How Kim K Became Famous

By Tiara

Before we dive into how Kendall Jenner became famous, let’s talk about something important – what is being referred to as the “selfie era.” The term was coined in 2010 when photographer Tyler Oakley took his own picture with his smartphone. Since then, there has been an explosion of people taking and sharing self-photographs with their smartphones.

The media calls this new trend the “Selfie Era,” but that name could easily be applied to any photograph where the person takes themselves seriously or looks like they are having fun. Some call it “Generation Z,” which isn’t too far off either because many people under 30 years old grew up surrounded by technology.

As more and more people take and share increasingly narcissistic photographs, some experts say that our culture is becoming less communal and more individualistic. People feel insecure about not having at least one good photo of them on social media, so they go beyond just sticking their phone out and taking a selfie.

It is also said to promote narcissism because you have to include yourself in your photos for people to see you. This can sometimes lead to people posting very overexposed and/or overly made up pictures to draw attention to themselves. Many artists use a concept called “mirroring” when taking self portraits, which means looking in a mirror and incorporating shapes and patterns onto your skin.

Her TV show

how kim k become famous

After years of being known for her curvaceous figure, social media has given rise to another major factor in Kim’s fame — she is an outspoken proponent of body positivity.

In fact, many people credit The Kylie Show as helping them achieve their own self-love or even inspire it.

The show features Kardashian sharing stories about how she struggled with body image and internalized beauty standards before developing her love for fashion and art.

At times, she also offers tips on grooming, makeup, and dieting. Many viewers feel inspired by her examples of self-confidence and accept her as a role model.

Her influence has been significant not only because of what she says but who she is as a person. She doesn’t hide who she is under a mask – she is open and honest about her experiences, beliefs, and lifestyle choices.

This transparency helps others relate to her and encourages them to be more like herself.

Fashion line

how kim k become famous

In 2001, after she gave up her job as an attorney to focus on fashion full-time, Karlie Kloss launched her eponymous clothing collection under the brand name KKNY.

The collection quickly garnered praise for its wearable fashions that flatter many body types and are of high quality. Since then, it has been expanded into leather goods, jewelry, and even bedding.

In addition to selling direct to consumers through their site and social media pages, KKNY products are distributed throughout stores and boutiques across the country.

Since launching her business in 2011, KKNY has consistently placed themselves at or near the top of lists celebrating brands with powerful female leadership.

These include most influential women in the workplace, highest paid self-made women, and most trusted corporate leaders among other categories.

They also list “Most Powerful Style” which is described as someone who lives by example and doesn’t shy away from telling you how they really feel. A style that is easy to read reflects those traits.

Shopping trips

While most people earn their fame through acting, singing or what have you, fashion is a way to feature that talent. By dressing in and creating fashionable looks, you can boost your personal style and become famous for it!

Kim Kardashian has made her career off of this theory by designing her own clothes and then buying enough to match them all. She also frequently shares her new looks with the public via social media and magazine photoshoots.

Her followers and watchers are often impressed by not only how well she dresses, but also how much she spends on clothing. It is very popular to admire her spending habits at this link here.

With every new purchase, she will take lots of pictures and spread her wanted self-image online. Her success comes from being yourself and investing in products that make you feel good about yourself.

She bought a house

how kim k become famous

After graduating with her degree in fashion design, she decided to pursue her dreams of being an entrepreneur and designer. But instead of creating new clothing lines or buying a café, she made a very expensive decision that paid off. In 2007, she purchased a 1-bedroom apartment in New York City’s Upper East Side for $2 million!

At the time, it was considered one of the most expensive apartments for sale in the area. Even now, more than eight years later, it remains one of the highest price tags ever sold in this neighborhood.

But before you start thinking that having wealth is all due to your inheritance, it took many things working together for her to reach this success. It takes creativity, hard work, and lots of networking to make your business successful.

Budgeting and saving money are also important parts of running a business, but they can get lost when you’re investing in other ventures. You have to be careful not to overspend your savings if you want to keep moving forward as a business owner.

With all these factors involved, it's no wonder why some people question whether or not becoming famous really is within anyone’s grasp.

Opened a restaurant

how kim k become famous

After graduating with a degree in art, she worked as an interior designer before opening her first restaurant in SoHo, New York City in 2002. The name of this eatery? You guessed it! A toast to your health. It was called Bocado, which means “barely enough” in Spanish.

In fact, some claim that the word bocadó comes from the Latin verb mihlare, meaning “to cut bread very thinly so you can taste the crust.” Either way, it clearly succeeded in its mission!

Now run through the following statements using either yes or no as your response.

Launched her own brand of cosmetics

how kim k become famous

After graduating with a degree in fashion merchandising, she realized that while she loved shopping, it was not for everyone. Many people feel stressed out by all of the new merchandise they need to try on and keep up with. So, instead of investing in more products, some decide to do their makeup themselves or have someone teach them how to do so.

Koreans are known for doing things alone or very professionally, making it hard to find examples of individuals who did something on their own without any training.

Kim therefore decided to launch her own line of beauty products! Her first product was an eye concealer she designed herself. It had many compliments and now she has several variations of it.

Her second product is a primer which most popularly referred to as “foundation crayon” because of its consistency. This allowed users to apply it under your natural skin tone and layer additional foundations on top.

Sold her own brand of clothing

how kim k become famous

After graduating with a degree in fashion from Parsons The New School for Design, Kardashian began to put together her collection of clothes that she would sell herself. Starting small with only one item, she now has over 30 brands that feature her designs.

In 2005, she launched her first line under the name “Kitty Power” which was made up of flowy dresses and sweatshirts. Since then, her lines have spanned many different styles such as casuals, florals, and even more extravagant ones like bedazzled gothic pieces.

Her products are marketed towards young girls who want fashionable looks but also need some extra oomph during their day. Some of these items can cost anywhere between $10 and $1,000 depending on how much detail is included!

She has partnered with major retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom so people all around the world can find her merchandise.

Sold her own brand of shoes

how kim k become famous

As we know, Kanye West is famous for his fashion choices. He has designed many different types of clothing lines that are now sold in major retailers across the world. But before all those collaborations, he marketed and sponsored products to keep himself protected as an entrepreneur.

He endorsed and designed footwear for various companies, which helped his business grow. In fact, one pair of his sneakers was so popular that it inspired other brands to create their own!

A few years ago, people noticed how similar some of Kylie Jenner’s designs were to Chanel bags. So, she decided to take things into her own hands and design her own line of fashion products!

Jenner calls this new collection “The Best Of Both Worlds.” It features styles that are either directly copied or heavily influenced by well-known brands.