How Kim K Become Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, K-pop is more than just songs and music! The success of many groups rests on their member’s individual careers after they leave the group. Many members find themselves with little to no career after leaving the company.

For example, BTS‘s M has a successful acting career in Japan while V recently starred in his own show. This doesn’t mean that he isn’t still popular in Korea or that he doesn’t have a large fan base here though. He even had his very own song which was featured at the Olympics this past year!

The reason why some singers don’t succeed outside of the group is because most companies actively look for new talent. They will recruit you if you are already famous, but it is hard to get known if you do not have much exposure.

This can be difficult as most people are attached to the media that they use (social media, YouTube, etc.). A lot of times, people start looking into what kind of talents your followers have and offer you an opportunity.

There is always someone who starts up a band or wants to take part in a singing competition so other people help them out by letting them use your name for their project.

She became a celebrity

how kim k become famous

After posting her first selfie online in 2007, she eventually made her way into our attention via social media. In fact, many consider her to be one of the most famous people today!

In May 2010, just two months after launching her career as a fashion influencer, she closed an investment round with eBay’s GSI Innovation Fund that gave her and her team total funding of $3 million.

Since then, she has launched several successful beauty products including Kora Organics (skin care) and The K Effect (haircare).

Her company also sponsors tennis players and teams, such as the US Tennis Association where it introduced its “Go Team Lululemon" campaign in 2016.

She appeared in a TV show

how kim k become famous

In 2007, she made her acting debut as Tracy Jordan’s daughter on an episode of NBC’s comedy series The Office.

Her scene was brief but memorable – she walked into the room and told her father he looked fat. After his reaction, she said, “You look like you lost your virginity!”

The audience erupted in laughter and she received several laughs online. People loved her performance and she got invited back to play the same character in another season.

Since then, she has branched out beyond The Office and has starred in her own television shows and films including Sleeping with Rivals, Confessions of A Shopaholic, Cat Ballou and The Bed Diaper Chronicles.

She also hosted Saturday Night Live twice for which she won two Golden Globes.

She made a movie

how kim k become famous

After graduating with a degree in fashion, she decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. Luckily, she found a way to do that! In May 2010, she posted a video online called “Lipstick is Fun”. The next day, her followers took action by encouraging her to make more videos and sharing them all over social media sites.

Her first movie was titled as A$AP Rocky – I’mma Get This Paperwork Done (2010) which gained enough attention for it to be released on YouTube. Since then, her career has soared!

She later starred in other movies such as Confessions Of A Shopaholic (2012), My Best Friend Is An Alien (2013), Why Must Motherhood Be So Tough? (2014), Living With A Super Hero (2015), And All I Want For Christmas Is To Never Have To Watch Another Movie About Or Featuring Santa Claus (2016).

She became a billionaire

how kim k become famous

After she launched her first line in 2006, it was nearly impossible to take your eyes off of hers! Since then, she has designed over 1,000 pieces for her collection including jewelry, clothing lines, and bed sheets. Her biggest seller is arguably her signature earrings which have been featured on-screen many times.

It’s no wonder why her designs are so popular; they are pretty, elegant, and feature intricate detailing. Many consider them classic chic fashion statements that almost anyone could look good in.

Her style is also very accessible — you don’t need a large budget to look like he or she paid homage to the Kardashian empire. It’s easy to add some pieces into your wardrobe and achieve similar looks to what they have.

But how did this all come to pass? Why are these fashionable jewels still sold years later? What made this wealthy entrepreneur decide to launch her own brand name? Read on to learn more about everything she had to do to become one of the richest people in America.

She bought a house

how kim k become famous

After college, she moved into an expensive apartment in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast area with her best friend. It was there where she began to take her career more seriously and launch it onto another level.

She started doing some makeup tutorials online and received lots of positive comments, which led to other opportunities. Before long, she had her own YouTube channel and she was making enough money to live comfortably.

At this stage, she also launched a website and fashion line under the name “Kim Kardashian.” Even though she never made any big headlines before now, she has consistently filled her social media profiles with pictures and videos that have garnered millions upon millions of views.

Her success comes down to her being very photogenic and marketing herself well.

She opened a restaurant

how kim k become famous

After graduating with a degree in art, Kardashian moved to New York City where she tried her hand at several careers before settling on opening a restaurant. In 2007, she finally succeeded! Her new place was named The Bistro at the Essex House which is located within the Essex Hotel in Manhattan.

The best way to describe The Bistro is as French-American cuisine. It features dishes such as charbroiled octopus salad, grilled zucchini and mushroom pasta, and roasted bone marrow soup.

Since it opened, many celebrities have visited or eaten at The Bistro including Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande who dined there during their engagement. A number of publications have mentioned The Bistro in articles about great restaurants in NYC.

Kardashian no longer runs her own business, but she still enjoys food and loves talking about it. When asked what her favorite thing to eat is, she replies “I’m kind of obsessed with chicken right now.

She started a fashion line

how kim k become famous

After graduating from college, Kylie began investing in fashionable clothing to match her growing style repertoire. At this stage of her career, she was looking to launch her own collection or brand.

In 2011, she launched her signature footwear collection with Payless Inc., one of the largest shoe retailers in America. Since then, her collection has been wildly popular and successful!

By creating your own fashion label, you get to showcase your design skills while also getting financial benefits such as improved self-confidence and income.

Many people make money off their fashion brands by selling merchandise directly through their site or via other online sellers like Others use the profits to invest in more creative production materials or new equipment to improve their artistic expression.

She started a makeup line

how kim k become famous

After graduating with her degree in art, Kardashian began experimenting with different cosmetic products and styles to see what would work for her personal style. While some artists may use their skills to create new beauty looks or find success doing so, it is very popular to add glitter to your face and call it glam!

Kardashian first tried adding blush to her cheeks but was not fully satisfied. So she experimented more by trying bronzer under her eyes and fake eyelashes – all of which have become staples in today’s heavily marketed beauty culture.

Since then, she has designed, manufactured and sold several brands that are now recognizable globally. Her company, Kylie Cosmetics, boasts over 200 product lines and her own lip color collection alone has over twenty-four colors!

Her best selling products include concealers, foundations, eye shadows and lipstick. Many people know her for her ‘bougier’ look, an aesthetic that emphasizes expensive jewelry and rich makeups. But aside from those factors, she is known for offering a variety of high quality products at affordable prices.