How Kim K Got Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about how Kim Kardashian got famous! She is by no means the only person to achieve success as a social media influencer, but her popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

She made her name with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a TV show that features her and her sisters going through their daily lives. This includes talking about their personal relationships, career goals, and of course, fashion.

The show quickly garnered attention for its beautiful cast and lovable characters, making it very popular. Since then, however, viewers have been glued to the screen for other things like dramatic storylines and gossiping.

Kim herself is famously private so information about her life outside of the show is limited at best. However, she does share plenty of pictures from behind the scenes on her Instagram account.

These posts are typically accompanied by clever captions and messages to her followers. Many people find these advertisements valuable since she clearly shapes her audience well. Her influence is strong!

Now that you know a little bit more about why she is so popular, read on to learn some fun ways to use social media to become like Kim.

She had a KKW fashion line

how kim k got famous

Before she was famous, Kardashian had her own clothing collection! In fact, she launched it at the age of 19 when no one knew who she was. Her first pieces were simple white shirts with ruffled sleeves that she would dress up with tight black jeans or leather pants and suede shoes.

She later added some jewelry to the collection and then eventually made its way into adding more fashionable clothes. Since then, her collection has grown larger and she now designs most of her products herself.

Her company is called Ka-Pow! Clothing and you can find their merchandise online and in stores nationwide. People have been buying her clothes since they are affordable and high quality materials.

These include silk satin blouses and sweatshirts with lace trim as well as flannel shirt dresses and skirts. Many people claim her clothing is comfortable and easy to match any style or occasion.

She appeared in a Vogue cover

how kim k got famous

In October of 2010, fashion magazine Vogue featured Kendall Jenner in their annual “Best dressed” issue. The article described her as having “transformed herself into one beautiful girl” and mentioned how she would sometimes experiment with hairstyles like her long hair look or braid styles.

It also noted that she is very fashionable and always looks put together. They said that she has perfect makeup done and uses natural products when possible.

Many people noticed her beauty at this time, but it was her style that really set her apart. Since then, she has built an impressive career off her ability to dress well and be stylish.

She often shares pictures and videos on social media showing you her new outfits and trends. Her followers respond by praising her for looking so good and being such a trendsetter.

She opened a boutique

how kim k got famous

In September 2007, after being scouted by famed fashion photographer Patrick McMahan, then-20-year-old Kylie Jenner launched her own clothing line at New York Fashion Week. It was called “Kylie Beauty” and it sold products such as lipsticks, eye shadows, and gummy vitamins.

It only took a few months for people to start noticing her clothes. They were expensive (at least three times the average person’s budget) and heavily marketed, but that didn’t matter — everyone wanted to buy them.

And they still do today, almost 10 years later!

Now, not only does she run her own company, she also has her very own TV show, an eponymous magazine, and over 200 million followers on social media.

But all of this wouldn’t be possible if she hadn’t given in to her dreams back when she was twenty something year old business student with no connections who decided to launch her own makeup brand.

She became a brand ambassador

After her first appearance as a contestant on The X Factor in 2012, she was quickly signed to LaChandra’s label along with other famous faces like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. As an artist under the company, she got to keep part of her earnings!

Since then, she has consistently put out quality music that is mostly focused on lyrical content about love and self-love. Many songs are also quite motivational, encouraging others to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

Her music even inspired its own genre — kimxy style. This type of karaoke features lyrics written in cursive writing and heavily influenced by kawaii (Japanese cartoon) culture.

She is still actively recording new material to this day and has collaborated both with established artists and newer ones just breaking into the industry.

She launched a perfume

how kim k got famous

In May 2016, Kardashian announced that her company would be launching a new fragrance! The scent is called Sweet O2, and it will cost $60 for 1 oz. of spray.

The launch was accompanied by an interesting marketing strategy. Many beauty brands offer samples, but this one is sold in full bottles! This allows people to truly try out the product before buying a larger bottle.

Many celebrities have their own perfumes or cosmetic products, so having your name attached to one can win you some praise and attention. Even if you don’t like the product, creating a buzz about it helps its sales!

Kardashian isn’t the only famous person to release a perfume, but she is definitely at the top of most people’s “Must Try Product” lists. Her followers help her marketer by talking about the scent and promoting it through pictures and videos.

She launched a jewelry collection

how kim k got famous

After graduating with a degree in art, Kardashian began to put her skills to use by illustrating fashion sketches for other designers. Her first big break came when she designed an engagement ring set for singer Drake!

It was then that she decided it was time to launch her own line of jewellery. In July 2007, just months after her twenty-fifth birthday, she did!

Her first product was a diamond drop earring which she called Reebok Pumps. The inspiration? A pair of sneakers with the laces tied as drops.

Since then, she has gone on to design many more pieces including rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Many are inspired by nature or culture, while others are totally unique.

What is important about all of these products though, is that they are authentically made – no cheap materials or poor quality workmanship. Each piece takes lots of effort to make sure it’s beautiful and sturdy.

She started a makeup line

how kim k got famous

Before she was famous, Kardashian had her share of accolades. Starting in 2012 when she launched her makeup brand, Kylie Cosmetics, she made a name for herself by offering very expensive products that are clearly marked as such.

Her lipsticks can cost up to $15 per swipe which is quite pricey, but her followers seem to love them!

Kylie has also released foundations, blush, eye shadows, and concealers under her company’s label. All are extremely expensive with most costing over $25 each!

But why should we be so obsessed with rich people? Why do we look at wealthy individuals and think that if they were missing out on something, then it must be good?

It seems like a pretty shallow way to evaluate someone. After all, what makes anyone successful in life isn’t always just about how much money they have; sometimes it’s knowing who to trust, being able to communicate, and having faith in yourself.

She started a Netflix show

how kim k got famous

Before she was famous, Kardashian had to work very hard to get noticed. Even then, her career took some time to take off. However, ever since she released The Re-Introduction in May 2018, she has been going strong as one of the most popular celebrity YouTubers!

Her channel features beauty and fashion tips for both men and women, along with interviews with other influencers. Her style is always impeccable, and she never fails to impress with it.

She’s also very candid about her life, which makes her channel interesting to watch. Many of her videos are focused on how she overcame past struggles or events that shaped who she is today.

Kardashian is well known for being close with the people around her. This includes friends, family members, and colleagues at Work. She frequently mentions them in her videos and posts.

She’s even created her own cologne, Kylie Skin, just like fellow beauty gurus such as Chanel and NARS.