How Is The Kardashians Famous

By Tiara

The Kardashian family is famous for more than just their beautiful, flashy fashion lines or their large group of followers on social media. They are also known as being in the entertainment industry, with all three members having made it into TV while still in their teens. Kim has her own show that she produces, Kylie has her lip-syncing competition series and Kendall and Kylie have their respective fashion lines.

The Kardashian name alone makes the family very popular, but it’s not only them who get to enjoy the benefits of being associated with such a well-known brand. Almost every person working in the media or marketing can make some money off the fame they earn through the Kardshian clan.

There are many ways people benefit from being related to the Kardashians, so this article will discuss several ones including paid appearances, sponsored products and giveaways, and income received via royalties and copyright.

Paid Appearances

Mostly, celebrities make money doing things like appearing on talk shows, giving product announcements and interviews, hosting events, and filming television shows. The Kardashian family does some of these things for other brands, which gives them extra revenue.

Some of these opportunities are announced at a later date when someone watching the event or reading the article is able to see the connection. For example, if someone was talking about how much Daniel Craig loves McDonald’s then he could mention the Kardasian clan and his love for the company.

They started a cosmetics company

how is the kardashians famous

The Kardashian Empire began with Kim being hired as an associate producer for the E! show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She quickly rose through the ranks to become the show’s main host, before introducing her famous family into the fold.

The term “Kardashian” was first used in 2007 when Kim made headlines by telling reporters that she would like to have more children. Since then, she has given birth to five kids — three of whom are under the age of eight.

Kim is also one of the highest paid celebrities in America, making over $20 million per year according to Forbes. Her net worth is around $100 million dollars.

Her daughter Kylie is just as successful as her mom and has her own line of beauty products called Kylie Cosmetics.

They have a TV show

how is the kardashians famous

The Kardashian-Jenner family is famous for more than just having an ever growing list of products that sell well, but also for their very popular television show.

The Kardashian-Jenner family is made up of five individuals; Kris Jenner (the mom), Robert Kardashian (dad), Caitlyn Jenner (stepmom), Khloe Kardashian (sister) and Kylie Jenner (daughter).

Kim Kardahian is the only child who does not have a middle name Kardashian, she was given her mother’s first initial and last name as a middle name. Therefore, people often refer to her as Kendall or Kaitlynn.

Not much is known about Kim’s childhood, she never talks about it except when asked directly. When she was in high school she mentioned how hard it was being the youngest kid in class, but other than that she keeps quiet.

Kylie is probably the most public face of the clan, she has done several projects related to fashion and beauty and even launched her own makeup line back in 2010!

Robert and Caitlyn are both retired now, they are both recognized for their transition times and received lots of respect and praise.

Khloé works full time while attending college at the same time as her son. She is focused on his education and career development and making sure he knows what things mean beyond just becoming an attorney.

They have a website

how is the kardashians famous

The Kardashian family is known for their very popular TV show, as well as their various merchandise lines and social media followings. But before all of that, they made an incredible amount of money by being famous.

The Kardashian clan’s rise to fame can be summed up in one word: YouTube. Starting with just their individual accounts, the members then collaborated on creating content together.

Their collaborations included videos, photos, and blogs. These left the internet hungry for more material from the Kardashian-Clan members and thus, the platform was built upon.

Since then, the kardashian web has exploded into something much bigger! And although some may think it’s ridiculous to make such a claim, it really is true – the Kardashians are the most successful online celebrity brand in history.

They still dominate the field through their own channels, but this isn’t the only way they stay busy. By adding to the already heavily populated medium of YouTube, the Kardashian family adds to their legacy while also making tons of cash.

They have their own clothing line

how is the kardashians famous

The Kardashian fashion empire began with an unexpected platform. In 2005, Kim was filming her season of MTV’s popular show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” when she noticed that other housewife Taylor Armstrong had some cool jewelry. So Kim bought one of those rings to add to her collection!

