How Is Visa Interview

By Tiara

During your employment interview, there is always one main topic — how to handle situations if they arise. For most employers, this will be their biggest challenge in hiring someone new because it requires you to show leadership qualities as well as having direct conversations about things that may not be popular.

But for career experts, this conversation is pretty normal and comes with the territory!

The importance of such a discussion has increased dramatically in our society due to the growth of social media. With every passing day, employees are exposed to more and bigger opportunities than ever before. This exposure can have positive or negative effects depending on what employee’s strengths are and who their supporters are.

For example, if an individual does not feel comfortable talking to people, they might avoid seeking out opportunities since they fear making mistakes. Or, if everyone around them agrees with something, then they too would probably stick with it instead of trying something different.

By leading by example, you can help promote open discussions among colleagues. If anyone feels uncomfortable, they can come to you for help rather than staying within their own group. Your team will appreciate you for that!

At the same time, when people ask you about ideas, whether internally generated or suggested by a colleague, you can play up your expertise by mentioning the source and getting credit for the idea.

Dress the part

how is visa interview

When you dress for your visa interview, make sure that you look nice but are not over-the-top with it. You do not want to be too flashy or seem like you are trying to use your looks to get a job.

Visiting a new country is an investment in your career. Make sure that you represent yourself well! Keep your hair and makeup done, and put some effort into how you apply eye makeup and wash your face.

If possible, wear clothes that fit you well and have some style. This will help give you confidence as you walk into the office. We always suggest coming early and going through your routine ahead of time so you can feel more prepared.

And remember, no matter what, keep smiling! Yours may not be a popular smile, but one person’s ugly smile is still a beautiful thing.

Maintain your composure

how is visa interview

Even if you are not nervous, some people may make you feel like it! This can be very frustrating as there is no reason to get upset unless you cannot control your emotions.

Don’t take things personally. If someone makes an inappropriate comment, keep in mind that they will probably have similar experiences so it does not matter too much.

Remember that these interviews are mostly about getting to know you and determining whether or not you would be a good fit for their company and vice versa. People who work at VISA are looking for professionals who value teamwork and strive to always do their best.

Keep focused on what you are doing and respond professionally. If you find something interesting, such as a table leg, look away and focus on that until the interviewer stops talking. Take notes, even if you already had them before the interview.

Interviewers usually ask questions about yourself, but don’t worry about oversharing. Some questions require just a short answer so consider those open season.

Give the impression of confidence

how is visa interview

The way you carry yourself in the interview makes a big difference! When attending an employment screening, there are usually several individuals conducting the interview for different positions.

Some candidates affect a confident appearance, while others seem more casual or nervous.

It is important to remain consistent with your appearance, but at the same time, give enough indication that you have what it takes to be successful. You do not want to come off as too arrogant or cocky, however, even though you believe you know everything.

Conversational etiquette also applies during interviews, so make sure to brush up on those if you can’t figure out how to respond to a question.

Make a good initial impression

Now that you are prepared, it is time to make your very first impression! The interviewer will likely begin by asking some general questions. These typically revolve around what school you attended, whether or not you have additional work or career experiences, and anything to do with your past employment.

If you get asked about past positions, don’t worry about rehearsing your answers too much ahead of time. More than likely, they already know most of this information. What you should really focus on instead is making a strong personal connection with the interviewer. You can even mention something about a position similar to one they currently hold if there's overlap in responsibilities.

By establishing a level of intimacy, you'll show confidence as well as interest in their company.

Answer the phone with confidence

how is visa interview

After speaking to someone for a few minutes, they will typically ask you to state your name, where you are calling from, and what department you work in. Then, they may ask you if there is anything about your application that makes you feel uncomfortable or whether you need any more information or clarification.

This is usually done towards the end of the call when the interviewer asks if you have ever applied for credit cards before. If you can’t remember exactly how many times you have, don’t worry! Most people cannot.

It is very common for employers to check references and conduct little interviews with colleagues and superiors to determine if you have lied about something important to your job search.

By this time, most applicants have become quite comfortable talking about themselves, but it never hurts to be prepared. Try to emphasize your achievements and qualities, and stay focused on answering their questions directly and clearly.

Stay focused

how is visa interview

A lot of people make the interview process more stressful than it has to be. They get distracted by things like looking around the room, thinking about what they will ask you or how they can use your response in their favor, and so forth.

These types of distractions are totally natural but they can add stress for you as well as them.

If someone is getting nervous, take a break! Ask them if they want something to drink or go for a short walk outside. Or just tell them that you have to check something out online and then come back and talk to them.

It’s very important to stay focused during the interview because this person needs to feel comfortable with you before giving you employment.

Finish your interview with a firm handshake

how is visa interview

When you meet at a job appointment with a company for the first time, there’s always that initial awkward moment when you think of something to say.

That was not the case today! You made a successful visit and left feeling good about yourself and the organization! So don’t waste this opportunity by talking too much – talk enough to show how professional you are and how organized you are.

Remember, they will be reading your answers very closely so make sure yours sound natural and do not over explain anything.

After leaving the office, drop some notes or messages at home to confirm tomorrow’s meeting times, etc.

Be prepared for all scenarios

how is visa interview

As mentioned before, every interview is different and there are many things you must be ready to discuss, depending on what questions they ask you. This includes having a conversation about money, business, market trends, etc.

A lot of this depends on your job position as well. If you are an entry level employee, then yes, their main focus will be on how you handle credit cards and staying within budget limits. For experienced professionals, however, it may be more about finding out about future projects and career opportunities.

There are also several types of interviews that vary from department to department. Some employers will go deeper into specifics in certain areas while others can be brief and direct with questions.