How Is Todd Chrisley Famous

By Tiara

As mentioned before, Chrisley is famous for his work as the host of “Chrisley Home” which airs every Sunday night at 9pm EST on USA Network. He is also known for starring in VH1’s show "Southern Charm" where he plays an attorney who opens up to cameras about his life with some unexpected surprises.

But before all that, Chrisley made headlines when he announced he was moving his family to South Africa to start a new business. His reasoning? Because black people are doing so well these days, why not help out other minority groups by taking over their country!

He then proceeded to buy 5-6 acres of land and establish himself as one of the richest people in America. Many thought it was crazy but since he's been successful in other areas of his career, he seems like he knows what he's talking about.

Overall, Chrisley is a pretty private person so this is no surprise to most people. But his success has allowed him to brandish his personality more than ever before, making full use of his gift for storytelling.

Hosted the TV show Chrisley Knows

how is todd chrisley famous

After leaving his position as president of car dealership Chrisley Motors in Snellville, Georgia, he took what would become one of America’s most popular television shows- The Chrisley Channel!

The Chrisly channel is an automotive enthusiast YouTube channel that features reviews, drag races, and vehicle comparisons. Most videos feature hosts Christopher “Chris” Ashley and Drew Scott (of Boy Meets World fame) talking about cars or doing some sort of event.

Their popularity arose due to their fun, entertaining style when it comes to cars. They are very passionate which seems to resonate with many people. Their infectious laughter often makes you want to watch the next video they upload.

All of this got them famous! Since launching in 2015, the duo has amassed over 1.3 million subscribers and almost 250 million views. They have also launched several other channels such as The Toge channel which focuses mostly on motorcycles and Speed Racer channel that covers everything from race cars to bikes.

These additional channels all share the same passion for automobiles that was started by The Chriley Channel. Many consider these others to be just as important as The TC channel because they bring in more revenue.

Ashley and Scott always mention how much money they make through Patreon, a website where people can contribute funds to help support your favorite cause.

Married into a wealthy family

how is todd chrisley famous

After graduating from college, Chrisley went straight to work for his father’s company! He quickly rose through the ranks and became very successful — but not because of his talent or hard work. No, it was his marriage to Pamela that made him famous.

Chrisley is perhaps best known for throwing super-intimate weddings with minimum guest numbers. This has allowed him to keep the cost down, which he flaunts on social media.

He also doesn’t shy away from telling his followers all about what they can and cannot do with their money. Many people believe this to be annoying, but most of them are fans who enjoy his style and honesty.

His popularity grew even more after he introduced us to his children in 2018.

Made a TV show about his family

how is todd chrisley famous

As mentioned before, Chrisley is mostly known for making a show that focused on him as a media personality. His show was called “Chrisley Family Reunion” and it aired from September 2015 to May 2018. On this show, he would invite extended members of his family (mostly his wife Tamara and their three kids) into conversations or events with other people in order to make them seem more like-able.

He would also feature these guests by having whole interviews or debates where they would be the main focus. These episodes are some of the best proof that Chrisley is famous because he loves his family so much!

His daughter has even said how she feels loved and appreciated when her father talks about what an important part of his life his family is. She says that he makes sure to tell everyone how great she is every chance he gets which helps set a good example. This shows his daughters that being a successful person doesn’t just mean making money, but also loving and appreciating your children.

These stories always include anecdotes such as when he tells about how she saved his son’s life once by giving him CPR after he found him unconscious behind a mall. Or how she gave her own wedding speech while still in high school and received a standing ovation.

Buying and renovating a house

how is todd chrisley famous

As mentioned earlier, Chrisley grew his television career by buying and remodeling houses and flipping them or renting them out. His style is very ___________ (insert word you struggle with here). He takes advantage of all things home-related; everything he does has to look expensive and impressive.

His favorite way to do this is by investing in products that make it easy to accomplish his goal. For example, instead of hiring professionals to take care of your house renovations, you can be like Chrisley and do it yourself!

