How Is Emma Chamberlain Famous?

By Tiara

Since her first appearance in The Vampire Diaries as Isobel, our favorite vampire hunter has been making a name for herself! After spending two seasons chasing after and protecting vampires from other hunters, it was revealed that she actually had a much bigger goal in life — to kill the world’s most powerful vampire!

Since then, she’s starred in several more TV shows and films. She even got married once! But beyond all of those things, people really recognize her for something else — her famous red hair.

Charming or annoying? That is definitely up for debate, but one thing is clear: redheads are totally winning this game of popular color dominance!

Emma is just another example of how beautiful red hair can be and why it’s such a spectacular hue. If you ever feel like your own hair isn’t looking its best, try coloring it some red lippies! Or maybe dye your whole head red if you're feeling particularly strong about it.

We have to admire these brave souls! To go out into the world with such an impressive shade is truly an accomplishment. So, keep reading to learn more about Emma and what made her so famous.

She owns a skincare line

As mentioned earlier, she is famous for her extensive use of natural products in her beauty regime. Embracing more organic and nature-based cosmetics has become her signature style.

Emma began experimenting with cosmetic ingredients as a teenager while growing up in Australia. Since then, she never stopped exploring new ways to improve the quality of skin care products that are not only effective but also safe to use.

Her first product was a night cream she made herself using raw coconut oil, cocoa powder, and olive oil. It worked so well that she soon started selling it to other people!

From there, she slowly developed her own range of all-natural face masks, lotions, and potions. These include things like antioxidant serums, lip treatments, and eye drops.

She sometimes will combine different types of oils or mix them together to create new products. Some of her most popular products include Coconut Oil Soap (for general cleaning), Sunflower Seed Butter (moisturizer) and Rosehip Oil (healing).

These have been very successful and continue to be top sellers due to their high effectiveness and affordability. Many people have now heard of her brand name and want to try some products from it.

It is totally fine to admire her success, but don’t imitate her products exactly. Rather, do your own research and find what works for you.

She is a face of Lancôme

how is emma chamberlain famous

As mentioned earlier, you can probably tell just by looking at her that Emma is in the beauty industry. Not only is she professionally trained in makeup, but she also actively works in the field. In fact, she has her own line called “Love Me” which is exclusively sold at all Lancôme salons.

Her products are mostly focused on bringing out more natural features from your skin and enhancing your overall look. Her most popular product is said to be The Tonic Treatment, a primer-like gel that sets and conditions your skin tone and balance moisture levels.

She has a podcast

how is emma chamberlain famous

A lot of people know who Emma is, but few know how she became famous! She’s been hosting The Emma and Em Podcast for over three years now, and it quickly grew in popularity. Since then, she has hosted several other podcasts including one with her twin sister Lauren.

Emma began sharing her love of listening to books through an audio book service called Audible. With this platform, you can read along while someone else reads the book for you. This way you don’t have to worry about finding or buying a new book, you can just listen to the one that someone else has picked out for you!

Her success as a podcaster really took off when she created her “Book Club” segment where she picks a new book, gets some reviews and comments from Amazon, and then joins others in reading the book together. Most groups have around five members, so it’s not too big of crowd!

She has also done many special events like having guests read and discuss their favorite novels.

She is a columnist

how is emma chamberlain famous

As of August 2018, Emma has written over 1,000 columns for The Sunday Times as their fashion correspondent. Her column focuses mostly on fashion and beauty tips, but she also talks about life lessons and things that inspire her.

Emma began writing her style advice column in 2015, and it quickly became one of the most read features at the paper. Since then, she has received numerous awards for her work including Columnist of the Year from the British Press Awards three times (in 2016, 2017, and 2019).

She’s even been shortlisted for the British Journalism Award for Best Style & Beauty Column twice! In addition to all this, her column is very popular; according to an internal survey conducted by the newspaper, more than half of their readers look forward to reading her weekly article every week.

She is a fashion blogger

how is emma chamberlain famous

As we mentioned before, she started her career as a writer. Starting with some writing blogs, then expanding to doing sponsored posts for other websites, it was not long until her style really caught people’s attention.

Her use of bright colors and elaborate decorations set her design style apart from others. People began copying what she did and putting their own spin on it!

She has since expanded her portfolio by designing clothes and shoes that are in trend at this moment. Many designers have copied her look, which only adds to her fame.

She has also done more than just blogging- she runs a website and magazine called The Blondeband. On this site, she does reviews and features about new products and trends in beauty and fashion.

These products are usually related to making yourself or someone else look like you, or giving tips and tricks on looking stylish.

She is a celebrity blogger

how is emma chamberlain famous

As we mentioned earlier, she started her career as an influencer by creating and running her own Instagram account in 2017. Since then, she has consistently leveraged that platform to spread her message and reward program about health and wellness.

Since starting her business, Em’s Health Advocacy has grown rapidly, with her team of experts growing along with her. Now there are over 30 people who work under her, including herself, herself, and self-employed professionals!

Her success comes from two key things: providing valuable information for others to learn and give them tips on how to achieve their goal lifestyle or fitness goals, and using her influence to help promote products and services that support those goals.

She also runs The Inner Shop which is an online store where you can find various wellness items such as teas, supplements, and yoga mats. All proceeds go directly towards helping individuals and charities reach their health goals.

Em loves giving back through philanthropy and hosting events, especially related to women’s health and wellness. Her mission is to inspire and educate people on improving their overall health and wellness via nutrition and lifestyle changes.

She is a TV show host

how is emma chamberlain famous

As of this writing, Emma is hosting The Block Season 6! You may have seen her before as one of the hosts for Food Channel’s popular show, Cutthroat Kitchen. Or maybe she was featured in an episode of Guy Fieri’s Diners Drive-Ins and Restaurants or his own food web series, Dinnertime with Giada.

Her love of cooking comes from being raised by two restaurant owners. Her father owned restaurants where she grew up and her mother ran their catering business.

Emma has always loved to cook since childhood when she would help make dinner for family gatherings. Even then she enjoyed it more than eating what other people put on the table!

As she got older, she started helping out at both of their restaurants while still attending school. It wasn’t until she graduated that she realized she wanted to do it professionally. Luckily, her parents were supportive no matter what choice she made.

She is an influencer

how is emma chamberlain famous

As we mentioned earlier, she has over 1 million followers on her Instagram account. This includes other users that view and comment on her pictures as well as others who directly watch her videos.

Emma’s popularity comes not only from her beautiful looks but also because of all of the helpful tips and tricks she shares for beauty products with her audience.

She reviews various brands and their products and then either uses them herself or finds another alternative to use instead.