How Justin Bieber Became Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about why you should care. Not only does this have some incredible stories of his life, but also how he became famous in the first place. His story is unique and inspiring at the same time!

He battled adversity his entire life and emerged stronger than ever before. He didn’t choose to be poor or live with little money and resources, but instead made them part of his success formula.

His rise to fame as one of music’s biggest stars was no easy feat, nor was it quick. It took years for him to find his voice as an artist and really grow as a person. But when he did? People loved him and came back again and again to hear more of what he had to say.

Music has always been a powerful tool for expression. For young people, listening to Bieber’s songs can inspire self-confidence and help motivate them to reach their goals. As an older musician himself, he proves that being true to yourself and investing in your dreams will pay off.

But beyond all of that, his music offers something deeper — inspiration, motivation, and hope for a better future. That’s not trivial, especially today. We need hope and inspiration more than ever.

This article will tell you everything you wanted to know (and maybe more) about The Bachelor star and international superstar Justin Bieber.

First movie

how justin bieber became famous

After his first big break in music, it was clear that he had what it took to remain popular. His song “Baby” reached number one on the Billboard charts back in 2012, and even though it is now over a year since its release, it still receives constant radio play and fan reactions every time it is played.

Bieber made his feature film debut with The Pursuit of Happiness, which was released in 2015. He starred as himself in this comedy-drama about his life as an up-and-coming singer.

He shared some screen time with fellow Canadian actor Ryan Gosling, who plays his best friend. Many viewers praised their friendship in the movie, while others criticized them for being underqualified for their roles.

However, either way you look at it, they both gave great performances.

Gosling received several award nominations for his work in the film, including Best Actor at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards.

First YouTube video

how justin bieber became famous

After moving to Canada as a child, singer Justin Bieber made his first appearance in public at the age of 13 when he sang “Baby” for a crowd at an outdoor concert. He was accompanied by his father, Jeffrey, who is also his manager.

Since then, Bieber has become one of the biggest celebrities in the world and has amassed a large following that loves him for his sweet nature and music.

He now boasts over 100 million followers on all social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. His fan base keeps growing due to his frequent posts and entertaining videos.

His success comes from creating engaging content that appeals to his audience. When he started recording songs and posting them online, he built up his channel and fanbase.

He still maintains his privacy, but he does not hide himself completely. Many see his personality as very authentic and likable.

If you are trying to gain more followers on any platform, focus on producing quality content.

First tweet

how justin bieber became famous

On September 15, 2005, just under two years ago, an 18-year-old kid named Justin Boswell made his first ever tweet. He typed out the word “just” and attached a smiley face, creating what would later be known as the emoji we know today as the laughing emoticon or smiling poop.

He didn't necessarily mean to become famous, but he did! Since then, he's amassed more than 59 million followers (that's over one in five people on Earth) and has inspired countless artists to create their own emojis.

But how exactly did this teenage boy from Ontario get here? Let us break it down for you!

First, let's talk about where he came from.

1. His childhood was full of struggle

It seems like every person is born with a golden ticket that gives them easy access to fame and fortune, but not everyone is given that chance in life. It can easily make someone feel worthless and insignificant, which are some of the most powerful emotions we have as humans.

Bieber clearly had a tough upbringing. He struggled with poverty his whole life, going without basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter. This caused him to turn to alcohol and drugs at a young age.

He also suffered domestic violence and alcoholism from his father who died when he was 19.

First Instagram post

how justin bieber became famous

Before there was a social media platform, people shared their experiences and knowledge via word of mouth.

With the advent of social media, that changes! People share their stories online with the world to gain attention and followers. It is your job as a student or teacher to use social media well – to inspire engagement and learning.

For our topic today we will be talking about how popular Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber became famous.

First contract

how justin bieber became famous

Before he was famous, his very first major deal was with Mevlut Kizilok, an Istanbul-based art collector who just happens to be one of Turkey’s best known music producers. In fact, many people consider him to be among the greatest record producer in Turkish history.

Kizilok made his name producing songs for international artists like Dua Lipa, Naughty Boy, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and more. He has also worked with some of Turkey’s most well-known recording artistes (think Emin Gun Salkin or Nilüfer Yosbakir) and helped them gain recognition around the world.

In 2009, however, he got into the music business by offering a chance at success to someone who almost never makes it onto the top charts — but is arguably much better than anyone else ever has.

His song was called ‘My Love Is Like A Bomb’, and it featured lyrics about how the singer wants to take their love beyond the bedroom and into the real world.

The song failed to make any impact back then, though, so Kizilok decided to try something different. He rewrote the lyrics to include references to Justin Bieber and changed the title to ‘Justin Bieber’.

After listening to the new version several times, Bieber asked if he could use some parts of the track as his next single.

First lawsuit

how justin bieber became famous

In 2006, just one year after his first major appearance at The X-Factor, 19-year-old singer Justin Bieber was sued for allegedly throwing an egg through a car window in Toronto. According to police reports, two men were arguing with each other outside of a restaurant when one threw the egg.

One of the suspects then got into a vehicle and drove away, leaving behind several pieces of broken glass from the shattered windshield. When officers searched the car, they found what appeared to be blood inside but it could not be confirmed as such until later.

The driver was eventually identified as Sean Welch, who claimed that he had nothing to do with the vandalism and was being framed by another individual. However, prosecutors did manage to gather enough evidence to charge him with criminal mischief and possession of cocaine. A second suspect remained unidentified at the time.

Bieber initially tried to dodge responsibility by claiming that he didn’t know who committed the crime, before admitting that he did six months earlier. He also failed to show up in court for his trial.

Instead, his attorney submitted a letter stating that his client would accept probation instead of going to jail. Unfortunately, this only made things worse because he violated his probation less than a month later when he tested positive for marijuana use.

He received another sentence which included 60 days in prison and three years of probation.

First concert

how justin bieber became famous

On March 30, 2005, just over one year ago, 19-year-old singer Justin Bieber made his professional music debut at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto, Canada with an eight song set that he had prepared himself. He sang covers of Elton John’s “Bitch Is A Devil” and Whitney Houston’s "My Heart Can't Take It Any More," as well as two songs he wrote himself, "Never Let You Go" and "(What I Do) In My Room."

He did not have any backing musicians or dancers on stage aside from a red glowing laser beam projected across the backdrop that resembled the sun rising behind him. His appearance was simple but striking — he wore black leather pants with white stripes down the side, a long sleeve black shirt, dark sunglasses, and silver jewelry including earrings and a necklace.

His vocal range is impressive; he can go low and growl like Elvis, baritone to tenor like Mariah Carey, and falsetto like Cher. Although many people may consider his singing style plain, it has also been described as powerful, soulful, and authentic.

Since his first performance, Bieber has sold out venues all around the world multiple times, establishing himself as one of the biggest musical stars in the universe.

Becoming a celebrity

how justin bieber became famous

Before he was famous, Justin Bieber lived in anonymity. He grew up in Canada listening to music his whole life, mostly focused on jazz and classical. As a young teenager, he took drum lessons for two years before giving it up when he could play them faster.

He never played any instruments as a kid, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. At the age of 14, he posted his first YouTube video, which quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views. It was an experiment using Google's platform where you can create your own channel and upload videos.

Since then, his career has flourished beyond anyone's imagination. His popularity is constantly growing, making him one of the most well-known celebrities in the world.

His success comes not only from his talent as a musician, but also his business acumen and knack for media. He always makes sure to keep himself in the spotlight by posting pictures and videos regularly.