How Is Virtual Interview Done

By Tiara

As you can probably tell, not every employer offers in-person interviews as a way to assess job candidates. With the explosion of technology, there are now ways for most employers to conduct virtual interviews. This is very common at bigger companies that have lots of positions and need to screen many people at once.

By choosing this approach, you will save money by avoiding the cost of traveling to meet with them or buying lunch for both parties. For job seekers, it also gives you more options. You do not have to be available during normal business hours or within close proximity to where they work.

This article will talk about some helpful tips for conducting effective virtual interviews. We will discuss how to prepare for your interview, what tools you should take along, and some things to watch out for while interviewing.

Virtual interviews are increasingly common due to time constraints and expensive costs associated with meeting face-to-face. By offering this option, employers have found it less burdensome to keep up with changing schedules than before.

The interviewer and the interviewee both have a face-to-face meeting

how is virtual interview done

Even though most of these interviews are done via webcam or chat, there is still one major component that differs: the inperson meeting. This means either you being interviewed at their office or conference room, or them coming to your workplace for an in-person meeting.

This in person meeting should last around fifteen minutes and only be about business. No personal questions are allowed to be asked here! That includes things like asking if they drink alcohol and what kind, whether they are married and/or have kids, and so on.

Business casual dress is required for this meeting. We recommend wearing clothes that can easily be washed and dried quickly, such as sweatshirts and jeans. If possible, we also recommend holding the meeting during off hours, when people tend to be less busy.

One of you is remote

how is virtual interview done

Recent developments in employment technology have made it possible for employers to hold interviews via webcam or through a voice and video chat app. This is called a virtual interview!

With the rise of smartphones and apps like Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts, holding conversations via these mediums has become much more common. It is completely acceptable today to use such software to connect with someone virtually for an interview.

If you are ever asked to do this as an interviewer, it’s okay to be nervous, but don’t let that influence how you answer any questions!

Keep yourself levelheaded and know that professionals work hard to achieve success, so there's no need to worry about anything other than presenting your best self.

You both are remote

how is virtual interview done

Another way to do this is what we refer to as a virtual interview. This can be done through online video chat or voice call apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype.

Just because there’s no one sitting across from you doesn’t mean that things don’t feel real! It may take some time to get used to, but at the end of it you will know if you want to offer the position to the person or not.

This way also allows for more flexibility in terms of timing and location. Companies can easily schedule them around work and life commitments.

The interviewer is in the office and the interviewee is at home

how is virtual interview done

A lot of companies have a policy that if you’re hired, you will be given an internal recruiter or hiring manager to conduct your initial phone screen with. This way you don’t need to worry about finding a babysitter or going through the hassle of organizing transportation since it’s already done for you!

This is usually very helpful as a job seeker because it removes distractions from the equation. You can focus solely on talking about what you love doing and why you would enjoy working for this company.

But what happens when there isn’t anyone around to do the interviewing? That is, what happens when you are like me and my dream career includes traveling across continents, meeting new people every day, and creating conversations that inspire others- all while wearing really cool clothes?!

Luckily, technology has us covered. Tools such as Skype allow for high quality video and audio communication which means no matter who you are, you can prepare yourself by being familiar with how they use the software and what features work best.

By linking your device directly to each other, you can virtually eliminate any delays due to bad internet connections or technical glitches.

The interviewer is at home and the interviewee is in the office

how is virtual interview done

Many employers have a policy of conducting interviews via phone or video chat rather than in person. This is typically done because either you or the employer cannot afford to travel for an interview, time constraints prevent people from traveling, or it just makes more sense to do things digitally.

By doing interviews this way, it allows people to remain in their current location which tends to be more comfortable for them, and helps keep costs down. It also avoids any hassles related to finding a suitable place to meet such as traffic or expensive lunches.

This can sometimes make meeting face-to-face difficult since not everyone is able to do so regularly, particularly if you’re looking for employment that doesn’t allow telework.

You both have a phone call

During this conversation, you will be asked some questions that sound like: ‘Tell me about yourself’ or ‘What are your strengths?’ These types of questions usually revolve around self-description and strengths.

You will also probably be asked how much experience you have in this field and if there is anything similar to what you are being hired for. This can sometimes be tricky as employers want to make sure that you are not positionless so they look for things that show that you are experienced in the area.

Interviews should be a balanced discussion with both parties asking questions and getting answers. Make sure to keep an eye on time and use the appropriate amount of time for each question.

You both have video chat

how is virtual interview done

During this virtual interview, you both are able to see each other’s faces so there is less of an emotional disconnect than if you were talking in person or via phone.

In addition, when people talk into their camera more clearly, they seem more like themselves which helps make the conversation feel more natural.

Since technology makes it easy to disappear, employers worry about whether someone can be productive without meeting them face-to-face. But research shows that being able to work remotely is a valuable skill for professionals.

Experts agree that working from home is as effective as having an office setting and maybe even better because you don’t have distractions.

And while some professions — such as medical doctors and lawyers — can’t afford to not have close contact with patients or clients, others know how to use technology to your advantage.

You both have an in-person meeting

how is virtual interview done

During this in person meeting, you will both be able to meet and talk with each other directly. This is important so that you can get a feeling for whether or not this person is someone you’d like to work for and spend your life spending eight hours every day with.

After you've made contact, it's then time to do your first virtual interview. That means no face-to-face conversation, just video chat!

You'll probably be asked some questions about yourself and what kind of position you're looking to find employment as. These questions can easily be researched and prepared ahead of time, so don't worry about those!

Once those are answered, then our next step is recording your own little speech, which we'll cover later in more detail.