How Kim K Got Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about how famous she is! Or at least, how well known she is in our culture. Most people know who Kylie Jenner is, but few can tell you what her career is or why she’s so famous.

She's popular for being rich and having large social media followings (she has over 40 million followers on Instagram alone). But beyond that, she almost exclusively features black clothing styles in heavily marketed products.

Her brand is built around offering easy-to-buy fashionable clothes that fit most sizes and are of high quality. Her company also sponsors beauty brands and events, which help spread her name even more.

These qualities make her product very attractive to buy and promote for anyone looking to gain some exposure. It's definitely not trivial marketing — she knows her market and benefits from all the advertising she gets.

This article will discuss some of the things worked on by designer Karl Templer before he made the successful business venture of designing logos for Kardashian family members.

She appeared on the TV show Running Wild

how kim k got famous

In March of 2017, she appeared on an episode of The Running Jungle, a popular running television show that features aspiring runners to showcase their fitness levels.

Running wild is the name of the season for this week’s challenge! So what are we talking about? It’s tackling your inner child by doing something you have wanted to do your whole life but were too scared or nervous to try.

As humans, we all have things that we want to accomplish, things we dream of doing. For some, it’s jumping out of a plane, while others might be dreaming of singing in front of big crowds or traveling the world.

It’s no wonder many people get sick and tired of hearing “I can’t believe I just did that!” Because they already know they’ve thought about these experiences before and decided they weren’t for them.

She opened a clothing line

how kim k got famous

In September 2004, just one year after her runway debut at New York Fashion Week, Karlie Kloss launched an online fashion collection under the name KK Kids. The clothes were designed to appeal to parents who wanted fashionable looks for their kids that still had some cool touches like animal prints or cartoon characters.

The collection quickly gained popularity, so much so that in May of 2005, it was time to take things next level- she closed down her other brand and made KK Kids exclusively available as a store.

And thus, the birth of Net-A-Porter, rebranded from ItO (the initialism for Online Shop) to simply “Net-A-Porter”!

Since then, Net-A-Porter has grown into a powerhouse ecommerce site with over 2 million active customers and 6 billion pageviews per month.

She launched a makeup line

how kim k got famous

After graduating with a degree in fashion merchandising, she decided to pursue her dreams of being an artist. At that time, most people didn’t really know what professional grade makeup looked like so it was hard for her to get started.

Kim eventually took matters into her own hands by experimenting with different colors and textures and formulating her own beauty products. In 2007 she founded her makeup company, Kolorful Cosmetics, which is now one of the leading lip color brands in America.

Her first product was a liquid lipstick called Lipstick Pencil that allowed you to mix and match your favorite shades. Since then, she has expanded her business to include blush, eye shadow, face powder, and concealers. All of these are categorized as “foundation-like products” because they help give coverage or conceal any dark spots you may have.

She is also known for creating some pretty striking looks herself through use of her products.

She released a book

how kim k got famous

After years of being known for her looks, runway appearances, and spectacular fashion statements, K-pop idol and global style icon Kim Kardashian officially launched her own line in September 2018.

The new collection features clothing that is designed to emphasize shape and overall beauty. The pieces are also categorized by season to make it easy to find matching sets or individual garments.

Some of the brands most popular items include dress shirts with lace and ruffles, long sleeve printed dresses, and oversized sweatshirts and crew neck t-shirts. All of these pieces can be layered under other similarly themed clothes to create unique looks.

Kardashian’s clothing has always been admired for its quality and diversity, but now she is actively marketing them as her own products. Not only does she get credit for creating great looking clothing, but she gets paid for it too!

Her go-to market strategy includes sharing pictures of herself in different outfits from the collection while talking about how much she loves what she wore. These captions typically feature the beautiful designs and shapes of at least one item from the collection.

She will then follow this up by promoting either the product or the brand within the same genre of clothing to make it more likely someone else will buy it. If anyone needs help choosing which item to purchase, she will sometimes giveaway some merchandise instead of just asking for donations.

She bought a house

how kim k got famous

After graduating with a degree in communications, she took what most people would consider a huge risk- buying a house!

She paid around $250,000 for her two bedroom apartment back in 2007. Since then, she has renovated it and now it is listed for over $1 million.

The property boasts of its beautiful backyard which features an outdoor seating area and a pool. It also comes with a one car garage that can be converted into additional storage space or studio room.

At the moment, there are only two houses like this available to buy in Australia. One is owned by Kylie Jenner (no relation) and another is owned by Caitlyn Jenner who made big headlines when she revealed her new name and gender.

Many people have said that owning a home is a way to show your success as you grow as a person. Having a place to call your own and knowing that no matter what happens to you, you will always have a roof overhead is important.

She got married

how kim k got famous

In May of 2016, our favorite social media superstar announced that she was getting hitched! To which her followers were beyond ecstatic. Not only did she announce the engagement to The Situation (of Jersey Shore) but she also shared some very special news- she just gave birth to their first child!

Her daughter will be born in March 2017 and she’s naming her Kaia Davis after her grandmother. Fans immediately took to Twitter to express how proud they are for the new mom and baby and wished them both all the best!

Since then, it seems like Kendall and The Situation have made every effort to keep the public informed about their family life. They even debuted little Kai as an eight month old infant back in July!

While many people focus on the fact that Kendall is engaged, few mention what really helped make her famous in the first place. Her marriage has been mentioned several times, but it always sounds kind of clichéd or fake.

It’s so easy to assume that because someone is rich and well known, their relationship must be too. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but there’s another way to look at it.

Many wealthy individuals who marry each other don’t seem happy together. At least not for very long!

So why should we care whether or not Kendall & The Situation are truly in love with one another? Because if they aren’t, it could hurt her career.

She had a baby

how kim k got famous

In April of 2010, news broke that Kylie Jenner was having her first child! The daughter she named Stormi Webster arrived via C-section just five months later in September.

The next day, reports surfaced stating that Kylie’s manager Sam Rogen helped to conceive the little one. He proposed while they were staying at his house during an overnight trip.

Rumors began swirling about whether or not this was actually true, but none have been confirmed or denied by anyone involved. What we do know is that both parties enjoyed each other’s company very much and it looks like things are going pretty well for them!

After sharing several pictures together on social media, people started assuming that their relationship progressed beyond friendship. Many believe that they are either married or engaged, though there is no proof of anything romantic aside from some sweet photos.

It seems as if everyone has given up and moved onto the next “trending topic.” People seem to be leaving these rumors alone because they don’t want to hurt Kylie’s chances of becoming famous.

She started a fashion line

how kim k got famous

Before she was famous for being rich, now she is known as one of the most iconic style icons in the industry. In fact, her look has become its own genre! Her long, loose dresses have become a staple to any fashion lover’s wardrobe.

In 2010, before she had even launched her clothing collection, Karlie Kloss made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. While talking about how hard it is to find quality leather shoes, he asked if anyone knew where to get good leather shoes.

At this time, no one else spoke up. But after a short pause, model and social media personality Kim Kardashian stepped up and said that her friend makes really nice leather bags and jackets.

She gave some tips such as trying them on at home and looking for soft, durable leather that feels comfortable. If you can’t feel anything but pain when putting pressure on it, chances are they aren’t very sturdy or strong.

After winning over the audience, Ms. Khloe got his business card and promised to give him a call later to set up a meeting. A few weeks later, she called him and here we are.