By investing in the right tools and materials, you will save money in professional fees while showing off what you know how to do. This also contributes to creating a more sustainable environment since not only are you doing the work yourself, but you’re reusing materials and keeping budgets down.

Chrisley even makes fun of himself for spending so much money on decorations and furniture because he owns so many things! He jokes that people might think he’s rich because of it.

But aside from being funny, this exposure is great for his social media followers as well as his business partners. People who watch his show get inspired to do similar projects or find new businesses to invest in or work for.

He has collaborated with several companies and brands, including HomeAway, Royal Bank of Canada, and Dollar Tree. All of these have sponsored or featured him on the show to promote their product.

Opened a sports betting website

how is todd chrisley famous

Many people know of Chrisley through his work as the co-host of The Chrisley House, a home improvement show that airs every Sunday night on TLC. Since he launched this show in 2015 with Hunter Johnson, Chrisley has done several projects around their homes and gave them an opportunity to showcase them online so others can learn from their mistakes or success.

He is also very well known for starting his own line of furniture called TC3 Furniture where he designs affordable but high quality pieces. These include tables, bed frames, and recliners that are manufactured by third party vendors.

His company’s popularity led him to launch Table Talk Sports, a gambling site that allows users to bet on professional football, basketball, hockey, and baseball games. He also gives tips and strategies about how to pick winning teams!

Chrisley is not only famous due to his career as a TV personality, business owner, and gambler, but he is also actively involved in various charities and organizations. He raises money and awareness for these groups by putting up merchandise such as t-shirts and workout clothes that feature his logos and by going door-to-door to ask for donations.

Running charity fundraisers and organizing events to spread awareness about important causes is one of his main motivations for being active in the community. He is passionate about helping other individuals and organizations succeed in their quest to make the world a better place.

Started a podcast

how is todd chrisley famous

In May of 2018, TV personality and real estate investor Todd Chrisley launched his new show, The TC Chrisley Channel. Since then, he has been adding fun features to his show that have made it popular with both listeners and watchers!

He started hosting a weekly podcast in September 2019 where he interviews successful business owners or people who are making waves in the industry. These guests include entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals, and more.

The podcast is free to listen to, and the audience can contribute via PayPal if someone they know is doing an interesting thing related to business or life. It is also possible to make some money through advertising or Patreon, but not required.

Chrislea’s style of interviewing is friendly and open. He asks thoughtful questions and doesn’t pressurize anyone into sharing too much information. This allows for deeper conversations about things like leadership styles, motivation strategies, and more.

His smart phone app makes it easy to stream the shows when you want (and access them easily across devices) so you don’t need to download anything else. You can find the show by searching for ‘Todd Chrisley Podcast’ anywhere you get podcasts such as Spotify, Apple, Google Play, and more.

Opened a restaurant

how is todd chrisley famous

Many people know Chrislea as TV’s The Chrisley Channel, but that show only featured his restaurant — which he opened with his brother in 2016!

The channel was actually called Chrisley House Cooking Show, and it focused mostly on recipes and food tips. But one of their more popular segments was to have Chris and Sarah open up the restaurant for lunch every week and feature all sorts of foods and drinks.

That is where most of the fame comes from for them now.

Got into the real estate business

how is todd chrisley famous

After quitting his job as a stockbroker to pursue his dreams of becoming a millionaire, entrepreneur Todd Chrisley decided to invest in some land. He picked an area with lots of potential and invested in that property.

That investment would change his life forever. Not only did he make a fortune, but he also became famous!

After doing some research and talking to people who lived in the surrounding areas, Chrissey discovered there was a lot of empty space and no nearby houses being built.

He noticed that many wealthy individuals had large amounts of acreage and so he made the decision to start building homes for them.

By offering these clients low-cost or even free land, he was able to earn their trust and eventually be hired as a builder himself!

His success allowed him to spend more time developing his own business and creating new opportunities, which is what really matters to him.

Chrissey now has his very own TV show where he can share his knowledge about investing in real estate and do it full time. His show is called The Real Housewives of Potomac and airs every Sunday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo.