How Is Kim Kardashian Famous

By Tiara

If you follow popular media, you have probably noticed that almost every person in the world knows who Kylie Jenner is. She is famous for being the daughter of wealthy business moguls, Carson and Kris Jenner. As she got older, her fame extended to her as an Instagram star and celebrity entrepreneur.

If you take a look at her social media accounts, you will see that she posts mostly about fashion and beauty products. She also frequently shares pictures of herself with well-known celebrities.

She is even known for having many (sometimes fake) boyfriends! While most people know her for this, it has actually made her very rich.

In fact, she is one of the highest paid influencers in the industry. This means that she makes lots of money off advertising for brands. It is estimated that she earns over $10 million per year from this alone!

This article will talk more about how she became famous and some of her other career paths. But first, let us talk about why she is so famous.
Chapter 2: The Reasons Why People Know Who Kylie Jenner Is

Kylie’s parents gave her a stable upbringing which helped shape her into the person she is today. Not only did they put time into teaching her good morals, but they also gave her a sense of self-confidence.

As her parents lived their lives in the spotlight, she was constantly exposed to different types of personalities.

She has a famous family

how is kim kardashian famous

As mentioned earlier, her father is of Korean descent and she was born in France but lived most of her life in America. Her mother is also of French origin and they got married when he was working as an executive for PepsiCo and she was studying to be a doctor.

She has one older brother and two younger sisters. They are very close and spend a lot of time together. All three grew up speaking several languages fluently including English, French and sometimes Spanish or Italian.

They have all worked in various industries such as fashion, media and business before it was cool and now some do it more than others! Some even made their own TV show or film. Others launched successful businesses or careers after doing things like moving down south for college or marrying into wealthy families.

She has a famous boyfriend

how is kim kardashian famous

Many people know who Kanye West is, but not too many know how he became famous. He was raised in Chicago with his family, and he studied art before dropping out to focus more fully on music.

He had some early success as a rapper, and then branched off into fashion designing when he launched his own label. But it was meeting musician Rihanna that really got him into hot water.

He made comments about wanting to marry her, which she found offensive. When she broke up with him, he publicly accused her of being jealous of his talent and money.

That’s when everything went crazy. People started talking about whether or not he was mentally stable, there were reports of him threatening violence against her, and eventually she called police on him.

From there, every little thing he did received massive media coverage. It's hard to imagine someone having such an intense reaction to what they said after only one argument.

It seems like no matter what he does, the press will find something new to talk about him about.

She has a famous brand

how is kim kardashian famous

Being famous for having a large, successful career is very different from being known for your personal life. It’s like knowing what kind of car you want and buying it, only to find out that people talk about you behind your back because of how flashy your vehicle is.

It's difficult to tell if this situation actually happens often with most celebrities, but it can be frustrating when it does.

This is not limited to just cars, however. People will discuss whether or not someone else should hire them as their lawyer, for example, or if they believe an individual deserves a certain award.

Everyone says things about everyone else and so there is no true ‘normal’ way to live your life. It can feel really uncomfortable and off-putting sometimes. This is why some people have thick skin – we learn to expect these types of comments and reactions.

For others, though, it can hurt much more than simply making them feel bad. These individuals may need professional help in terms of mental health or social support.

She has a famous hair and makeup team

how is kim kardashian famous

Most people know that Kim is famous for her beautiful, luscious locks and natural beauty products. But what many don’t realize is just how much of an influence she is as to how other women dress and look.

Her style philosophy revolves around classic clothing in rich colors, comfortable fabrics like leather and silk, and simple but elegant jewelry.

She is known to recycle and re-purpose items to keep it new and fresh. Her favorite fashion brands include Chanel, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton.

Kim typically mixes these pieces together to create her own individual style. People who follow her online or on social media may notice when she is traveling or attending events, as she usually shares pictures and updates.

That is one reason why she is so popular! Many admirers and fans want to be like her by putting in effort into their appearance. Others learn from her about how to mix and match trends to find your personal style.

She has a famous wardrobe

how is kim kardashian famous

While many people admire her for keeping it natural with some simple, fashionable clothing choices, Kardashian is actually very creative when it comes to fashion. As she puts it, she is never really boring in what clothes she chooses.

She always finds new ways to mix and match pieces and keep up with the latest trends. Her style is usually described as having a “bohemian” feel due to all of the florals and layering.

Her signature look features tight leather pants paired with a crop top or long sleeve shirt. The shirts are typically printed and feature bold patterns or slogans.

Kardashian also loves wearing skirts and dressy tops that are cut low enough to show part of your chest or even nothing at all! This is called “v-necked” and is a popular way to wear sweatshirts.

Some celebrities may seem like they have perfect styles and levels of glamour at all times, but there's often an undercurrent of effort involved. For example, if you watch some of their YouTube videos, you'll sometimes see them looking through lots of bags and jewelry while seeming almost too practiced and professional-looking.

That's because they had to get ready quickly before filming started or they would lose out on valuable time. They probably spent hours finding and coordinating everything ahead of time!

With her current level of fame, most people know about her now.

She has a famous shoe collection

how is kim kardashian famous

Although she does not have large social media followings or talk show appearances, Kim is still very popular. This is because of her impressive fashion choices and her highly-followed Instagram account.

On her 27th birthday in March 2017, she posted an image to her 108 million followers showing off her new footwear line. Since then, it has been reported that her business partners invested over $8 million into developing and launching this brand!

Her shoes are designed and manufactured by French company Shoo International which means they are professionally made. Some even say that their quality is better than some expensive brands due to the high standards they hold themselves to.

Not only do people admire her fashion sense, but many enjoy looking at her personal style pictures as well. Many find inspiration from her wardrobe and hairstyles for how to dress themselves or improve their own look.

She is also known for being outspoken about different things such as politics and feminism.

She has a famous make up look

how is kim kardashian famous

Many have referred to her as The Makeup Artist of the Century, not just because she is so good at doing makeup, but also because of how popular she made it becoming one of the most recognizable looks in all of fashion.

Her beauty look was first coined ‘Kim K’ or the Kylie Jenner Look, which is now often called the Kylie Cosmo Top with Chunky Stilettos.

But before then she had another hairstyle and dress style that helped her gain fame.

She has a YouTube channel

how is kim kardashian famous

Even though she is famous for something else, Kim K still manages to keep herself in the headlines with her very popular online content. You can find anything from beauty tips to fitness routines or just general life lessons that she wants to share with you.

Her channel currently has over 1 million followers and it continues to grow every day!

She started posting videos of herself doing things back in May 2010 when she had only about 100k followers. Since then her subscriber base has grown exponentially along with her fame.