How Long After Visa Interview Will I Get My Visa

By Tiara

Recent developments regarding visa processing has most people quite concerned. Many employers have reported that their applicant’s visa was denied or they were told it would likely be soon, even though they had already interviewed the candidate and received confirmation of employment.

In some cases, there are reports where candidates don’t find out about the denial for weeks, if not months after being informed they needed to pick up their passports at an embassy!

While this is very unfortunate for these individuals who have done nothing wrong, it also poses a significant risk to your business and the global workforce you employ.

If a non-EU citizen employee needs to travel outside of the EU for more than 30 days, they will need a work visa. And in order to obtain one, they must prove both job availability AND that they have enough money to cover their stay. If they do not have either, then they cannot visit the country.

Businesses depend heavily upon international staff, so when this pre-planned trip time frame is extended beyond what is customary, workers can begin to feel stressed. This pressure sometimes leads to someone deciding not to apply for their visa, which only adds to our current backlog.

The longer applicants wait to board a flight, the greater chance there is of them getting a visa later on. But with each passing day, chances of success decrease dramatically. By the time someone decides to make arrangements to come back, it could easily be too late.

Four days or more

how long after visa interview will i get my visa

Many people assume that once you receive your visa interview invitation, you will immediately get your visa! This is not always the case though as some countries require an additional step – called the Filing of Evidence - before they issue visas to international visitors.

This can range from one day to several weeks depending on the country and what kind of evidence you are asked to provide. Some may even ask for proof of residency while others may ask to see rental agreements or bills showing residence ownership.

It’s important to remember that most embassies and consulates want to ensure that you do not enter their country illegally so it is their responsibility to verify this information.

Depends on the country and the embassy

how long after visa interview will i get my visa

Some embassies will give you several days or even weeks to process your visa after the interview, while other countries may not have an internal system for this at all.

This depends largely on how busy their day is and whether they need to meet another deadline. It also depends on what kind of paperwork needs to be completed before processing your visa, if any.

At the very least, you’ll get a notice informing you that your visit has been approved, but it can take some time until the official document is ready. This usually includes one week for the office to print and mail the documents, plus another couple of days to receive them.

We recommend checking back a few times during those seven business days to see if there are any updates about when your visa could arrive.

There is no time frame

how long after visa interview will i get my visa

Many people begin to worry about how long it will take for them to get their visa after attending an in-person interview. Technically, there is no deadline! You can check out of the office at any time, but that could be problematic as you leave without saying good bye or gathering your belongings.

If you do decide to leave early, there are some things you should know. First, you cannot reenter the country within six months of leaving Canada – even if this is due to an arranged return flight. Second, unless you have a valid reason for leaving, you must stay in the country until you receive word that you have been granted entry.

This includes situations where you may need to travel for work, school, or medical reasons. Unfortunately, our offices are not staffed with professionals who handle delayed visas so we cannot help you with that. All we can offer is common sense advice: try to keep organized notes, pack lightly, and be aware of the expiry dates for items such as passports and health cards.

Apply for the visa as soon as you can

how long after visa interview will i get my visa

It is very important to apply for your non-visa document like proof of residency, job offers, etc as quickly as possible after being offered a position.

This is because there are strict deadlines to have these documents approved and certified. If you do not get them done in time, you may be unable to work until you do!

You should also make sure that you do not overdo it when gathering this information as it will cost you money if you run out of time.

A lot of employers require at least two months of employment before they agree to send off proof of residence or job offer letters, so try to be patient but persistent.

Call to see if your visa has been approved

Even though you have an appointment with Immigration, it is not guaranteed that they will come in and interview you at this time. If for some reason they do not, there are several things you should know about!

You must know what day and time your visa interview is so that you can make other plans.

It’s also important to remember how long it takes to process visas. So, even though they may tell you that they will call back within 24 hours, it could be 2 days before someone actually calls you.

This is very frustrating but doesn’t need to be too stressful. Luckily, there are ways to stay informed while waiting for your call. Technology makes staying connected easy.

There are many ways to check your visa status online. Some of the most common sites are U.S. Consulate Websites, Department of State Websites, or Vistapedia. All three of these websites offer similar information, but none are more specific than another.

General information such as whether or not you received your visa and when your next scheduled visit is can easily be found by going onto one of these sites. But what if you want to know something else? What if you wanted to find out why your visa was denied or if there were any errors during processing?

Luckily, there are some more in-depth resources available.

Wait for your visa to be approved before making any travel plans

how long after visa interview will i get my visa

Even though you have been through a very rigorous process, that does not mean you can now relax and wait for your new resident status!

You have made it this far in the process, which is great and we applaud your hard work! But there is one more thing we need to talk about. You will notice that most of our interviewees mentioned above waited anywhere from two days to several weeks after their interviews for their visas to be processed.

We recommend you do the same if you are waiting for your visa to be approved. It is totally normal to feel nervous or stressed out while you are going through this process, but trying to keep yourself busy by doing other things may make the situation even worse. Doing homework, working,or just staying at home and resting would all help you stay calm and focused.

Also, don’t expect too much feedback about how you conducted yourself during the interview or anything like that. The consulate staff are typically under a lot of pressure as they must get back to their offices and prepare for next week. They probably didn’t pay close attention to what you were saying.

Ask your potential employer about their visa status

how long after visa interview will i get my visa

It is very important to be aware of how long it takes employers to receive and process visas in order to work in Canada.

Some employers may not inform you of this information, but you can always ask!

If there’s one thing we have learned from this year, it’s that nothing ever really stays secret for too long. So if you are waiting around for someone to invite you out or for your interview to start, get into the habit of asking “when will my visa be processed?”

This could also help you figure out whether or not this job is right for you — yes, more than once!

We would all like to believe that our jobs come with lots of perks, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. For example, some positions require employees to work without documents, which can put your career as well as your life on hold.

That doesn’t make it easy to motivate yourself, does it? If you feel that you can’t do your best work due to time constraints, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

Consider using a visa service provider

how long after visa interview will i get my visa

As mentioned before, it is not your responsibility to check on visa status immediately after an interview. It is up to the embassy how long they will review your visa and whether or not you will be notified of their decision.

Some embassies offer 24-hour visa services where you can schedule an appointment to view confirmation notices, but your appointment may be several days away. There are some companies that have employees stationed at various visa offices so that you do not need to go in person, but again, this may take time for them to coordinate.

There are many ways to find out when your visa has been processed if you are concerned about waiting for notification. You can search our site for ‘when was my visa approved’ or use one of the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to look for updates.