How Is The Most Famous Youtuber

By Tiara

If you’re reading this, then you have probably heard of at least one of the many people who now has their own channel on YouTube. These individuals gain followers and admirers from sharing fun, interesting, and informative content related to themselves or products they use or promote a product or service by speaking about them.

Their fans interact with them via comments, likes, and shares which help boost their popularity even more! It is very possible that you have seen some of these popular YouTubers before, but you may not know how they got there.

The term “Youtube celebrity” seems to be growing increasingly common, so it is important to understand what makes someone become famous on the platform. There are several different factors, most of which seem to depend on your definition of what defines a person as famous.

This article will go into detail about all of the things that can influence the fame of an individual on Youtube, why certain types of videos succeed in becoming popular, and some ways that celebrities make money through the platform.

Logan Paul

As mentioned earlier, there is one person who has received a lot of attention due to their channel. This person’s channel is dedicated to posting videos that feature dead bodies or graphic scenes as content.

This person’s channel is named The Slow Roasted Beef Channel and they posted a video called “The Best of Buried in Debt.” In this video, Paul goes through his bank account and comes across some debts he paid off with money he got for donating half of a corpse to medical school.

While this is an interesting storyline, what many people do not know about him is that he filmed a suicide scene (a death) and uploaded it onto his channel.

He also made headlines when he recorded a deceased body while walking out of a funeral home and published the video. He then took comments from users saying how much more happy this individual looked than before and how beautiful the setting was.

These two incidents are why most people now hate him and will never watch his channel again. His followers and watchers have been slowly migrating away from his channel since these events happened and his popularity has taken a nose dive.

His overall YouTube subscriber count has gone down and some companies no longer want to sponsor his channel because of all the controversy surrounding him. It seems like every week another news article comes up alleging something bad happens under the covers or someone gets hurt or killed by his actions.