How Long Are Visa Interviews

By Tiara

Recent reports say that average visa interview length has increased to over an hour! This is very concerning for those seeking employment or higher level positions, as it adds time to what can be a stressful process. Visas are not only important for traveling abroad, but also for working in your home country.

There are many reasons why these long interviews have occurred. Some agencies choose to give longer interviews due to the number of applicants they have, while others may need more time to verify information. Your interviewer will likely ask about things such as dependents, criminal records, and more.

While having a lengthy interview does add to the overall experience, it can become frustrating for both you and the hiring agency. It can feel like there is no progress unless something dramatic happens, which is never good.

This article will talk about some ways to prepare for your visa interview so that you do not waste any time nor get too stressed out.

Next, they'll look at your resume

how long are visa interviews

Now that you've got some time under your belt, your chances of getting selected for an in-person interview are much better! While having a strong resume is important to landing this job, what really sets apart successful applicants from those who aren't are their preparation strategies.

What things do you see most people struggling with during visa interviews? You will probably be asked about yourself and your career goals, as well as questions related to responsibilities, leadership qualities, communication skills, etc.

In order to be prepared for these types of questions, you should be familiar with the basics of the company, position you're applying for, and your potential responsibilities. This way you can talk about it more than just once before the interview, which makes your candidacy stronger.

Furthermore, when preparing for the interview, make sure to research the organization ahead of time so that you're not shooting from the hip! Doing your homework will help you appear more informed and confident.

Then, they'll probably start to ask you about your experiences

how long are visa interviews

While most people are surprised by how long international visa interviews can last, it makes sense when you think about it. You have been recruited for this position so now they need to make sure that you're qualified for it!

Visiting an office or restaurant to do business with them is a pretty serious thing. They want to be confident that you will handle such responsibilities responsibly. So, they really take their time getting to know you before giving you the job.

This doesn't mean that there's no hurry, though! After all, you would like to begin working for them as soon as possible!
But I would recommend being relaxed and not worrying too much about the timing.

Why? Because even if the interviewer takes his/her time to get through every question and topic, they may still choose someone else instead of you.

They may also ask you about your skills and qualifications

how long are visa interviews

In addition to asking how many years of experience you have in the field, they will likely ask you if you are already working in that field or if you need more training or certification. If you are not yet certified but are very close, this is totally fine!

Most employers want to make sure their employees are trained and qualified for their position. This shows professionalism and commitment to the organization and career growth for you.

Many large companies offer employee benefits such as discounts and/or freebies via employment. By being professionally prepared, you increase your chances of getting these perks.

Some positions require a visa so it is important to be familiar with the process before attending an interview.

They'll probably try to get you to talk about any gaps in your work history

how long are visa interviews

Many employers will ask how long it has been since your last job, or if there are any gaps in your employment. This is typically done during the personal interview stage of the process so that they can determine if you're a reliable employee.

Many employers feel that people who have big gaps in their employment histories show poor time management skills or lack motivation. If this is something that applies to you, then make sure to emphasize why these things aren't a problem for you.

You should be able to explain why you left certain positions and what reasons you no longer want to work for other companies. You don’t need to elaborate more than necessary, however – just make sure that you do not lie!

In addition to asking about past jobs, many employers also ask about potential difficulties in finding employment at this moment. Some questions may include whether you still search online for openings and send out applications frequently, or if you stop looking once you find a position.

They may also ask you about your hobbies and things you like to do

how long are visa interviews

In addition to asking questions related to your job, visa interviewers will often ask about your personal life. If you’re in relationships, they may want to know if there are any signs of stress or separation.

They may even ask whether you have children. It is totally normal for visa officers to inquire about these things!

In fact, it is very common for employers to ask about people’s private lives before hiring them. Because most visas require at least one year of employment under your passport, looking into someone’s past behavior is necessary to verify that they can handle such responsibility.

That’s why having proof of a stable relationship, no hint of violence or depression, and solid plans for after work are so important. For example, a parent must be sure their child can travel with them when they move abroad. — Kelly O'Brien, Talent Acquisition Specialist

It is important to remember that although this may feel like an interrogation, it should only make you feel uncomfortable if you have done something wrong. Your interviewer could be trying to see how you respond to difficult situations and what kind of person you are.

They may also ask you about your personal life

how long are visa interviews

In addition to asking how long you will be in their city, they may also ask you about your family, friends, or hobbies. This is totally normal!

Most people are very candid when it comes to their lives while working full time, so don’t feel like you have to hide anything from them. If you want to talk about your kids, then let them know that so they can adjust their schedules accordingly.

And if there’s something you’re passionate about – sports, music, literature, whatever- tell them about it! It’ll show through in your voice and things you say.

But beyond those basics, keep your answers simple and short. Don’t go into too much detail unless you’re asked questions that require it. You want to appear straightforward and not overexposed.

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Bullet point: Discrimination against applicants is illegal

If you believe you were rejected because of your age, contact us at AgeProof as we could use your input to help stop such discrimination.

They may also try to get you to talk about your thoughts on their company

how long are visa interviews

In the very beginning, when you enter the room for your interview, they will probably ask some general questions. These include things like what city and state you are from, how many children you have, if you work, and so on.

Next, they might ask you some personal questions such as do you have any hobbies or outside activities? This is usually followed by a question that seems pretty standard at this point- why are you looking to move or travel?

Then comes the real meat of the conversation, the job interview! When they say they want to know more about you, they mean it! They want to learn all about you and whether or not you would be a good fit in their workplace.

They want to find out if you listen well and can give them honest answers, if you keep yourself clean and organized, and if you show appropriate emotion during conversations.

They may also try to get you to talk about their work environment

how long are visa interviews

In additional to asking how long you have worked for your current employer, they will ask you questions such as: “What are your strengths?” or “Tell me something about yourself.”

These types of personalization questions are not only superficial chat-hounds looking for flattery, but can actually help determine if you fit in at their company.

By asking about your strengths and hobbies, they are trying to see whether there is a connection between you and the organization. If there is none, then you probably don’t belong here.

Their self-talk could be anything from: “She doesn’t seem like her career path fits us,” to “He seems totally out of place here.