How Is Michael B Jordan Famous

By Tiara

Since his first appearance in The Wire, TV show star Michael B. Jordan has been surrounded by attention and praise. He is famous! And it’s totally legitimate — he’s got a pretty successful career ahead of him.

However, while most people are familiar with who Jordan is now, how he became popular isn’t as well-known. This article will break down all the various ways that actor extraordinaire earned his fame.

Movie star

how is michael b jordan famous

He’s famous for being in popular movies. Starting with his debut in Spike Lee’s School Daze, he quickly became recognizable as understated cool leader of a young generation of black men.

He perfected this style by choosing roles that feature him in front of the camera but also require off-screen presence or voice acting.

In fact, many people consider it his job to be an actor before getting into acting professionally. After all, he has done lots of things that get audiences invested in his character.

These include starring in The Coldest Winter (2016) and Get Out (2017), both of which won Oscars, and playing basketball prodigy Larry Bird in Hoop Dreams (2006).

His other major credits include Straight Outta Compton (2013), Black Panther (2018), and The Final Year (2019). You may have even seen some of his muskulature in films like Inside Man (2010) and Denzel Washington action movie Flight (2012)!

His rise to fame was no accident either. He is consistently good at what he does, and always puts his best foot forward when meeting new people. This made him beloved beyond just his loyal fans!

So, how is Michael B. Jordan known outside of his career? Let us look at it!

He is well respected within the film industry

Many actors strive their whole lives to work in Hollywood.

Popular TV show

how is michael b jordan famous

Many know Michael B as The Beaver from the hit sitcom of the same name, or his role as Detective Odell Beckham Jr. in the recent television movie Finding Neverland. He is also known for his villainous roles such as Tobias Funke in the beloved Christmas film Elf and Lieutenant Raymond Holt in CBS’s long-running police drama series Chicago PD.

But it is his work outside of media that has earned him his status as an industry leader. He has starred in many successful films including Get Out, Black Panther, Denzel Washington's The Equalizer, and most recently Widows.

His career is undeniably impressive, but there are some ways he achieved success that set him apart. Let's take a look at them!

1. Being persistent

It takes a lot of effort to achieve your dreams, which is why people who have what they want usually go through a process to get it.

People with famous last names often face additional challenges when trying to break into acting. It can be hard to find opportunities if you don't pursue them.

That is not the case for everyone, though! If someone with a very prestigious name tells you that you aren't quite ready, they may give up because they believe you won't back down. For actor Michael B., he didn't!

He kept sending out applications even after he wasn't being accepted, and he never gave up hope.

Other movies you may not have heard of

how is michael b jordan famous

Beyond his work in The Wire, Straight Outta Compton, and Black Lightning, he is known for other roles including those mentioned above as well as Get On Up, which was released earlier this year. He played the role of Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

He also starred in the biographical drama about tennis great Serena Williams titled Breakin’ Da Bank! In it, he plays the part of Raymond Moore, an aspiring professional basketball player who teams up with Serena to win enough money to afford a house.

His most famous movie, though, is arguably his turn as Mosely, one of the three police officers that are tasked with protecting Wesley Gibson (Heroes Reborn‘s Milo) while he investigates his friend’s mysterious death.

The film received mixed reviews but has since become something of a cult classic among superhero fans, especially due to its use of hip-hop music.

Other movies you may have heard of

how is michael b jordan famous

Beyond his work in The Wire, Justified, and Black Lightning, he is well known for playing basketball player/superhero Michael “Ice” King Jr. in the film adaptation of Scott Alexander and Larry Storck’s comic book series, Heroes For Hire.

He also starred as Darryl "Dre" Evans in Straight Outta Compton, an aspiring rapper trying to make it into music industry. He played John Jones in Captain America: Civil War, and had small parts in films such as Identity Thief and This Is My Family.

His other appearances include voicing characters in animated TV shows like Teen Titans Go! and We Bare Bears, and lending his voice to video games including Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and Spider-Man. His most recent appearance was as Rocket Raccoon in Avengers: Infinity Wars.

Buying movies

As we mentioned earlier, he is famous for his acting career. While most people know him for playing The Wire’s Detective Jimmy McNulty, there are several other roles that have made him popular. These include Miles O’Hara in The Fault In Our Stars, Roland Matherly in Suicide Squad, and Dwayne Johnson’s brother Ivan in Rampage.

He has also done some things outside of Hollywood such as buying a house near Atlanta so he can be close to home after filming The Butler. He also owns two cars; one being a white Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and another being an orange Jeep Cherokee.

His net worth increased more than $100 million since he started doing movie acting. All of these factors contribute to his fame. His popularity continues to grow due to his various appearances across media platforms.