How Is Michelle Visage Famous?

By Tiara

As we all know, The Makeup Artist is one of the biggest show franchises in TV today. It’s been around for over ten years now! But what many people don’t realize is that the person who has been hosting this famous talk show since it first premiered back in 2009 is none other than fashion expert, media personality, entrepreneur, and business owner, Michelle Visé!

As you probably already guessed, she got her start in entertainment as a makeup artist. Her professional career actually began long before she ever opened up her mouth to speak! While most of us are familiar with some of her popular television appearances, not everyone may recognize just how influential and successful she has become beyond the screen.

Her success can be attributed to several different factors, but mostly it comes down to her hard work and dedication to cultivating an audience that watches her show. She doesn’t take herself too seriously which seems to help appeal to her viewers.

She was a host on Fashion TV

how is michelle visage famous

As discussed earlier, Visage is best known as the fashion expert of The Channel on YouTube named StyleFlow. Her expertise comes in part from growing up with fashion and being immersed in it her whole life.

She started doing makeup at an early age and eventually landed work hosting beauty contests such as Dance Your Day and Super Bowl Sunday.

Her career took off when she joined MTV’s Makeover Madness! where she would do makeovers for different people. After appearing on several episodes, then-MTV veep Dave Sirulowitz noticed her talent and asked if she wanted to be a permanent judge on his new show, Makeover Team.

Since then, she has hosted many more shows that focused on giving cosmetic treatments to the person in need most (mostly celebrities).

These include Lip Service, Reveal de Cosmetic Coverup, Beauty Hacks, and More!. All these shows are featured on The Channel under the name “Michelle Visé.”

Visge is also very well know for creating fake mustaches for famous people and changing their hairstyles. These are usually done within one week of filming so they can be included in the finished product.

Her favorite way to stay in shape is by using Nutrient dense foods and working out with weights. You can check out some of her workout tips here.

She was a host on House of Hairstyles

how is michelle visage famous

As mentioned earlier, her start in fashion came as an entertainment producer. After hosting The House of Hairstyles for several years, she was hired to be a style expert for TV show All About You. Then she was asked to become a fashion correspondent for E!’s Best Day Ever series where she gave tips on how to dress for various events.

Her expertise then took off when she joined Mvge (short for MTV's Generation Award) in 2011. There she hosted the award ceremony that is now known as The VMAs. Since then, she has graced us with her presence at many more such ceremonies including the Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and even Super Bowl LIV.

Her knack for fashion and ability to teach others about it makes her very popular. People admire her talent and passion for fashion so much that she has branched out into designing clothes and doing makeup.

She is the face of CoverGirl

how is michelle visage famous

As mentioned earlier, she is very popular for her work as the color commentator for The Makeup Wars, which is an interactive makeup competition show that airs every Sunday night on YouTube.

Her second career is being the face of beauty products for COVERGIRL! Her most famous product line is probably the “Rockstar” lip color (which is now sold in stores nationwide).

But before then, she was best known for creating the infamous “Caramelized Pigment” contour using bronzer and blush with heavy cream mixed in. Many people still use this technique to achieve that look today!

Michelle has also done some acting and hosting gigs here and there, but her true passion remains fashion. You can usually find her dressed head-to-toe in high quality clothing or fashionable hairstyles and make up looks.

She is a brand ambassador for many brands

how is michelle visage famous

As mentioned earlier, she is very passionate about fashion and beauty, which are two of her most prominent career paths. But that isn’t all she does!

Michelle has graced our screens in several other capacities. These include hosting The Mixing Bowl (a show where she teaches people to bake) and Makeover Squad (where she gives people either a cosmetic or health make over), as well as being a spokesperson for CoverGirl and Maybelline.

Her favorite products always seem to win, giving her a natural boost in popularity. Her infectious laugh and no-nonsense approach to life have made her a popular speaker who gets lots of reactions from the audience.

She is also known for using her position to promote diversity in media, especially when it comes to race and gender.

She has her own TV show

how is michelle visage famous

As mentioned earlier, she is very popular due to her role as the fashion guru of The Channel’s #TGIT (The Girls Who Invented Fashion) franchise. Her show airs every Sunday night at 9 pm ET and features looks inspired by or designed from designs in the past.

Her show gained it popularity not only because it was entertaining to watch, but also because it helped others learn how to do their makeup and/or design new outfits. Many people have even said that it gave them inspiration for other areas of their lives!

Michelle’s career took off after she posted an Instagram photo of herself doing some make up with bronzer and blush. A fan noticed that she looked similar to someone who had just won Best Makeup For A Comedy Series At The Annual Imagenation Awards.

This led to Visage posting more pictures like this one where she uses bronzer and blush to look like the winner of the award. This sparked many fans to notice her talent and professional looking makeup skills which eventually lead to her being hired to co-hosting The Girl’s Who Are Never Wrong With Their Decisions – a talk show about fashion, beauty, and life.

She still maintains her position as the reigning queen of fashion while bringing in additional income by designing clothes and jewelry.

She is a fashion expert

how is michelle visage famous

As we know, fashion is an ever-evolving beauty staple that people enjoy looking at and discussing. Many people gain inspiration from it and even make their living off of it. Much of this comes from watching fashion shows and studying how designers put together looks.

Michelle Visages’s career in fashion really took off when she was selected as one of The Fashion Stars by Bravo! Her style has always been very fashionable and unique, making her shine beyond her position as host of TV show _The Style Lounge_.

Her knack for fashion extends past just buying clothes, though. She designs clothing lines herself and styles other famous brands to look more like hers. This includes putting logos and illustrations onto new apparel products or changing the colors and materials used.

She also does runway work where she models her own line of clothing or those of other companies. These are usually held during fashion week so they receive much attention and praise.

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She is a celebrity

how is michelle visage famous

As mentioned earlier, she is very famous due to her work as a fashion designer. But aside from that, she is also well known for being an entrepreneur and business woman.

She has hosted The Ultimate Style Trophy in which she gives away expensive products and services to her followers. Many of these prizes are for self-care or beauty related items such as facials and nail treatments.

Her second hosting position was on VH1’s “Buck Time with Biz and Briana” where she interacted with various celebrities about their careers. This included giving tips and offering advice to them.

Her third hosting job was on MTV’s show ‘Making Your Move’ where she interviewed professional dancers and trained them. Some of these trainees were under 18 years old so appropriate parental consent and permission needed to be acquired before filming could begin!

These interviews gave some great insights into the career choice of dancing and how to get started.

She was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice

As discussed earlier, she is famous for being one of the judges on America’s favorite competition show, The Channel V Super Bowl Kick-Off Party!
As mentioned before, she got her start as a model and actress.

She did some theater work in high school and then went to college where she majored in business. After graduating with her degree, she moved into acting professionally.

Her first big break came when she appeared on season eight of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Since then, she has starred in several TV shows such as CBS’s hit sitcom, The Office, ABC’s comedy series, Modern Family, and Hallmark Channel’s drama, You Me And Illa.

Visge also had minor roles in films like Drillbit (2009) and What To Expect When You Are Expecting (2008).

It wasn’t until 2012 that she landed what would become her biggest career turn though. That year, she competed on Donald Trump’s celebrity reality show, The Celebrity Apprentice.

Since appearing on the show, she has gone on to win two more seasons of its companion show, The Reebok Series, Talk Like A Champion, and won the championship prize at the 2017 Kids' Choice Awards.