How Lil Wayne Is Famous

By Tiara

As we know, music artists are not just given their big break due to pure talent. They are often gifted with incredible marketing skills as well!

Music artist Arie Elbaz was once asked about his most memorable moment while promoting his album. He mentioned that he received some great news and his phone blew up with congratulations soon after!

He said that he needed to take a few minutes to process all of the messages and calls before telling anyone what they were for so that it did not get ruined.

This is very similar to what happened when popular rapper The Drowsy One announced his own successful business launch in 2018.

He held off sharing the details with the media until he could properly celebrate the success himself!

For both musicians, this show-must-go-on mentality helped them focus on the more important things in life while supporting and encouraging each other at the same time. This article will talk more about how Lil Wayne got here.

Signed to Cash Money

how lil wayne is famous

Weezy was signed to Young Money, but he left after his big break in music. He then formed another successful team of artists with Drake and The Ballroom Club! These three made an excellent trio that has been keeping him busy ever since.

Drake is well known for having many style inspirations including some from Atlanta. Some of these include wearing lots of leathers and grungies or sweatshirts. He also loves using oversized hats and jewelry.

Lil Tune$ makes very catchy songs that have lyrics about money, women, and life. Many people describe his music as “relatable” due to this. His songwriting ability helps make his music sound authentic.

Why is he famous?

Because he keeps coming up with new ideas and melodies! He never seems to run out of things to say or do. This is what most people respect about him- he stays focused on doing what he wants to do at a steady pace.

Made popular rap songs

how lil wayne is famous

As of this writing, you can find his music anywhere there’s music to listen to! He has over 15 million followers on Twitter, making him the third most famous person on the platform (Beyonce is number one). His YouTube channel boasts almost 30 million subscribers with around 2–3 videos per week that go viral.

He released his first album in 2001 when he was just 19 years old. Since then, he has recorded 16 more full-length studio albums and many other solo projects like mixtapes and collaborations.

His style of rapping has influenced many artists, including some of his contemporaries who have said how much influence he had on their careers. Many people consider him to be among the greatest rappers ever due to his impressive career so far.

Had a lawsuit

how lil wayne is famous

In May of 2013, Weezy filed legal action against rapper Drake for allegedly copying his song “Money Make Me Go” in its entirety. The song was released back in August 2012 and features lyrics such as, “I put some money in my wallet / And then I spent it all” and “Bitch, you know what time it is.” He also includes the lines, “All this money make me go crazy,” and “This ain’t no game, poppin’ bottles and runnin’ shit.”

He didn't stop there though, he took it one step further by including the lyric “You can do better than him,” which many people assumed referred to himself. It wasn’t until later that theories began circulating about whether or not Drake actually meant “better” when referring to other artists like Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Drake has always been known for being very competitive so it made sense that he would want to refer to those guys as being more successful than him but many believe that he was instead putting down his own success. This theory seems even stronger now with the release of his new album, More Than A Man!????

It's hard to tell if this case will be won or lost for either party but one thing is certain – we are still waiting to see how much cash both rappers have at their disposal.

Sold millions of albums

how lil wayne is famous

As we know, music is a medium that sells itself; people love it or hate it, but nobody can deny its influence. Artists like to say that their songs make other songs seem good, or at least show them what sounds popular now.

Many musicians credit their success to strong marketing strategies and media collaborations. And no matter how famous you are, there’s always someone more famous than you!

Music artists will tell you that they don’t really care about what others are doing unless it makes an impact on them. They go into recording an album with a lot of energy because they want to see what effect their songs have on others.

Became a billionaire

how lil wayne is famous

As mentioned earlier, it took him several years to break into the music industry as an artist. He did not have much of a track record at that time! However, he never gave up on his dreams and worked hard towards them. This is what made him unique from other musicians in the market.

He constantly invested time in his craft and was willing to try new things. Many people called this risk-taking or even crazy but it paid off for him.

After becoming one of the top rappers in the game, he continually extended his net worth by investing in various properties and business ventures. His real estate portfolio alone has been estimated to be over $100 million!

These investments helped him increase his wealth tremendously and allowed him to stay within his budget. He does not need to spend a large sum of money to live a luxurious lifestyle.

His vast income comes directly from the success of his career which will only continue to grow. Even though he is now 30 years old, he still receives constant attention from fans all around the world.

Popularized the smash hit single “Lollipop”

how lil wayne is famous

As mentioned earlier, it was his music that put him where he is today. Between early songs such as “Azz Up Gangster” and later tracks like “I Need A Girl (Part 2)” and “Bed Rockin'”, Weezy solidified himself as more than just a rapper. He has branched out into other genres of music and even hosted an entertainment show!

He is also known for helping others succeed by giving them exposure and supporting their dreams. For example, during the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards, he introduced Ariana Grande as the winner of Best New Artist. Since then she has gone onto have her own successful career!

His hard work paid off when she sang his song at the event! His influence only keeps growing.

Had a child with a former girlfriend

how lil wayne is famous

As we know, Weezy is not your average rapper. He has had his ups and downs in terms of relationships, but he seems to have found happiness recently. In May of 2017, reports surfaced that he fathered a daughter along with another woman.

He gave her full custody of their baby while he will get supervised visits twice per week. The two are now engaged and planning a wedding for later this year.

Not only does he want to be an involved father, but he also wants to pursue acting as a parent. His goal? To become famous so she can’t forget him!

By publicly acknowledging his kid, it proves that he wanted what was best for her and still loves her even though he can’s always watch her. This shows that he cares about her future more than just being part of her life at times.

His actions show that he put her first and never expected anything more from him. He didn’t expect to stay away after having a kid, which is great because most people don’t.

This story reminds us that being rich or well-known doesn’t make someone good. It takes a person who genuinely cares about others to succeed and walk a moral path.

Got into legal trouble

how lil wayne is famous

After his first big break in music, Weezy was involved in some major criminal activity. He got into an argument with two men outside of a nightclub and shot one of them several times, seriously injuring him. The victim later died from his injuries.

Wayne was eventually arrested for second degree murder but he was only charged with manslaughter due to lack of evidence that he intended to kill the other man.

He spent six months in jail before being released on bail while awaiting trial. During this time, he recorded many songs about what happened and how much money he made off of it. These recordings were used as material for his album _The Carter IV_.