How Is Michelle Visage Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, The X Factor has been bringing in some of the biggest names in music for several seasons now! That is definitely an impressive feat given how competitive this show can be.

But aside from having one of the highest-paying prize packages around, The X Factor also gives its contestants exposure they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Many people have made significant impacts on or contributions to the music industry because of their experiences on

In fact, many musicians are direct products of The X Factor!

Michelle Visé (aka M Visser) is intimately familiar with this as she was once a contestant herself. Not only that, but she helped launch the career of her current boss, Lady Gaga!

So let's take a look at the ways M Visser got here and what she does today.

She was a host of the TV show

how is michelle visage famous

As seen in our article about how to be famous on social media, staying in shape is a key way to gain followers. If you are passionate about fitness or fashion, creating your own YouTube channel is an easy way to spread that passion and grow your audience!

Michelle has always been known for her love of fashion, so she created The Fashionable Hero Channel where she teaches people how to mix and match clothing to look cool.

Her channel already has over 1 million subscribers, and she’s still growing it through posting fun videos, sharing fit tips, and mixing up the products she uses to do her make-up like lipsticks and eye shadows.

By filming yourself as you exercise, dress up in fashionable clothes, and apply makeup using high quality products, you will create your own video content that people can watch for inspiration.

She appeared as a dancer on the TV show

how is michelle visage famous

Dancing has been a part of our culture for centuries, even pre-dating television! The ancient Greeks and Romans were very passionate about their dancing, performing elaborate dances in public settings to impress other people.

Since then, dance has played an integral role in many cultures and genres. It can be used to communicate or express emotions, celebrate milestones (like birthdays), and is practiced both casually and professionally for its health benefits.

Many dancers begin practicing at a young age and develop skills that they later use to fulfill their dreams.

Michelle Visé was one such artist. At a young age she decided to make her living by teaching others how to dance! Her career took off when she appeared as a dancer on the TV show Dance Moms. Since then, she has starred in several more shows and danced in various styles including hip hop, contemporary, and street.

She has also made appearances singing and rapping along with famous artists like Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea. Many consider her to be a master teacher who inspires students to work hard and strive to achieve their goals.

She appeared as a guest on the TV show

how is michelle visage famous

In 2012, she was invited to join the judging panel of The Channel V Music Video Awards alongside rapper Ludic Ruckus, singer-songwriter Tori Kelly, and music producer Raymone Goolsbee.

Visage’s debut appearance came during the live broadcast when she performed I Will Never Let You Down for two minutes. It is considered one of her most famous songs due to its popularity and influence.

Afterward, she received positive feedback from both viewers and media members. Many complimented how well she sang and danced while also mentioning her impressive charisma.

Michelle has since made several more appearances on the show, including acting as host in 2017 and 2018.

She appeared as a commentator on the TV show

how is michelle visage famous

In 2012, she made her acting debut in the comedy movie The Room, where she played Dana, one of the main characters. Since then, she has starred in several other movies, including Role Models (2013) and Spread (2018).

She also hosted the Emmy Awards for three years. And, most recently, she had a recurring role on the sitcom Beatle Songs, which aired from February to May 2019.

She is a singer

As of this writing, Michelle has her own music studio, she writes songs, and she performs them live. In fact, she released an album in 2017! Her first album as a solo artist was titled The Real You. On it, she wrote about personal experiences such as love, heartache, and self-reflection.

Her second album is called A Million Ways to Live Your Life. To date, it has had two official singles that have received significant radio play. They are both fun, catchy tunes with lyrics that emphasize living your life and not letting other people influence you.

She also hosts The Mixing Bowl which airs every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. EST on TooXed Up TV. Here, she gives beauty tips and reviews for new products.

She is a fashion designer

how is michelle visage famous

As we mentioned before, she started her career as a model. But that was just the beginning of what has since become her profession!

In 2001, while hosting The Clay Aiken Show, she was asked to do some makeup for him. He wanted to know how to dress like a popular singer so he asked her who his favorite singers were. At this time, she did not have much design experience but she was very good at putting looks together so she showed him several songs and tips on how to draw inspiration from them.

He thanked her and said she gave him the best advice he had received all day and then told her “thank you” repeatedly. This inspired her to start designing clothes!

She took sewing classes and quickly became skilled in clothing making. Her talent soon got noticed by people around her and she now designs costumes and outfits full-time.

Her style is always bright, fun, and fashionable. Many designers are influenced by hers including becoming famous themselves.

She is a blogger

how is michelle visage famous

As mentioned earlier, Michelle has her own website where she blogs about fashion, beauty tips, and entertainment news. Her site boasts over 1 million followers on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook!

Her style has also caught attention, with many pointing to her as an influence in their personal wardrobe. Many mimic her use of white in fashion and frequent layering techniques.

Visage first began sharing her fashion secrets online back in 2007 when she started posting pictures and videos on YouTube. Since then, she has transformed into one of the top YouTubers who earn money through sponsored products and advertising.

She is a wife

how is michelle visage famous

As mentioned before, she’s married to her husband Paul Anka. They have two children together. Her career as a fashion guru and media personality has made her very wealthy.

She got into modeling while in high school and later went on to do some acting. In 1998, she was selected by Ty Inc., the company that owns Makeup Revolution and Covergirl, to be their face of the brand. Since then, she has done many other things like hosting The Lipstick Challenge, designing makeup products, and appearing on TV shows such as Running Wild with Bear and RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Her success came more quickly than most people think. It wasn't until 2009 when her popularity really took off. That's when she created The Fashion Files, which are now an integral part of her work.

The show features her talking about different types of clothing and giving quick tips on how to dress well. While it may not seem like much at first, it helped her gain recognition and fame.