How Is Neil Degrasse Tyson Famous

By Tiara

The famous astrophysicist, cosmologist, science educator, and writer is most well-known for his work as an authority in astronomy. He has hosted several television shows including “Cosmos” which aired on Fox from 2014 to 2018 and currently airs on National Geographic Channel.

He also writes a column for CNN and publishes nonfiction books about space, time, and life. His latest book is titled My Life As A Scientist and it was published by Atria Books in May 2019.

His prolific career has won him many awards and recognitions. He has received six honorary doctorates (three of them from Harvard) and he has been inducted into various halls of fame.

He is also one of only eight people ever to have their very own day at the International Astronomical Union (the organization that officially names celestial bodies). On March 9th, 1990 they honored him with the designation of Asteroid 6442 Neil deGrasse Tyson.

He is clearly successful, but how did he get here? What are some of his greatest accomplishments and accolades? In this article, we will discuss all of those!

So sit back and read along as we explore the journey of this remarkable individual.

The Big Bang Theory

how is neil degrasse tyson famous

If you are reading this, then you have already watched at least one of his show The Big Bang Theory! He is famous for creating the character Sheldon Cooper, a scientist with an obsession for science to the point where it becomes hilarious.

Tyson has appeared in several other shows and features as well. Some include documentaries about space or popularizing astronomy concepts.

He also writes books and columns about various topics including astrology and politics. His book My Life As A Cartoon was a memoir that focused on his childhood and how he developed his passion for science.

His best-selling book includes stories about different planets and their effects on people. It even talks about why some people struggle to connect with others due to planetary transits.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

how is neil degrasse tyson famous

In the spring of 2008, New York Times science writer extraordinaire Elizabeth Kolbert published her third book, The Last Train: Saving America From Demographic Disaster. It was an eye-opening look at how our country is facing a catastrophic demographic crisis that we have no real plan to address.

The last train doesn’t exist anymore, but back when it did there were some people who thought it would be necessary to talk about something other than cars. People worried not only about too many cars in general, but also whether too few babies and young adults meant America wouldn’t have enough healthy workers in the future.

And so here we are, with this very same topic again.

If you read The Last Train, you will remember two main characters: Emma, a twentysomething office worker living paycheck to paycheck, and Jacob, a 55-year-old retired engineer struggling with depression after his wife died years ago.

In the first half of the novel, they don’t seem like good friends. In fact, their relationship is pretty rocky at times. But then something funny happens. They both realize that even though they may feel like strangers, they share a secret.

They know each other from the future.

Kolberg writes several pages describing what it’s like for every person over 40 in 2030 (the year the story takes place) to watch everyone under 30 live out incredible, abundant lives.

Animal Planet

how is neil degrasse tyson famous

In 1993, he was named Chief Science Officer at the animal network channel, Animal Planet. He is still in this position to this day!

Tyson has hosted several shows including Universe Team USA (2017), The Greatest Showman of All Time (2016) and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (2013). These are just some examples of his show that have popularized him beyond his position at Animal Planet.

He also published his first book, I Are We Now: Reflections On Humanity And Life In The Age Of Chaos, in 2010. This book became an Amazon bestseller and received positive reviews from critics.

Neil is well known for his love of science as well as knowledge about different cultures and their history. He is considered one of the top experts in the field of astrophysics.

His success comes not only from his work but also his passion for what he does. People recognize his infectious enthusiasm when he talks about physics or biology. His charisma makes it easy to believe him when he says she’s important to understand our universe.