applying for a resident visa because you will never use it. But if you are thinking about staying longer, then it is better to get these visas well ahead of when you expect to leave.

What if I need to apply for a visa while I am staying in Canada?

how long canada visitor visa processing time

If you have an appointment at your place of employment, it is likely that they will let you go directly there after work. It’s also very common to be able to pick up any belongings you left back home before coming to Canada so don’t worry about that!

If you are not able to make such arrangements, then it is possible to do some things from afar. Almost every country has dedicated visa processing facilities where you can drop off your documents and wait for them to arrive back.

These offices are usually located close to the airport the country shares with Canada or just outside its borders so it isn’t too difficult finding one. Some even offer free transportation.