She took what people gave you and made it into something yours. She copyrighted the design and started selling them herself! Her first run sold out within weeks and she quickly found there were many others who wanted some karats.

From there, the designs just kept coming. And now, almost a decade later, they are still going strong. Some brands have even picked up where she left off and re-released her designs under their own name!

Her collections include not only engagement and wedding bands, but also fun, flashy diamonds and rhodium rings as well. Many people refer to this as Kardashian gold because of how expensive some pieces can be.

They have a perfume

how is the kardashians famous

The Kardashian Kolor line of perfumes was announced in May 2017, with Kendall Jenner as its spokesperson. It is marketed as being universal appeal, designed to work for every person!

The first three products are called Blackout, Splash and Desire, which all contain notes such as white tea, bergamot, orchid, and vanilla. These scents are described as having calming effects.

The final product in the trilogy is called In Da Club, which contains coconut, tangerine, and sweet almond oils. This scent has been noted for its ability to boost self-confidence.

They have a book

how is the kardashians famous

The Kardashian family is famous for more than just their large group of followers, but also how they make money off of their popularity. Between having a TV show, apparel lines, and endorsement deals, there are always ways to make some extra cash from being close with the kiddies!

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is not your average rich family. That is probably what makes them so popular. There’s no telling if Kylie or Kendall would still be famous without her parents, nor whether Paris would even exist if Bruce didn’t marry Kris. But none of that matters because they all earn good money doing things like hosting a talk show, designing clothing, and endorsing products.

Many people know about the TV shows, but few realize the other areas the KardiNs profit from. For example, Khloe has her own fashion line and makeup collection. Rob doesn’t advertise any specific product, but he gets paid handsomely as an ambassador for Nike. Even Caitlyn, who isn’t well known outside of certain circles, has her own jewelry collection and does photoshoots and sponsored activities.

It seems almost impossible to pin down exactly how much each member earns, but according to the most recent reports we have, Kim makes around $8 million per year while Kanye rakes in over $20 million alone! And don’t forget about business manager Robert, whose job it is to keep everything running smoothly.

They have a jewelry line

The Kardashian-Jenner family is famous for more than just their large circle of friends, but also their very popular fashion lines and decorative items. Starting with little Kourtney in front of a camera as her duckface look was dubbed by people, the family has built an empire off of their style.

The term “kardashian” comes from the word Kardashian which means good fortune or prosperity in Armenian. This helped the famiy coin the name for their individual brands such as Kylie (after the first initial of Kylie Jenner) and Kendall (for the middle name of Kim).

Theirs now includes furniture, bedding, housewares, fragrances, and even footwear! There are over 30 products under the Kardashian Kollection label alone. Many of these are sold directly through their websites or stores they own or control.

These companies all retain the familiar kooky aesthetic that has made the family famous, while adding some level of luxury to match their status. Some of these run quite well funded!

They’ve done things like produce bath bombs and lip balms with their product line. While not necessarily seen as high art, it does add to their brand recognition. A lot of fans buy into the idea that if you don’t have their money then you can’t tell them what to do with theirs.

Kylie has always been known to be pretty generous when it came to donating to charity.

They have a hair care line

how is the kardashians famous

The Kardashian-Hait family made their big break in 2007 when reality television show producer Kris Housley pitched an idea to her boss at E! Entertainment Television, Lauren Cronin, about creating a new show featuring three or four young, famous people with large social media followings.

Lauren accepted and hired Houslay to create the concept for what would become Keeping Up With The Kardashians. At first, the only known fact about each of the main characters was that they were married.

At the same time as filming KUWTK, Kim had launched her own beauty company called KhoAndCo and released a best selling book titled My Life So Far. Because she is always taking pictures of herself and posting them online, Kylie has built up quite a following on Instagram and YouTubers use her products. Rob has his own website where he sells merchandise. And while Caitlyn still doesn’t have her very own TV show, she does have her own fashion collection.