How Kim Kardashian Famous

By Tiara

If you’ve been watching television for any length of time, then you have probably noticed that most celebrities seem to do almost nothing with their lives.

They spend most of their time in front of the camera acting like they are having fun, but mostly people can tell that they are not.

Many fall into a pattern of doing things because they have done it before or because they heard about how much money making themselves look beautiful makes.

Some become very famous and wealthy by being good at something so they focus on learning more about that field. But few ever make anything significant out of their life after that.

It is hard to believe that someone who has access to the best professionals in their field would not be able to find a way to develop their talent and business beyond just giving expensive lessons or buying the products themselves.

There is an argument that could be made that being rich caused some of these people to stop trying, but none have ever talked publicly about what might have prevented them from achieving greater success.

Instead we get stories of “I will never lose weight because I cannot afford to eat foods that may help me” or “My career will never take off because I don’t have this new product.”

If these individuals were willing to talk openly about why they failed, we might be inspired to try harder than we already are. This article will discuss several reasons as to why this happens on average.

She became a famous Instagram star

how kim kardashian famous

Before she was known as ‘The Hair Stylist To The Stars,’ Kim had another career — one that paid her very well!

She worked in marketing for a major clothing company. Not only did she design their outfits, but she also designed their products to go with those looks.

Her job title was Senior Marketing Designer at Kendall Jenner Collection. In this position, she designed clothes and accessories for the line and marketed them too.

It is no surprise then that she now has over 10 million followers on social media sites like Snapchat and Twitter. That includes both her personal and professional accounts!

Many people know her for her fashion style and glamorous lifestyle, but few realize how much she has done beyond just that.

She started selling her products

how kim kardashian famous

As we know, after years of being famous for keeping up with the trends, fashion icons like Katy Perry and Rihanna have made it clear that you do not need to dress in expensive designer clothes or use expensive brands to look fashionable.

It is now very common to see celebrities promoting items that are designed and manufactured by companies that cater to a more budget-conscious audience.

With every new media appearance, online store, or advertisement, people start buying and referring to the product as “good” or even “great” due to the low price.

This has allowed many other people to purchase this item because they feel too good about their spending limit, which again raises the popularity of these products.

I would just like to add as an extra note that although some may say that she is still rich due to all of her merchandise, I believe she definitely deserves a place in the prestigious Rich List category.

She started her own brand

how kim kardashian famous

After she married rapper Kanye West in 2008, he asked if she wanted to start their family with his two children they already had together. At first, she was reluctant as she felt like she didn’t have much experience being a parent. But then she gave him an ultimatum — either she starts having kids now or you go your separate ways!

He accepted her terms and the couple welcomed daughter North in 2009 and son Saint in 2010. Since then, she has constantly publicized both her pregnancies and appearances on TV while raising her sons with him.

Not only is she supportive of his career, but she also helps run his fashion line and business empire. In fact, she even launched her own clothing collection back in 2012!

She often shares pictures of herself in revealing outfits on social media to get some fan reactions. Her followers love it because they admire her beautiful body and confidence.

Many people know about her famous curves, but there are several other things people may not realize about Kim. For example, she loves animals very much and always mentions them on Instagram.

She enjoys giving back by supporting animal charities and encouraging others to do the same. Many people praise her for this and it really shines through when watching one of her videos.

Kim still keeps up-to-date on current events and politics. Even though she isn’t actively involved in political causes, she will sometimes tweet about something that interests her.

She married Kanye West

how kim kardashian famous

After five years of dating, celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced their engagement in May 2016. The pair first met at an after-party for Rihanna’s birthday in February 2014. Two months later they were spotted holding hands as she escorted him to his table at Nobu restaurant in Malibu!

The media soon got wind of their romance, with many speculating about whether or not it would work. Many thought that being famous took away from their potential relationship, but now we know that it didn’t!

Having been through a lot together, they have learned how to appreciate each other more than ever before and love each other even more deeply.

Kanye is known to be very passionate and loyal so this wasn’t easy to find! But he definitely makes her feel special and loved, which is what she was looking for all along!

Kim has always had a natural ability to gain attention, but staying focused on your career will take you only so far. Once you hit a wall, something inside you says ‘It’s time to try something different’ And when you do, you change things around to make sure nothing comes close to reaching you again.

That’s why she left her job and family behind to pursue her dreams, and it paid off! Now she has the life she wants and feels happy every day.

She has a baby

how kim kardashian famous

With her pregnancy being made public, many people have questions about how to be close with your colleagues after finding out who the father of your child is. What are their reactions going to be? Will you lose respect from them?

It’s totally normal to feel conflicted when someone finds out about your personal life. But that doesn’t mean it's easy to navigate!

Many professionals will adjust to having you around, but there may still be times where they need to separate you from their workplace. It’s best to try to put yourself in their shoes before passing judgment- maybe they don’t want to work with you anymore because of this.

And for anyone who feels uncomfortable or threatened by the news, send them my way - I can help them process what happened and talk through any repercussions.

I’ve also written some tips here for more general ways to deal with success (or lack thereof) after learning about someone’s private life.

She is a good mother

how kim kardashian famous

Since her son North was born in 2007, she has always been very open about being a working parent. In fact, she even launched her own jewelry line at the young age of 24! Her daughter Kylie also enjoys having a second mom once school hours are over.

Not only do they spend time together as a family, but both Khloe and Kris have made it clear that their daughters feel loved and supported throughout all stages of their lives.

As parents ourselves, we can learn a lot from how successful and happy this family seems to be. They show off their love for each other frequently, which makes us inspired to be more loving towards our partners and children.

They also emphasize spending quality time with your kids, which will help them look up to you and want your attention just like we would want theirs. Lastly, they focus on educating your children – not just academically, but socially as well.

She is a good wife

As we know, being famous comes with its own set of problems. For example, some people can’t handle their insecurities being exposed to the world, or feel threatened by your success.

For others, it can be difficult to relate to those who are not as successful as you. This may cause them to lose interest in things that once gave them joy.

As our society has become more dependent on technology, this can be particularly hurtful for someone who was once very invested in something they spent time on.

In fact, there is even an acronym for this - “Excellence In Failure”- which describes how important failing is for growth.

But what if I told you that one person doesn’t seem to struggle with any of these? That person is Kanye West!

Kimye had her share of struggles but she always found ways to come back and succeed better than before.

She learned from her mistakes and built upon her strengths. Even when she made a mistake, she didn’t keep going until she succeeded, she kept going until she failed enough times to learn from it.

And she never stopped trying because she wanted what she wanted and she worked hard to get it.

So why is everyone so obsessed with Kim K coming up with new products? Because she works really hard and knows how to prioritize.

She is a good friend

how kim kardashian famous

In an era of over-exposure, it’s hard to appreciate just how influential and powerful some people are.

But trust me when I say that there are very few individuals who truly understand the power they wield in our society.

Take a look at anyone famous, from movie stars to politicians to business moguls – what do you get? You get a face! A body we see every day, earing now and then about them.

And while their appearance may be important to us as consumers, it’t really tell us much about who they are or what kind of person they are.

It's not until we talk to them, meet them, work with them, that we find out if they're a nice person or not. Or whether they actually have a job or not.

Kim Kardashian is one such individual. Behind her media persona lies a genuine, down-to-earth woman who loves her family and enjoys being rich.

She always has been, and she likely will remain so for the rest of her life. But before she was rich, many didn't know very much about her.

Now that they do, most like her anyway. Which is why this article will take a closer look at all the ways in which Kim Kardashian has influenced the lives of those around her.

"Friend", maybe, but also "Influence"? Absolutely. And it's more than just by word of mouth either.