How Kim Kardashian Became Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, being famous is definitely not an easy task. It takes hard work and dedication in your career to become well-known, particularly in the social media era. While some people are able to achieve this easily with just their looks or voice, it took us as outsiders to realize how much effort it really takes to get there!

Most people my age have never known anyone who has succeeded in becoming very popular online so we sometimes take success for granted. However, it’s pretty tough out there if you aren’t part of the “in” crowd.

It can feel like life as we know it comes to an end when trolls go off on you or no one agrees with what you do. This isn’t limited to politics either – anything from fashion to fitness can create a community full of passionate followers and haters.

There’s always someone somewhere that feels they can’t relate to you because you are mostly known for something else. Your popularity will eventually run its course though, and before you know it, nobody knows you anymore!

As we grow older, we begin to understand why people lose interest in others - things such as loneliness, boredom and lack of motivation can contribute. When these things happen, individuals tend to withdraw and stay isolated. This doesn’t usually affect many people, but it can be hurtful for those that are more close to you.

Buy your own website

how become kim kardashian famous

Having your own domain name is one of the first things you should do if you want to become famous online. This is not only important for creating an Instagram account, but also for starting your own YouTube channel or website!

It’s totally worth it though because you get to use your own URL. For example, if you wanted to go to, you would type that into the internet and yourself!

That was pretty in-depth wasn’t it?! It’s a great way to make yourself look more professional. And when people google your site, they will find yours instead of another person’s.

There are many ways to buy a domain name. You can pick any extension ( and any city so there is no confusion where it goes. Make sure to check out all of the fees before signing anything.

Get an Instagram account

how become kim kardashian famous

After you create your profile, you will need to pick either of the two main types of accounts. You can choose from the paid or free version. The paid versions allow you additional features that may include re-ordering your stories, editing your bio, and more advanced filters. However, these costs are expensive!

There is a good amount of social media out there with free options that work just as well. Some of the most popular sites like Facebook and Twitter have their own apps that you can easily add to your device. By adding this app, then yourself becomes part of the social network!

By having an Instagram account, you get to use and contribute to one of the fastest growing social networks in the world! It’s totally free to join and start creating content immediately. People find success by sharing pictures of things they love and getting comments on how much people admire them for it – even if they didn’t take the picture themselves!

Your creativity can come through when posting pictures so keep looking around and finding new ways to express yourself.

Pay to get a TV show

how become kim kardashian famous

A lot of people make a good living off of advertising, buying exposure for your product or business by putting their name into things. This is called paid promotion. By investing in ads, you are paying to be featured or mentioned as an endorser for a company or service.

It’s not just for famous celebrities anymore! You can pay to become well-known yourself – even if you aren’t necessarily known for being rich yet.

By producing or creating content that other people find interesting, you can pick up followers and fans who will spread your message for you. People often make money online through YouTube, where users earn revenue from advertisements while watching videos about gadgets, makeup tips, and so forth.

Your followers will want to see what you have posted, so start posting some stuff! Get creative and do something you would like to watch yourself. Produce entertaining videos that focus on beauty, fashion, or technology and these viewers will share your video to get more views for yourself.

Become a famous cat video

how become kim kardashian famous

Many people become well-known for creating or sharing something that has gone viral. A popular way to do this is by filming yourself or doing things you would normally not usually do, but then posting it online for the world to see.

Cat videos are one of the most common ways to find yourself with your face all over the internet. People create them because they love cats and watching them play makes for great entertainment.

These videos can easily be shared through social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. When many people watch these videos, the popularity of the creator escalates as more and more people view their work.

The benefits of being known as the “Kim K” of kitty fame include having an income source and having exposure to other brands and products that may fit you or your business well.

Become a famous video game

A growing trend these days is becoming very popular- gaming influencers or YouTubers. People create their accounts to showcase and improve upon different tricks of the trade, including painting, drawing, taking pictures, and making videos!

Many people gain fame through it, too! Most are not paid for being sponsored by brands, but instead use their skills to promote products via editing, storytelling, and music.

It’s an ever changing field that seems to grow every day!

Becoming a YouTube celebrity isn’t easy though, nor will it make you rich quickly.

Start a blog and post content

how become kim kardashian famous

Starting your own online business is not for the faint of heart or novice writers, but there are ways to start writing about things that interest you and building up your writing skills at the same time!

If you’re already able to write short stories and/or blogs then you can begin by picking an area that you are passionate about and sharing your experiences in it with the world.

By creating an audience who trusts you, you will eventually be paid for all your work (hopefully!)

There are many great resources available free of charge and full-fledge blogging software programs such as WordPress that you can use to get started. Many people have done it before so there are plenty of examples to look at.

Buy your own merchandise

how become kim kardashian famous

As we mentioned before, being famous is not easy. It takes work and dedication to stay known as the “famous” person. But one of the most important things you can do to become more well-known is by investing in some of their products or services.

If you love what they make then buy it! If you feel it helps you in your career then why not? Or if you believe in them then spread the word about how great they are so that others will too.

By investing in their product or service you show that you care about their company and that you want what they have. This may help them promote their product or business even more than already which would be good for them!

This article will talk more about the many ways celebrity influencers make money. Some of these strategies include starting your own team, creating new products, and selling previously owned items.

Join a YouTube channel

how become kim kardashian famous

Starting your own YouTube channel is an easy way to become famous online. You can pick any genre or niche you want, and focus on creating entertaining videos within those boundaries. Your content doesn’t have to be totally connected to fame-making schemes, but it should be fun to watch!

There are two main reasons why having your own channel is important for your career as a popularizer. First, most people who get rich are good at putting themselves out there and promoting themselves. A lot of wealthy individuals made their fortunes by marketing themselves to other people – teaching them about products and services that they promote, building trust in their knowledge and expertise, and then selling these things to them.

By starting your own channel and sharing your knowledge and experiences related to your area of passion, you’re developing your skills at marketing yourself. This will not only help you earn more money, it could also inspire others to follow your lead and pursue their dreams.

The second reason why owning a YouTube channel is so powerful is because all of the potential audience members can access your channel without being charged anything for viewing it. Even if someone isn’t looking to make money through you, they’ll still get valuable information from watching your videos.

People love getting free tips and lessons — this is one of the biggest factors in how influencers succeed in the popularity game.