How Kylie Jenner Became Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about why you should care about how famous Kylie is. Beyond her status as one of the most recognizable people in our culture, she also has an impressive track record when it comes to giving back.

You may have heard about her recent $5 million donation to fight cancer or her matching donations for other charities. But there are many more examples of how she has helped others through her charitable organization, Generation Z.

In this article, I will tell you some fun stories about what happened after she made her way up the entertainment ladder. Then, I will discuss two important lessons that can be applied to anyone who wants to see their career take off like hers did.

Launched a website

After moving out of her parents’ house, it was time for Kylie to launch her own business. She created an online shopping site where she sold beauty products and made a lot of money!

In August 2010, just over one year after launching her platform as a business owner, Kylie launched her first product line — The Body Shop Collection. It consisted of five body wash, shower gel, and bath foam flavors that are still popular today.

Kylie is known for being very honest with her followers. In her company’s inaugural YouTube video, she tells her audience everything from why her lip color looks good on her to how much she paid for each item in the collection.

Her no-nonsense approach has helped make her famous. Since then, she has released several more lines including skincare and makeup brands and has become wealthy beyond comprehension.

Influenced her peers

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, Kylie Jenner was an influential person. She made an impact on her colleagues and friends with how she lived her life. People who know her can tell you about all of these things.

She’s known for being friendly and approachable. When people ask her to do something, she doesn’t hesitate to agree or offer to help them out.

She’s well-known for encouraging other women to pursue their dreams and believe in themselves. It is very common to see many pictures of her wearing fashionable clothes or doing fun activities with other female celebrities.

Her style has always been described as ‘sexy without trying too hard’, which is why some men find it attractive as well.

Became a billionaire

how kylie jenner became famous

Since her debut as an entrepreneur at age 19, Kylie has consistently leveraged her personal style, media presence, and business acumen to achieve success.

Her youthful looks have helped shape her career in fashion, where she designed many of your favorite brands such as Givengy, Snappis, and Pyrenees!

As she grew up in wealthy parents, she was never really asked to do anything that wasn’t easy or familiar to him/herself, which is why she is so self-confident and able to navigate tricky situations with ease.

She also seems to be intuitively aware of what people want, making it simple to create products they will buy. This quality made her very popular before anyone knew who she was!

Kylie now owns several companies including lip kits, skincare products, and fragrance lines.

Enjoyed her life

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, Kylie enjoyed an easy lifestyle that most people can only dream of. She lived in a house with her sister and parents, went to school regularly, and spent time with family members she cared about.

Kylie didn’t have to worry about money, because she came from a wealthy family. As long as she wanted what other people had, she would never be without it.

She knew how to enjoy herself, and she did. Her social media accounts are full of pictures of her doing things like going out for drinks or taking vacations.

It is very hard to imagine someone who enjoys their own life enough to share it all over the internet. But Kylie does!

She makes it clear that she has a good life through posts of just her alone at home, or vacation photos where she isn’t working. It seems like she doesn’t feel that need to put a face on everything she does, but her audience still feels connected to her.

This connection comes not only from watching her live her best life, but also due to her straightforward way of talking about her experiences. People relate to her because they want to know if she really is happy every day, or if she is putting on this appearance.

Became a source of inspiration

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, Kylie Jenner was just another young kid with big dreams. She wanted to be a fashion designer one day!

After her successful modelling career took off though, it became clear that Kylie had something much more powerful than just your normal ambition.

Her ability to inspire other people about life makes her very popular. People who feel like they can’t do something will often look up to Kylie for help or advice.

She'll show them how to achieve their goal by putting in lots of effort into it and being honest about what skills they don’t have. This is what made her such asable celebrity - she helped and motivated others to learn new things.

Gained fame

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, you probably know who Kylie Jenner is. You might recognize her from her popular YouTube videos or television appearances. She has over 30 million followers on Instagram!

But before all of that, Kylie didn’t have much of a fan base. In fact, many people never even heard of her until she made an appearance on The Talk in 2017. There, she surprised everyone by announcing that she was pregnant and naming the baby Stormi.

Since then, she’s built up quite a following. Many admire her for how down to earth and normal she seems off-camera. Her personal life is always on display, so it's easy to get a sense of what kind of person she is.

She also doesn't hesitate to share very candid pictures and videos of herself. This includes photos and video clips of her practicing yoga, doing exercises, and having fun with friends and family.

Her self-confidence as a person shines through in these images. It makes her seem more likeable because you can see that she feels good about herself.

Surpassed her peers

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was known for being rich and famous, before she became one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Kylie Jenner was just like any other 19-year-old kid.

She lived with her parents in an average house in South Korea, went to college during the day and spent her nights watching TV or hanging out with friends. It was a normal life until something happened that would forever change everything.

Kylie noticed changes in her skin tone and told her mom about it. At first, Mrs. Kim thought Kylie was talking about her face but soon realized her daughter had seen some kind of cream that could help treat Kylie’s dark under eye circle and dry skin.

Mrs. Kim took Kylie to a local clinic where they tested her skin and determined she had dark pigmentation due to excess melanin production. The doctor advised Kylie to try an oral medication called hydroquinone which can reduce pigment levels in your body.

After trying the medicine for two weeks, Kylie’s symptoms improved greatly! Her skin glowed and her makeup stayed put longer than ever before.

Doctors recommend one application per area twice a week so Kylie started using the drug around her eyes and then extended it to all areas of her face.

Became a celebrity

how kylie jenner became famous

Before she was famous, you could probably count the number of celebrities that have made it to the top as well as what kind of recognition they now get very quickly with just one hand. But today, there are simply too many people who know who Kylie is!

Kylie has always enjoyed being in the spotlight, so she never really hid her career path. And even though she’s only twenty-one years old, she’s already achieved status as one of the biggest names in media.

As we all know, she got here through social media. She posted pictures and videos of herself for everyone to see, which is how most people find out about new brands or products these days.

Her look has also helped make her popular. Even before she had her big break at age seventeen, she was known for putting effort into looking stylish and attractive. Since then, she’s kept up this style streak, creating more opportunities to be seen and recognized.