How Long After Interview To Get Visa

By Tiara

Finding out how long it takes for an employer to get their visa sorted is one of the most frustrating things about being unemployed. You apply, you are accepted into the program, and then nothing happens!

Many employers require workers under employment visas to be able to work in Australia immediately after being offered the job, so they make use of what’s called a sponsored worker agreement. This article will talk you through some reasons why this can take up to a year and what you can do if your situation becomes complicated.

There’s no magic solution that allows you to stay in Australia while you look for another job, but there are ways to manage your money well. Find out more here.

Visit the US embassy or consulate in your country

how long after interview to get visa

Before you can work as an English teacher in the United States, you need to have both a teaching certificate and visa. The former is usually given to qualified teachers who are willing to teach in the US under a professional organization’s license, while the latter depends on whether the American school district where you will be working has enough vacancies to accept you.

In general, there's an eight-month gap between receiving a job offer and obtaining visas for international positions. This means that most people start looking for a apartment after one month on the job, and then begin gathering other important documents like proof of health insurance two months later!

Given this length of time, many employers create a pre-employment screening process that takes place within weeks of being offered a position. Some things checked during this process include your passport information, criminal background check reports, and confirmation that you are insured for employment. More advanced checks may include questions about family members back home, activity retirement plans, and more. All of these are dependent on the employer and what services they use for the screenings.

"The timing on visa processing really does depend on when someone receives their first paycheck," says Kate O'Donnell, founder of "Some countries only give you six months to prepare so your starting salary might determine how quickly you get yours.

Pay a visa application fee

how long after interview to get visa

It’s totally okay to wait until after your interview to pay your visa application fees! This is common practice for many employers, as they want to give their employees time to process the payment before getting started with work.

Some of these applications require multiple payments, so it can be tricky to know when to make the next one. However, you should always be able to count on there being an internet connection in the country where you are applying.

This way you can easily log onto your preferred bank website and pay the required fees. By doing this online, there are no transaction or processing costs, which is important to note!

General rules about working while on a visa

If you need to apply for extra permissions like a job, then you will have to prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your family back home. This is done through what’s called a ‘self-supporting letter’ – but only if you include details such as how much money you’re spending each week, proof of adequate savings, etc.

Provide documents that show you have the means to pay for your trip

how long after interview to get visa

It’s totally normal to feel nervous before an interview, but one thing most people don’t think about is how long it takes to get their visa. This can be anything from days to weeks, even months!

It depends on several things – like whether there are visas available at the embassy in person or if they need to mail-in a form first. Time can also be spent waiting for your passport to arrive after application, so make sure to check those off as time wasters too.

Most countries will ask for proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay, along with passports and copies of tickets (for flights) back home. Some embassies may require direct payment links or evidence of a job just as easily, which can take some time to find and process.

General tips: remember that not everything has to be official, but it does no harm! Keep a copy of receipts, pictures and letters to prove who paid for what.

You may need to provide evidence of your health insurance

how long after interview to get visa

If you receive job offers that do not include visa information, this can be concerning. It is important to understand what kind of visas offer employment position so you are not concerned the day after the interview.

It is normal for employers to ask about your medical coverage at least two weeks before they make an offer. This way, if you accept their offer, then you have time to get the appropriate paperwork done and stay in touch with your healthcare provider!

Some jobs require you to have proof of health insurance as well as work authorization. These documents must be current and valid for one year, so it is best to have them ready ahead of time.

This article will talk more in depth about why getting your visa can take some time and how long it takes depends on your situation. However, our main focus here should be making sure you have adequate health care coverage.

You may need to provide proof of your return flight

how long after interview to get visa

Many employers require you to have a valid passport, and sometimes they will ask for a copy of your return flight ticket. This is not unusual as it helps ensure that you are indeed leaving the country and returning home after your job ends!

Some countries also require a visa or work permit for non-immigrant workers. So, how long you must remain in the country after your employment has ended depends on whether you’re an immigrant worker or a business traveler.

The duration for both types of visas can be up to one year, so if you don’t leave the country right away, look into ways to extend your stay.

You may need to provide proof of your hotel reservation

how long after interview to get visa

Even though you’ve been offered a job, you don't get paid until you're fully certified as an employee! This is called the visa sponsorship or employment certification process.

Most employers require two pieces of documentation when verifying work eligibility: a letter of invitation or confirmation for employment; and, proof of a confirmed hotel stay for at least three nights after you leave the workplace.

It's important to have this information ready well in advance of arriving in Australia. Because once you arrive here, there are very few ways to extend your visit.

Be aware of what is considered a criminal offense

how long after interview to get visa

Many employers will ask about your past employment, if you are still working in Canada, and if you have any kind of visa. They may also ask how long it takes you to get your visa!

In fact, some employers have been known to reject job applicants because they don’t have enough time left on their visa before it expires. This can really hurt your career and financial situation!

It's very important that you understand your personal immigration status so there aren't unexpected delays in leaving or re-entering Canada.

You should be familiar with all your visas including work permits, resident cards, temporary foreign worker (TFN) applications, and permanent residence.

We've put together some helpful tips for staying informed about your immigration status, and how to know when it's safe to leave Canada.

Stay informed of changes to visa requirements

how long after interview to get visa

Recent developments in international visa regulations require that employers check a new online tool before submitting an I-129 petition or hiring a recruiter.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on March 13, 2018 that all employers are required to verify eligibility for employment authorization (EADs) under the Federal Register System (FRS). The FRS is an internet-based system designed to make it easy to find and read federal documents such as announcements, legal notices, and regulatory guidance.

Employers must go into the DHS Systems Application Tool to determine if an employee’s passport has expired within six months of their intended start date in the United States. If so, they cannot work here until this situation is resolved. This includes both paid workers and interns.

It is important to note that even though passports expire every 6 years, it can take up to two weeks to process. So be sure to update your documentation early!

This rule goes into effect immediately for all employers who have already submitted I–129 petitions or hired employees.