How Is Kim Kardashian Famous?

By Tiara

Looking at pictures of the Kardashians is one way to find out how they became famous. They are always in striking, flashy clothes that get lots of attention. Their hairstyles are always very dramatic with large hair extensions or elaborate weaves.

They frequently take selfies which are seen many times throughout their media presence. Many believe that being able to capture your own image makes you feel good about yourself, making you want to take more self-photos.

Theirs seems to be an obsession with having a ton of followers on all of their social media platforms so that people can watch them use those accounts to advertise for products.

Overall, they seem to love attention and have a knack for getting it even if it’s not necessarily positive. This may go hand in hand with their tendency to overshare personal information.

Kardashian culture has become synonymous with “vain, materialistic, and publicity seeking” according to Harvard University professor Laura Escobar. She says, however, that this perception is mostly due to the media’s influence. The media creates popular stereotypes that people then adopt and spread.

The truth is that most people are just like the rest of us; only some people are more willing to put themselves out there and promote themselves.

She started doing commercial movies

how is kim kardashian famous

As we know, being famous is totally different from being rich. Being well-known means more than just having your face in a lot of places. It’s staying in front of our eyes for longer than most people would like. It’s not only making money, it’s keeping up with all the money that other people make!

Being famous isn’t about having a big house and a bunch of expensive toys, it’s about having a large number of friends you really trust who tell you “you deserve this because you worked hard to get here.” Or it’s about proving to yourself every day that you can be happy even though you haven’t got a penny to your name.

It’s also about being able to forget about money for a while – which doesn’t happen very often when you are spending lots of money constantly. But however wealthy you become, no one ever feels truly prosperous until they have spent some time feeling relatively poor.

I don’t mean going through the motions by buying a few groceries or taking off a couple of items off their list on Amazon, I mean actually struggling to pay for something. A good way to work out whether or not you will feel comfortable is to do a budget test run.

She got married to Kanye West

how is kim kardashian famous

After six years of dating, Kim Kardashian announced in May 2016 that she was marrying rapper Kanye West. The couple tied the knot at an intimate church service with only close family members and friends present.

The wedding took place two months later at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles. Since then, the pair has welcomed three children together — daughter Chiara and sons Saint and Reigner II via West’s previous relationships.

But before they were parents, the media made it clear how well-known Kardashian is. And even though her career seems more focused on glamour than politics these days, she still makes headlines when something significant happens.

She had a baby

how is kim kardashian famous

After she gave birth to her daughter, Saint in May of 2016, Kim quickly announced that she was keeping her. Many thought this was because she wanted to add another child to her family but it was actually due to more expensive childcare costs.

She also revealed that she and Kanye were married and that their wedding took place at The Palace Hotel in Paris. On top of that, they have matching engagement rings!

Many people speculated about what kind of marriage these two would have, but no one is really sure. Some say they’re still together while others believe there’s an ugly divorce looming ahead.

What we do know is that both of them keep busy by posting plenty of pictures and videos of themselves on social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. They also make appearances frequently as guests or hosts for TV shows and events.

Kardashian has always been known for being famous since her early days so having your own show isn’t too much of a surprise.

She went on TV shows

how is kim kardashian famous

As we all know, Kim is famous for her beauty and career as a fashion designer. But she has also made a name for herself by being in popular culture. This includes appearing in movies and television shows, hosting YouTube videos, and going on talk show rounds to promote your self-care products.

She even got into politics when she endorsed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the election!

Kim’s rise to fame didn’t happen overnight though. It took years of hard work that paid off. And although people may not always agree with what she does or says, she has built an incredible legacy online and offline.

Her success comes from posting pictures and videos of herself that are focused on the aesthetic appeal of her body. Sometimes these posts are explicitly about how sexy she looks, but more often they are just totally normal photos of yourself with no special theme.

This is important because it reminds us that you don’t have to tell rich white men to feel good about themselves. You can focus on improving your own appearance and having fun doing so too. Plus, it's a great way to boost your self-esteem.

Another key part of Kim’s legacy is showing other women who might struggle with their weight that they look beautiful and worth spending time on making them look better.

By putting attention onto her own body, she sets an example that anyone could follow.

She sold her perfume

how is kim kardashian famous

As we all know, not every celebrity has to be an actor or singer! Some choose to launch new products that appeal to mass market audiences. This is typically done through brands you would see in stores — like skincare or perfumes.

With her 40 million social media followers, it’s no surprise she launched her own line of beauty products; however, hers are a little different than your average prestige product.

They aren’t expensive nor do they have fancy packaging (though some might say that’s attractive!). Instead, her products are marketed as being affordable, straightforward and effective – just what she was known for before becoming famous.

Her first product was actually a lip color back in 2007. Since then, she’s released five more lines including two fragrances. All together, she now sells over 30 products, most under $15.

She even created her own category on Amazon called K-beauty which includes mostly skin care products.

She started a clothing line

how is kim kardashian famous

After quitting her job as a lawyer to focus on being a full-time mom, she decided she wanted to do something that made her happy and successful. So in 2011, just one year after giving birth to daughter North, Khndrry Kardashian launched KKW Designs with your typical thing rich people love to do these days — designing new clothes!

Her first collection was for lululemon and she’s since designed many more lines such as Pronation Moulded Yoga Pants and Reebok Pumps. All of these brands are now owned by Coach, Inc., which is why you may have seen some designs before appearing under their own label or even being removed from sale.

But none of that changes what most people know about her – she’s famous because she trashed all of the furniture while wearing barely anything.

She started doing makeup

how is kim kardashian famous

Before she was famous, Kim had her own line of beauty products under the name Kolor. In 2007, she launched her K-pop show, The Kim Kardashian Show, which now has its very own app! Since then, she’s starred in several TV shows and films and is one of the world’s most recognizable faces.

But before all that, she made some waves for putting more than just blush onto your face. As we know, when it comes to cosmetic products, people usually stick to either foundations or concealers/mehasers.

Kim took things one step further by adding contour powders, bronzer, eye shadows, and even lipsticks to her collection. Many consider her de-funked look to be something that inspired other young girls to try making their own cosmetics.

She started doing videos

how is kim kardashian famous

Starting in 2011, she made her first appearance as an extra on a TV show. You may have seen her before while watching The Soup or Watch What Happens Live!

She was paid to promote a new perfume for one of the show’s segments. Since then, she has branched out into other types of filming, including runway shows and photoshoots.

But it is her YouTube channel that really put her on the map. In fact, it is now the most subscribed-to account in the beauty category with over 15 million subscribers and counting!

Her followers love her makeup tips, fashion looks, and (of course) hairstyles. Many of her videos go viral because they are so entertaining to watch!

Kim is famous not just for being rich and beautiful, but also for making us laugh and feel good about ourselves. Who doesn’t need some inspiration after looking in the mirror?

Now let’s take a look at the top reasons why she managed to become such a popular celebrity.