How Kylie Jenner Become Famous

By Tiara

Before there was The Kardashians, there was just Kylie. You may have heard of her before! She is famous for being the daughter of TV personality Kris Humphrey and his wife Caitlyn. Some might also know her as the entrepreneur who launched your-self-luminance products such as skincare products and makeup trays.

Her rise to fame began when she posted an Instagram story featuring herself with what would become one of the most iconic looks of our time: nude tights, a crop top, and some very impressive bronzer and blush.

She captioned it “Nude Day” and hit up sellers on Amazon and eBay to order some matching tights. Within hours, people were flooding her page with their own nude tights and comments telling her how beautiful she looked in them.

Since then, she has continued to promote themselves and their body image through various media channels, which has helped gain more followers. Now, they are mostly coming from all angles, including other apps like TikTok, where she has over eight million followers.

Launched a makeup line

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous for being rich, young, and owning a ton of lipsticks, Kylie actually had her own cosmetic brand back in 2016! Her first product was an eye shadow palette that cost around $24. Since then, she has launched several other products such as blush, bronzer, contour kits, and highlighters — all at very affordable prices.

Her most popular products include The Kylie Skin Collection which includes concealers, foundations, primers, and light layers of powder to create your ideal coverage. As well as The K-Storage Cabinet Highlight Products (blush, bronzer, and contour pack) and The Perfect Nude collection (foundation).

Kylie is known for creating very natural looking looks that are still striking and beautiful. She also does not use too much glitter or overly expensive materials when producing her products.

She is very interactive with her followers on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat so they can get more tips from her on how to look their best.

Was featured in Vogue

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, Kylie was known for her sweet nature and beautiful smile. She grew up with two parents who loved her very much and inspired her to be smart and successful. Her mother is an architect and her father works as a plastic surgeon.

She has one older brother and three younger sisters. When she was eight years old, her family moved from California to Orange County, where she now lives.

Kylie always wanted to be a dancer when she was young. At twelve-years-old, she took tap dance lessons for six months before deciding it wasn’t for her. Then she tried ballet for a while, but that didn’t work either so she gave up dancing completely!

Was feature in Vogue

At seventeen-years-old, Kylie got into makeup by doing some experimenting. After trying out different types of eye makeups and products, she finally found what worked for her and now she does his own brand.

After developing her skills more, she started putting together looks and publishing them on Instagram. It quickly caught attention and people began asking for her help or giving her tips.

That’s when she decided to start producing her own beauty products. Since then, her business has gone crazy!

Her first product was lip crayon called Lipstick Pen which did not have too many reviews at the time.

Became a billionaire

how kylie jenner became famous

After launching her makeup line in 2013, The Kylie Cosmetics Line quickly became popular and she was able to capitalize off of its success. Before long, her products were sold at over 1,000 different stores worldwide!

In just under three years time, Kylie went from having no money to being a millionaire more than once. She now has her own beach house and a boat that she uses for sailing and other water activities.

She also boasts owning a private jet and staying in some of the most expensive hotels in the world. All of this is due to the success of her business and company.

After giving you all her secrets for how to become famous online before, Kylie took another route to spread her brand’t name. She created an Instagram account where she could share beauty tips and pictures of herself using her products.

This gave people a place to connect with her and get information about her lifestyle. It also helped promote her product line as they can see what products look good on her skin and what works for hers.

Married her boyfriend

how kylie jenner became famous

As we know, before she was famous, Kylie started with an impressive career! She is the daughter of Kris Kardashian and Robert Hues. Her dad is a television personality himself, appearing in shows such as The Morning Show and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He also starred in his own show, Life’s A Journey.

Kylie has one brother named Chace who is two years older than she is. She has another brother named Stormy who is five years younger than she is. Her parents got divorced when she was very young, so she doesn’t have any memories of having a father around.

She grew up mostly in California but spent some time living in Australia and Thailand. When she was 15-years-old, she moved back to Los Angeles to attend high school. It seems like she made a good choice because she went on to study psychology at USC!

After college, she decided to try working as a model. She didn’t get many opportunities at first, but she kept trying until she succeeded. Between 2005 and 2010, she appeared in more than 30 advertisements and commercials.

In May 2010, she posted pictures and videos online showing off some new looks she had designed herself. People loved them, and soon she was sharing tips for makeup designs that are now considered classic. Many people refer to her as Makeup Genius Kylie because of all the great things she does to look beautiful.

Had her first baby

how kylie jenner became famous

After she had her second child in July 2018, people started talking about how famous Kylie is now. She is known for being very open with her personal life, always sharing pictures of herself and her family online.

She also doesn’t seem to mind when other celebrities talk about their own struggles or life experiences either. Many think that she has helped shape her daughter’s childhood by helping create an environment where every kid can relate to at least one person who comes from a middle class background like them.

Kylie even launched her makeup line back in 2015 which proves that she knows how to market herself.

Overall, most believe that she made her way into stardom as a parent and businesswoman before moving onto bigger things such as having your own TV show or running for public office.

Became a fashion icon

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, Kylie was known for being very fashionable. Since launching her makeup line in 2010, her collection has sold over $2 billion! She now also designs jewelry and shoes.

Before she became famous, people didn’t know much about Kylie. But since she made such a big splash with her cosmetics, she quickly became known as an influencer. Her followers grew rapidly due to all of her self-designed products that are marketed through social media.

As her popularity increased, so did her personal spending habits. She spent lavishly on expensive cars, homes, and clothing. A lot of these purchases were heavily sponsored by brands.

But does it matter? Many believe not. It is said that influencers use their status to boost sales for their product or company. Others say it is just a way for them to live a flashy lifestyle.

Started her own brand

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, you could probably count all of Kendall and Kylie’s appearances together on one hand. At least that is how it seemed! Both sisters made small cameo appearances in their now-famous sibling’s YouTube videos. In fact, most people didn’t even know who they were before Kylie announced her career as an entrepreneur.

In September 2015, just over a year ago, Kylie launched her first product under the company name “Kylie Beauty.” Since then, her business has exploded into something much bigger.

She currently has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, where she shares beauty tips and products for both professional and personal use. She also runs a successful website and line of lip balms and eye shadows.

And while Kylie may have started out with only a few thousand dollars to invest in her business, she still managed to create a massive platform full of fans.

Sold her own products

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, Kylie Jenner sold her own lipsticks and beauty products. In fact, before she even had her TV show, she made and marketed her own cosmetics!

In 2011, when she was just 19 years old, Kylie launched an online store called The Kylie Shop where she sold makeup sets and individual items such as bronzer or eye shadow palettes. She also sold some of her favorite neutral toned foundations and concealers.

Since then, her business has grown to include skincare products as well. Her best-selling product is probably her liquid eyeliner that many have dubbed “liquid gold” because it is so rich in minerals like iron that help keep your eyes hydrated and awake.

She continues to innovate and develop new products while still keeping quality control a top priority. Since launching the company, she has donated profits back into social causes and charities focused on women’s health and education.